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  1. proven otherwise unfortunately... you are incorrect, nick batsch does pretty much an all harness turn fyi harness is equally effective as fronts with a turn from a high enough altitude, especially on modern comp wings we are hitting equal vertical speeds harness or fronts, we all have the data to prove it too with flysight etc, and no competitor is using fronts all the way through their turns anyhow. Mid turn were all in the range of the high 80s to high 90's mph and some have hit above that on their wings now AS for the local comps- flcpa etc are all happening and we are all neck and neck with different techniques. Take curt back when he won his first world medal doing a 270 with his usual fronts riser style and other competitors had comp revisions no one else had, I've placed myself in klatovy 8th overall, 3rd accuracy, of almost 100 competitors with all of the top 20 on PI's and Petras doing and all harness 270 on a vc84. My point is turn size and technique though important are not what make you win a meet or perform better then any other competitor. Its all about who can be the most consistent on their gate placement and without sacrificing power and speed to make the gate ( clean turn and placement on the course), small mistakes make the difference of a 2.3 to a 2.6 and 120m run to a 150 m run now days. you can contend with any technique if your consistent and able to place it where you want each time. come out and play at the flcpa etc and see the proof if you don't believe it
  2. Nailed it ^^ Clearly there are petra's and peregrine's in Europe and they are a faster and more efficient wings.
  3. I use mine all the time on my comp velo, keep in mind these are fun jumps- thus im not loaded up more then 2.4-2.6 depending on how fat i am at the time and typically not doing more then a 270 if that on those jumps. I keep it on in that rig if i switch to hop and pops for the afternoon too up to 630s on the vc at 2.7 just because i don't go in and turn it off, its very hard to reach the firing parameters on a vc unless you really load up and are jumping 5000asl it could be close then, use your best judgement. Heres my 2cents, if you have a canopy out and are unconcious (hard opening collision etc) its going to be very unlikely that the speed version will fire on most wings so no harm there, and it elimintes the saftey issues of swooping with a cypress on almost all jumps, if your doing dedicated cp training i opt not to use it, but i owe it to my friends and family to give myself every opportunity fro survival on all other jumps. Keep in mind Cypress is awesome and will change your aad to whatever mode on your service or if you send it in. On my petra i do not turn it on at all ever and if i forgot and fun jumped it with it on ( which wont ever happen because thats a comp wing not for fun jumping) it would be a straight in landing. Nz's Leia may change the fun jump and swoop with a cypress scenario but again if were fun jumping there is no reason to get your swoop on with 20+ other jumpers in the air, all smaller turn in a dedicated area is still very risky with all the traffic, all cp training and comp hop and pops i leave it off always, keep in mind your only chance for an issue where you need it is very limited in those scenarios
  4. No one said those don't hurt Ian, They do, however remember we choose to push those limits and we need to accept our injuries as they happen as a result of our judegement/poor decisions. Every pilot with one of these wings has more then an adequate amount of experience to make proper judgements and recognize when they are too low or too tight. You see lots of good decisions from alot of these pilots when they find themselves in those spots. As well some poor ones. So yes Injuries will continue to come. As will the injuries that do occur even when everythings going well. Are there more skips and injuries to come in a comp setting? sure its been that way and thats not going to change anytime we push it that hard to be spot on. That said the injuries from extremely poor decisions can change, referring to the people attack and stab out last second barely getting away with it or smash in. Have most of us been there and done that, yeah and hopefully we learn from it I am talking about the serious incidents from a lack experience. Injuries from the type of person just mentioned that hook it into the ground from lack of experience and training wont be occuring on this new petra lite. These wings are all regulated for that reason. This wing(pertalite) wont find its way to these people I sure as hell hope Poor choices in a competition setting trying to make gates when too tight isnt a poor judgement by an experienced pilot. Its that pilot thinking all "well I'm going for it either way because I cant take a 0". No this is not every persons mindset but there definetly are those like that. There is full awareness of the danger in doing so by those pilots and that's the time to take the 0. Sometimes you get away with it, when you don't its not worth it. Off my soap box now I just think there was some misunderstanding of what I meant. As is how every post gets taken in all these forums immediatley to the negative side of the fence.
  5. Agreed The point isn't that there wont be injuries from these wings. There have been and will be as on any wing. The point is the vast majority of the injuries on this forum are from a jumper with an inappropriate wing at and an inappropriate amount of experience. Not from the pilots flying these wings that put themselves knowingly with an above adequate level of experience in a bad postition. AS to the neck injury yeah any hard opening is going to hurt someones neck. Ive only seen someones lens pop out of their glasses one time from an opening and thankfully that guy is a tank so he was ok. And yeah it was on one of the same wing that hurt the persons neck in dubai. Make a poor decision, roll out low and attack the gates you will hit the water most likely hard. It happens all the time. It comes down to each pilot to make the decision to bail and take a 0 like a man/woman and jump another jump vs hurt themselves. Ego's have no place in this sport they only get you hurt. And its our own poor decisions that will put us in that spot. Plain and simple, a canopy is not to blame for anything its always our human error other then the freak anomoly of an error in manufacturing of the wing or lineset which does happen. Someday maybe we will accept that, and then maybe we can accept responsibility for our actions vs putting the repercussions back on drop zones, manufacturers, and our sport when they arent at fault
  6. FYI the Petra all sail and rds can be taken to terminal no problem, it opens great, alot of the jumpers use it for fun jumps as well as their competitons, i can name several pilots here no problem that do that, some at a lighter loading without lead on some at the same as their regular loading. Also think a 8-10 second delay with lead on your at terminal or faster already. No issues on terminal there. As well the large number of incidents you suspect, I highly doubt that will increase. You can do just as much damage on a katana at a 1.6 loading or a crossfire if your not supposed to be on a wing like that. No one is going to let someone jump one of these that shouldn't be. This wing will be in the hands of good people just like the petra and peregrine are now. How many incidents have you seen on those wings with those pilots? By my count other then small skips off the pond in a window that is so small any error will result in that, I count 0 incidents on these forums of people smashing into the ground on them from poor judgement
  7. Not to be rude but that was pretty straight forward, if you need more clarification then you shouldn't be inquiring. Its obviously not for the non experienced pilot with low jumps, cross brace experience prior most definitely will be necessary, ask anyone that has a petra/peregrine. Just like a velo/jvx/jfx, its a great everyday canopy for a experienced jumper that wants to still have some fun and get their swoop on at the end of the jump, without the opening and full rds a comp wing brings, it is just clearly the next better wing for that type of jumping in a ZP format Fyi the peregrine is subterminal only. And you sign a contract that you will not take it terminal, sell it etc for 4000 big ones :)
  8. To the OP go spend some time with a canopy coach and if your able around a canopy piloting competition. You will see alot of different techniques and gain alot of knowledge.
  9. I have to disagree with you here. I will say each technique has its strengths and its weakness. No one is more effective than the other. Lets look at nick batsch and curt barthalomew for example, both are team mates with equally opposites techniques and overall size of rotations during their turns. Both have and continue to dominate competitive swooping meet after meet. Even going to the PDFT and every other swoop team out there, each of the individual pilots on the teams have equally different turns. In theory, and with a perfect turn, maximum canopy speed and potential can be reached by all methods. The point being made here is both are proven and effective methods neither more right then the other. Its all about what a pilot prefers and his past mentors who taught him. Flysight data will show and prove this to you if you want to compare speeds, rotation drifts, etc.
  10. You have alot of PD guys and AlterEgo at your disposal. All great people and alot of past and current national and world record and title holders on those teams. talk to a few of them and find someone that suits your style
  11. Ouch! But very funny! To bad Elsinore does not want to be a premiere drop zone anymore. They are very touchy with any canopy coaching, yet they allow high performance landings over the dirt, only coaching available is B license check offs. all in all a bad recipe and shame on the dz for the lack of training people to become better pilots considering every jump ends safely with a landing. Good work Nate keep it up and to a poster a while above, those are katanas not velos
  12. FLCPA Meet #1 / Skydive City Z-Hills / February 2-3 FLCPA Meet #2 / Skydive City Z-Hills / March 2-3 FLCPA Meet#3 / Raeford Parachute Center / April 13-14 CRCPL Comp1 / Skydive Sacramento / April 20th, 2013 FLCPA Meet #4 / Skydive City Z-Hills / May 4-5 US CP Nationals / Skydive City Z-Hills / May 6-12 Danish Nationals / NJFK Jutland / May 18 - 20 FLCPA Meet #5 / Skydive The Farm / June 1-2 Black Mountain CP comp / Zwartberg, Belgium / June 21-23 CRCPL Comp2 / Skydive Sacramento / June 29th, 2013 CRCPL Comp3 / Skydive Sacramento / July 13th, 2013 CSPA Canadian Nationals / Nouvel Air Skydiving, Farnham, Quebec / July 18-20 Pink Open / Skydive Pink, Klatovy, CZ / August 15-18 CP World Cup / Kolomna, Russia / August 24-29 4rd "PARA-SKUF" Association Canopy Piloting Open Cup / Kiev, Ukraine / September 5 - 8 CRCPL Comp4 / Skydive Sacramento / September 21st, 2013 -----CANCELED------- BPA British Nationals & Open / Dunkeswell, UK / 20-22 Sept French Nationals / Castelnau Magnoac, France / 27-29 Sept SunPath Products Canopy Open, Raeford Parachute Center, October 10-13, 2013 PD Project Orange-Lord of the Strings/Zephyrhills October 16-19, 2013
  13. For those interested: Scores http://swoopleague.com/results/results-california/ Speed Round 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLE1k4BBu6s Speed Round 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6uvruhQuOE Distance Round 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAmGUgimZGw Distance Round 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUe0aHWeZn4 Zone Accuracy Round 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ttBt_3Avzc Zone Accuracy Round 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLPnpFnEQbQ
  14. Can a moderator make this a sticky thread. One to be saved for sure
  15. I never said no one should stall their canopy and not learn how to recover from it. Its an important part of flying your wing regardless if its a sabre or peregrine, as was noted. I practice it on all my wings and I have hit that point unintentionally on set up for landing giving it just a tad too much in deep brakes before initiation of my turn. Knowing how to salvage it has saved me from a low cutaway or worse. That said, that first video is taking it to a whole new extreme, remarkably cool but like I said likely to have a non needed cutaway. I don't go stall my wing every single jump just because I can. Its a respect for knowing what it can do and how to recover from it, furthermore knowing how not to put it there while getting the most from your wing is even harder. Give me a test wing on a 3rd attachment point and lets have some fun up high by all means