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  1. jjudd


    I cant figure out why the hell anyone would want to do that on a velo unless it was r and d. and why still furthermore you would want to replicate it for fun. and judging by the lack of a 3rd setup for a test wing, and that being a velo out of his main tray from a normal high pull im assuming that was just for the hell of crazy piloting. any canopy will stall from normal flight given enough input, great to practice up high but not to that extreme in my mind unless for r and d with the necessary safety precautions taken. Doing that to that extreme on a highly loaded wing is likely to result in a cutaway as it did. Its great to know where your canopy's stall points but you dont need to get crazy to find it. It is interesting to see what the velo can recover from however.
  2. Theres the first problem. You will need proper equipment dedicated to your discipline and other disciplines. Swooping and wing suiting don't go hand in hand. You can ask anyone in the sport and you will get that answer. Its like freeflying with a group breaking off at 5K and pulling at 3.5 expecting to still get a 450 on into the swoop course. Its not practical nor safe due to lack of time for a set up and all the traffic in the air. Dedicated training jumps are necessary if you want to get your swoop on and even better do it on your own dedicated hop and pop pass or high pull. Now back to the other part of your question. Those are both 9 cell platforms (not 7) and both great canopies for the next step in your progression towards the greater in canopy piloting. Your going to see more harness input and different riser pressures depending on your loadings and your personal techniques throughout the setup all the way through the turn. Some resulting in more dive and speed some less optimal. An extra set of risers, dbag, and pilot chute would make an easy switch over for your current gear and allow you to partake in both disciplines pending time to switch gear between dedicated jumps. It really doesnt take that long to do once your used to it also My advice to you is to talk to a respectable canopy pilot at your dz or one whos actively competing and well known, and get more advice on the two wings after more personal research, theres alot about the two wings on here, and lastly maintain coaching along the way. The two canopies above are completely different from angle of attack to the overall speed. Both are great to fly when used properly and as you can see already from your change in wings different loadings and sizes completely change how the wing flies and reacts to your inputs. Good luck
  3. jjudd

    Rig considerations... Velocity or Sunpath?

    Infinity's Customer service and rigs are top notch! I have never been a javelin guy it was micron and infinity and infinity has way better customer service turn, around times(UPT is military customer service primarily and thats all they care about unless you want to pay extra), and quality is equal if not better. There is much more customization available with the rig design also. Feel free to pm if you want Justin
  4. jjudd


    STANDINGS http://www.nspace.co.za/intime/InTimeMeetDCDetails.aspx?CID=28&MID=155&MDCID=417 Day 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAlIZcVRgz4 Day 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwfLFmP9st4
  5. jjudd

    Xaos-91 RDS on a VX-89

    If in doubt don't whip it out . If its larger than the other slider you may be okay but the opening could be much longer. I know xaos did have a rds slider that was smaller than the regular when I owned one. Measure it ask ur rigger or experienced jumper at your dz and or any others jumping the same canopy with the rds and compare sizes. I'd do a hop n pop but that's not to say its not going to slam u or have a mal on opening. Good luck
  6. dont get any crazy ideas, though it would be cool to see, watch out for others under canopy please. no videos ive seen
  7. jjudd

    XAOS 98