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  1. missbrz

    Remembering the first jump

    I remember the plane ride up. And that's it. I could tell them that I know I did everything but I couldn't tell them anything more. I was horrible at debriefing when I started
  2. missbrz

    Boogie Listings

    Try the events page
  3. missbrz

    Place for Skydiving Winter Vacation

    I don't think grimmie is doing his boogie this year b/c of his new dz. (not sure but that's what I heard) Instead I believe there is a boogie in cabo instead with a locked thread below...
  4. Both are awesome in their own ways with their own awesome people. Which ever will be your home DZ should be the one you train at. If you're equidistant from both: Deland is more of a training dropzone IMHO but the locals still have a blast fun jumping. Sebastian has a great party atmosphere and killer freeflying and some of my favorite organizers. I suggest you go to both and see which vibe you prefer. They're both great just different.
  5. missbrz

    Skydiving boring with time?

    Considering people on here have 100's or 1000's of jumps we might be finding ways to make it fun. If it's not fun for you, just dont do it.
  6. missbrz

    Question for Z-Hills Jumpers

    at that time of the year yes most likely. a lot of foreigners come in and Zhills flies every day during the winter (or Florida's version of it ). If it does slow down there's plenty of fun stuff to do in Tampa too.
  7. missbrz

    Fun jumping ideas

    I love playing odd man out. It's best with 5-6 people. basically choose the first base (I suggest you) everybody goes to base. Doesn't matter what formation is made. Whoever is last in becomes the new base. (i.e. if a 6 way, when 5 people build, 6th is new base) Everyone breaks and forms a new formation on the new base and repeat. its a lot of fun and seriously tests your flying skills w/o realizing it.
  8. missbrz

    I want to bring...

    that depends on your dz and how it does its cases. some have a specified place to put said case. some you just stock the fridge. some you just start passing out beer. some you have to buy it there if you want it to be on the actual bar... so ask your dz
  9. missbrz

    Opening with 'Style'

    I've never heard THAT two out scenario covered
  10. missbrz

    Dirty3Some on the Farm! Oct 11-14

    It's soon enough to post here already?! HOLY CRAP! I need to start working on my costume!
  11. i'm pretty sure there will be. I know we had fun jumpers going during the last FLCPA comp and Cyndi said there are tandems scheduled. Plus the last day of the comp is Saturday so definitely on Sunday You should be fine.
  12. sounds awesome... but when is it?
  13. missbrz

    Boogies in Florida

    The Falling Gator's Collegiate Boogie at Palatka is usually late Feb/early March. Sebastian does an entire March Madness with the Come on I Wanna Lei U Boogie, Becca's Bootie Boogie, a Casino Night, and something else the other weekend, I cant remember. I know its not Florida but the Roaming DZ St Patrick's Day boogie in Fitzgerald GA is in March and a lot of Florida people go to that. The Muff Brothers Sky Family Reunion is usually in March at Zhills.
  14. missbrz

    Where to Jump? Dilemma

    Ahhh.... so you have a similar problem as I do. But mine is in Florida Oh woe is us. We have such tough decisions to make. So many good dropzones to choose from! You have two options. The first is to choose one as a "home base" but to visit the others about once a month or so. The second is to just become a homeless DZ hopper. Each weekend a different dropzone. It's a tough job to spread that much love around but somebody has to do it.