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  1. DHemer

    Pilot 7

    I think the majority of people buying wingsuit specific canopies are at the point in the sport they have smaller containers so it makes sense for the manufacturers . I have a 135 container with a low pack volume reserve and a zpx 137 Pilot 7. It is a loose fit in my container. The full LPV option would be even smaller so I was happy with the more durable zp option. My friend packs a 150 lpv into a micro sized for a 120. A smaller rig with larger low pack volume main and reserve is the best of both worlds for me.
  2. DHemer

    Pilot 7

    How loose was it that it was a problem? Over a few years I downsized from a 170 to a 140 in the same container. The 140 was not overly loose and shortening the closing loop was sufficient. Packing a 140 into the larger d-bag was a pleasure.
  3. DHemer

    Pilot 7

    I assume you mean that in the same size those 2 canopies are too loose for your container? Both manufacturers recommend a larger size due to the non-zp construction so if you did this you should have no issue.
  4. I had a very similar mal to Slambo in my freak2 on a pilot 140. I had deployed at 4.5k and tried to get out of the twists, partly unzipped my arm wings to help twist the risers but it didn't help so it was time for EPs. I had an RSL and the reserve PC was coming past me while i was still on my back and the reserve deployment rolled me nicely onto my belly for a comfortable opening. Regarding the metal D handle, it is easier to find by touch than a pillow style and hooking your thumb into the handle prevents it slipping free. Finding it by touch is the important part for me as you may be wearing gloves on in a situation you cannot see your handles clearly.
  5. How tall are you? At 6ft I found when trying on rigs that the long versions of a vector or Icon in a small size made for an easier pull, even without a wingsuit For someone on the shorter side not that into wing suiting a regular/wider container makes sense.
  6. Keep the BASE canopy bashing to the other forum Back to the Epicene 2 it looks like the ZP on the nose has been has been added to the nose and the trim and been changed. I think these will make this a much more well rounded canopy as beside the sponsored athletes I have not heard many good things about the canopy other than the opening performance.
  7. Digital on the wrist, mostly for under canopy Audible in my helmet because as much as you shouldn't it is easy to loose altitude awareness in a fast 4 way jump. Having something tell you you are nearing breakoff is not a bad thing Analogue on my mudflap for wingsuiting and it also works for sitflying
  8. = VTEC I could get behind a wingsuit with variable lift profiles (aerofoil) as speeds increase
  9. The discussion is not about bridle to canopy but rather where the bridle exits the dbag.
  10. I was comparing a 30" ZP with 30" Skysnatch.
  11. My understanding is it is the aspect ratio (AR) that makes the biggest difference. 7 cell parachutes are usually around 2:1. Twice as wide as they are deep. 7 cells are typically also more "square"/"Less elliptical" which you have mentioned, but this does not have to be true. The trade off is the lower the aspect ratio the less efficient a wing is. The larger cells compared to a 9 cell also result in a top skin with more deformation which further reduces the efficiency of the wing. For comparison from Aerodynes website, they list aspect ratio and planform factor (PF -how tapered the wing is) Smart (7 cell reserve): AR=2 PF=0 Pilot 7 (7 cell main): AR=2.3 PF=8.57 Pilot (9 cell main): AR=2.51 PF=6.6 Zulu (9 cell higher performance main): AR=2.75 PF=10 So the Pilot 7 is more "elliptical" than the Pilot when compared by Aerodynes formula. There is so much going on in how a canopy flys and opens that the planform is not meaningful. John Leblanc knows best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-mUyy1fhjE
  12. +1 for skysnatch. When I started jumping my freak I was getting PC hesitations of around 1second or so. The PC would get end of the bridle and then it seemed to struggle to get the d bag off my back as it bounced around in the burble. This was with a 30" ZP pilot chute (200jumps) and a container with open corners. I tried working it out on the ground and sending pics and video to people for advice but I tried the skysnatch and it solved this immediately. I will admit my technique was probably partly to blame as I was probably not giving the PC clean air to work with but the skysnatch didn't seem to care. On FS jumps I could feel a difference in that when the dbag reached linestretch I could feel it. My interpretation is the PC was pulling with more force than my old one. It is a lot of money but I would buy another one
  13. Please remember your leg straps will now be covered and could be forgotten. Your life depends on putting these on correctly. I suggest you get someone with wingsuit or tracking suit experience to give you a gear check. It is less likely in a tracking suit than a wingsuit but it should be considered Also be sure that the waist is tight enough to prevent the pants sliding down in flight
  14. 3M or similar double sided tape is plenty strong for mounting a flysight bracket. I 3D print plastic mounts for flysights and they all get stuck on by double sided tape onto the helmet. This makes it a real pain to route headphones if you are doing more than just recording. it is also needs to be on the helmet for ppc comps.
  15. My personal best for time in a ppc competition in a phantom3 was around 50s (1000m vertical window). There are people who have done over 60s. This does include a dive and flare but sustained vertical speeds of 70km/h are achievable. 10kft~3km Which translates to around 180s freefall time at which point you will be rather tired ;) So yes 2min should be achievable I am 6ft and 70kg without gear for reference.