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  1. 20kN

    Fuel per jump

    A Grand Caravan 208 uses around 20 gallons per load. A King Air would probably use around 25 depending on how fast they get to altitude.
  2. 20kN

    MOAB Boogie

    Boogie at Skydive Moab. Flying Twin Otter and PAC. Load organizers of all disciplines present, nighttime activities, camping, ect. Around 200 people may be present.
  3. 20kN

    Abnormal Closing Loop Wear?

    It's normal to replace the loop about every 30 jumps, but that assumes you're following the USPA rule of 10% wear max. If the loop is actually breaking every 30 jumps, something is wrong. The loop should never break. If it does, that means you let it wear out far too much. I'd have a rigger take a look. Check to make sure the closing flap grommets are not damaged, cut or otherwise abraded. When you close the rig, make sure you put the pullup cord under the pin and slowly pull it. If you keep the cord on top of the pin and yank on it really fast, you're going to wear the loop out quick.
  4. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    I agree with what you said. However, the WinX is just as elliptical. Both are semi-elliptical canopies. The only common WS canopies that are truly square that I know of are the Horizon, Epicene, Epicene Pro and Triathlon. I am not sure if the Kraken is, but I suspect it likely is not as I dont think NZ Aerosports would make a canopy that is super boring to fly. I've seen people chop Pilot 7s. Basically every common canopy made has been cutaway by someone at some point. I find it interesting you think the P7 is boring compared to the WinX. To me, they are both pretty similar and the P7 and WinX are the two most sporty WS canopies out there. If you think the P7 is boring you'd probably fall into a coma flying the Epicene or Horizon. Those canopies fly like a school bus with flat tires, but intentionally so as they are mostly intended to open really well and not spin you up every time you get linetwists.
  5. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    The WinX absolutely can dive on you if the risers are uneven enough. As I mentioned before, all canopies can and will dive if the risers are uneven enough, just some are a lot more tolerent to it than others (e.g. reserve, PD Horizon, Epicene which are all square planforms). I have seen wingsuiters chop diving line twists on a WinX. It can happen.
  6. 20kN

    San Diego 9/12-9/18

    The best DZ in the area is Perris. That's probably the best DZ in the west if not the entire United States. Oceanside is mostly a tandem factory. You're not missing out on anything there. Elsinore is okay, but Perris is right next door and vastly superior IMO.
  7. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    Yes, the WinX opens faster than many canopies, but that is a good thing for wingsuiting. You dont want a lot of snivle on a WS canopy. The best WS canopies open fast. PD even talks about this in the manual for the Horizon. The Pilot 7 snivles a lot, which may feel nice as the opening is very soft, but the longer the snivle the more time you have for you to rotate under the canopy producing body twists. By contrast, canopies like the Epicene Pro, Horizon, Triathlon and WinX all open somewhat fast and as a result are less likely to produce linetwists, and when linetwists do occur they tend to be less serious. Also not sure what you're talking about with the P7 opening fast at the end of the snivle. Mine does not do that. It opens quite fast at terminal, but at subterminal the openings are very slow.
  8. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    I have taken the WinX terminal before. It opens fast, although not as fast as a reserve. Atair will send you a larger slider if you want one, which makes it more suitable for terminal use. It's just that the slider that comes with it is optimized for WS flight since it's a WS canopy.
  9. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    I've have around 500 some WS jumps on my Pilot 7 167 and I've done hundreds of jumps on it with a CR+, Freak and other large suits. It opens fine. If you had three chops it's probably because you got the risers uneven and it put you on your back. Some canopies are more tolerant to that than others (e.g. a reserve or an Epicene), but ultimately that's pilot error. You need to know what to do when you get linetwists. That's part of being a skilled wingsuit pilot. If you get the risers uneven enough, the Kraken will spiral down on you too. Any canopy of any WL of any size, including a reserve, can and will dive given uneven enough risers. It's just a matter of how much they can be uneven before it starts to become a problem.
  10. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    Also know that while bodyposition is the primary cause of linetwists in all forms of skydiving, in wingsuiting there is a higher chance that the equipment was the cause compared to the chance of the equipment being the cause in other disciplines. For example, I have countless videos of my canopy spun up in linetwists before the canopy even opened. There are several things that can cause this, but some of them are a limitation of the equipment. For example, the d bag can catch a side of the container and spin right off your back. Open corners in the packing tray is intended to prevent this, but the risk is never eliminated entirely. Using gear designed for wingsuiting will reduce the chances that the gear was the cause and increases the chances that you were the cause for linetwists whenever you do get them. Also know that while equipment plays a larger role in WS than other disciplines, body position has much greater impact in WS than other disciplines. Small imperfections in deployment technique are amplified when opening with a WS, and the larger the WS the larger the amplification. You can get away with a somewhat poor technique once and awhile on belly or FF and maybe only get a few linetwists, but the same level of error when flying a WS, especially a large suit, might get you 20+ linetwists. I think my record is almost 25 linetwists on my worst opening. That was when I upgraded from a Swift to an ATC and my opening technique was not where I needed it to be.
  11. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    The WinX has the best glide ratio of any of the canopies I've tried, but I dident exactly compare glide ratio that carefully. I mostly only consider opening quality and flare power as there are some tricks to get back from a long spot even with a canopy that is not that efficient. 7-cells are less efficient in general and so your average 7-cell is going to have less glide and less flare than your average 9-cell. it's all a trade-off. When one characteristic goes up, others typically go down.
  12. 20kN

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    There are definitely more options that that. Add in the Triathlon, which is very good for WS, the Spectre, OM-7, Renegade, and last you can always jump a reserve as a main if you get an attachment point added from the factory (but I'd suggest it for WS use only--no terminal). I've flown every canopy on your list except the Kraken as well as all the canopies on my list, and I've flown them all with a WS ranging from a tracking suit to a CR+. The truth is any of them are fine if your body position is good. If your body position is bad, they will all give you twists. No canopy can prevent linetwists completely, although some can help to a degree. The best opening canopy I've ever flown with a WS was a Smart reserve. I did about 30 jumps on one and it opened fantastic, but I would not take one terminal. It was sub-terminal only as it opened fast. The next best would probably be the Epicene Pro and Horizon which are both square canopies. After that, the Pilot 7 and WinX, which are both semi-eleptical. Just know the WinX and Pilot 7 are less forgiving than the Epicene or Horizon if you get uneven risers as they are not a fully square planform. They can and will put you in a spin if the risers are uneven enough. I've seen people have cutaways on both canopies (not that no one has ever cutaway an Epicene or Horizon, but still). I have a video demonstrating openings on most of the canopies covered in this thread, and I jumped them all with a wide range of wingsuits, if anyone wants to see it. Also if you're serious about WS and want to get serious with larger suits, you'll have better openings on a canopy that opens faster. Most WS specific canopies are intended to open quicker. This is mentioned in the manual of some of them. Slow opening canopies leave lots of time for linetwists to develop or worsen. Fast opening canopies do not.
  13. 20kN

    Wingsuit World Cup 2019 is on!

    I am not sure that winning in PPC speed, time and distance makes you the best wingsuit pilot in the world anymore than having the longest swoop makes you the best canopy pilot in the world. There is a lot more to it than that.