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  1. 20kN


    I know of a DZ that uses Argus AADs in student rigs for AFF use. Probably not the smartest idea if the container manufacturer does not approve their use.
  2. 20kN

    Perris jet

    they have been 'testing' the jet since before I can remember. dont get your hopes up.
  3. Black skies? Sounds like a night jump. I'd take that as a compliment. Night jumps are so fun!
  4. 20kN

    Flysight vs GoPro

    Actually it can. Pinging the GPS modem more often consumes more battery. The Flysight will have less operational time when pinging the sats at 10 Hz vs 5 Hz, as will any other device.
  5. 20kN

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    VOG. It's the best altimeter period, regardless of application.
  6. Slider size has a major effect on opening, but it's far from the only variable. Brake settings of both the LCL and UCL lines have a large effect as well. Even changing in the inboard brake lines by an inch can have a small effect. In fact, when I asked how to speed up the openings on one of my older canopies the manufacture did not tell me to change the slider, instead they told me to shorten the inboard UCL lines by 2".
  7. 20kN

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    I know an experienced WS jumper who went straight to reserve on a jump as he could not get to his main. He was demoing a large race suit, he took it too steep and he lost control of it. He got spun up pretty fast, felt like he was going to pass out and he was unable to get to his main so he went to his reserve before he passed out. I know of another case where someone went straight to reserve because he couldent pull his main. However, he had about 10 WS jumps and just switched to a freefly handle without trying it out on the ground. He dident know how to deploy the freefly pud and so he couldent get it out.
  8. 20kN

    nil winds

    There is ‘way’ too much emphasis on landing into the wind. Landing into the wind is not a landing priority. The number one priority is avoiding canopy collisions and having to do a crosswind landing so that no one crosses paths is by far the preferable option. So your consideration should not be which way sets me up to land into the wind. It should be which way sets me up to not run into someone and die.
  9. 20kN

    Preventing Hard Openings

    You can get a wingsuit slower than a hop and pop. Just because you’re not moving down does not mean you’re not moving at all. Even if you literally threw the PC out the door, you’re still moving at the speed of the aircraft which is typically ~100 MPH on jump run. You’re just not moving down at that speed. I suspect the slowest speed is actually a few seconds after you exit. Then your forward speed has decreased but your vertical speed is still somewhat slow. I have no testing to back this though. You’d have to check with a flysight.
  10. Most of the research done over the last several years would disagree. Most of the people who have died in the last several years would not meet your definition of someone who 'constantly putting themselves in very dangerous situations while skydiving and laughing about it later.' Most of the fatalities that have occurred in the last several years were from everyday skydivers.
  11. 20kN

    On opening, grab toggles or rear risers?

    Sure, I guess. I just dont know what the point is. If you unstow your toggles while the canopy is still sniveling the canopy can surge forward violently and/ or it can cause the slider to come down sooner than it should resulting in a hard opening. If you accidentally unstow one toggle but not the other, you just gave yourself a toggle fire. If you go into deep brakes before the canopy opens, in addition to the other things I mentioned, it can also cause an off heading opening. So lots of downsides, but I dont know of any upsides. Rear risers work fine for executing turns to avoid collisions after opening if that's what you're worried about.
  12. 20kN

    Speaking Altimeter

    Just for your info, L&B is a 'start up' by most definitions of the term. They are not some massive corporation with 25,000 employees in four countries or something like that. They are a small company the same as is with most skydiving accessory manufacturers. The VOG is a solid product and there is no reason I've seen that would make me question whether the device is safe to use. An audible is supposed to only serve as a back-up anyway. Your primary means of altitude awareness is supposed to be a visual altimeter.
  13. Skydive Perris in CA. It’s one of the top DZs in the USA and has most of what you ask for. You’re probably not going to get a price cut for work though, not as an AFF student. You’re unlikely to get a price cut at any DZ. Skydiving is expensive and there are few ways around that.
  14. Well depending on how detailed you want to be, you could argue that almost all forms of death are preventable or at least delayable. You could have ate better (heart attack), not gone out (accident caused by someone else), not driven a car (car crash), not walked down that dark alley (crime), ect, ect. Even if the death was 100% related to equipment you could argue the skydiver could have jumped newer gear in better condition or chosen a different, more reputable brand, chosen a larger canopy, ect, ect.
  15. It's probably a typo. In any case you could be asking Aerodyne this. They will know more about their website than some random people on DZ.com will.