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  1. DaveL


    Would there be any issue with using a safety pin at the bottom of the zipper, rather than stitching it? This would make removal and attachment of the suit to the rig easier. Thankyou for your feedback.
  2. DaveL


    I am having issues skydiving my Phoenix fly power onesie, with both the cutaway and reserve handles, on occasions, disappearing / moving to the inside of the suit. This is despite tying the zipper heads as close together as possible. The problem being that the base of the zippers can still extend open even though the zipper heads are secured. Not an ideal situation. If I was to stitch the bottom zipper in place as mccordia suggests, can the suit be taken on and off the rig without having to restitch every time? I love the suit to fly and Phoenix Fly wingsuits and track suits have been my preferred manufacturer for many years. I do believe however, that this current zip format has flaws in skydive use. Any input would be appreciated. I did post on the Phoenix Fly website before posting here for input, however, unfortunately have not had a reply.
  3. Is the only wingsuit/tracking tunnel available in Stockhom? Surprised there is not an equivalant tunnel in the US.
  4. DaveL


    Recently purchased a flysight. What do I need to do so I can program and listen to an audible glide ratio whilst in use? Thanks.