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  1. cbassmnm

    Am I being selfish

    I would go for it, if its something that you cannot stop thinking about. The reward is very worth it. It can be very addicting, especially if you like to progress and work toward goals. It will affect your family life. When you start wanting to go every weekend, buy your own rig, tunnel time, etc, you start thinking on how you can make it all happen. Your wife might wonder ok, you've done it enough why do you keep wanting to go back... as mine did. You may only do 100 jumps and then feel like you've had enough. It just depends on the person. Like everyone said, there are a lot of risks involved, but do your best to do everything right and they are lessened by a lot. Good luck in your journey.
  2. cbassmnm

    Base jump with skydive gear

    The best skydive container would be the Mirage Mirajeb, engineered towards base jumpers, which would allow you to use a large main canopy and still have a reserve. The drawback would be instead of the skyhook, you would have to use the new Mirage TRAP mard system, which hasnt been out very long, so it isn't "tried and true" yet, so it could pose risk. You would also want a PD optimum reserve, because it gives you more square footage per packing volume. An optimum 126 packs the same as a PD 113 and it would be safer for you. Also don't forget to turn cypress on at the bottom of the building, so it will be calibrated correctly. Also if it is a changeable mode, you might want to put it on "student" mode.
  3. cbassmnm

    Scrisc online gear store???

    I did in fact order the changeable mode cypres from them with the free audible and I did receive both within about 4 days. I called and spoke to Julija on the phone and placed my order. So I can vouch for them. It did seem like too good of a deal to be true, but sure enough I got a new cypress and free Optima 2. It even came with some Scrisc pull up cords!
  4. cbassmnm

    Funny Skydiving Nicknames

    Mikey "lunch break" because I would leave my job on my lunch break, drive to the dz (close by), arrive just in time for the 5 minute call, make a jump, throw my unpacked rig back in my truck and drive back to work. All during my "Lunch break"
  5. cbassmnm

    A license finally. Best use of next jumps?

    My question is... where do you get 15 dollar Jumps????!!!Quote
  6. cbassmnm

    Error hooking up main

    Thats what I did, I ran all line groups up as a group like when packing, instead of individually. This is how I missed the twist in the slinkQuote
  7. cbassmnm

    Error hooking up main

    Likes to jump, that method worked well. As soon as I grabbed the outermost line and walked it up, I could see the problem, a twist in the line group when I got up to the slider grommet. Mkx, thank you for your very detailed explanation, that was very helpful as well. A rigger showed me how to do it with the canopy hanging up with all the lines easily visible, I should have waited to go to my DZ and hung it up to do it. I thought I could be careful enough to do it on the ground, but apparently not. talk about reality check. In the future, I will have a second set of eyes double check my work as well. That way I can be SURE that it will be hooked up correctly. Good thing the twist went down to the riser and didnt cause a malfunction that had to be cut away. I'm glad the flare wasn't affected as well. Live and learn.
  8. cbassmnm

    Error hooking up main

    Hi, I recently hooked up my main to my risers for the second time, the first time being with a canopy hanger so I could see all the lines easily. This time the canopy was on the ground. I thought I could do it right if I checked the lines good. Apparently I hooked 3 of my line groups up correctly, but apparently the left front slink did a 360 before I connected it to the risers. (I know I connected the slinks properly, I had the PD instructions there with me). After opening I noticed my left front riser had a twist in it. It didnt seem to affect the flying or flare, which I landed no problem, but was unnerving knowing that I made an error. Question is... what is the best way to check the lines on the ground while hooking them up to slinks, and risers? apparently I missed the twist of that one slink when I ran the lines up. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  9. From the UPT website, test for sigma tandem endorsement (not the new one) the first question is " historically, what is the leading single cause of tandem fatalities? Then followed by: What does the vector 3 tandem system do to address this problem? I was just wondering the answer to those questions. I'm not taking the tandem course, nor do I want to anytime soon. I was just wondering. Anyone want to shed some light?
  10. I use one optima II, but I have thought about getting another one and just setting one alarm on it to the hard deck... just incase one fails the hard deck alarm could be backed up. I have thought that 2 wouldn't be very comfortable inside my G3 though... i guess its worth a try.
  11. cbassmnm

    riser pressure

    What about length of risers? If you had 21's would they be easier to pull to your abdomen than 25's?
  12. cbassmnm

    riser pressure

    I always start my double front approach from about 1/4 to 1/2 brakes...toggles about to shoulders or so. This was good for the 170. For the 150 it helped too, but still could not hold them down for about 2 seconds. I haven't tried from very deep brakes yet, but I'm sure it would help. haven't been jumping much lately due to weather. Each canopy and downsize is indeed different, and not expect the same characteristics from one downsize to the next even if its the same canopy. I dont think bulking up anymore would help. I can do about 10 pullups.
  13. cbassmnm

    riser pressure

    Hello, all of that talk about big riser vs harness turns was interesting and informative. However I was really just wanting to know why going from 190 to 170 the riser pressure was less, and when I went from 170 to 150 it was substantially more, even more than the 190. All on sabre 2s. All I am doing and interested in is increasing speed a little for landing, by doing double front approaches. No turns or anything like that. I found it makes it easier to land with a bit more speed.
  14. cbassmnm

    riser pressure

    Yes, this was the first thing I did when I jumped the canopy for the first time, like I learned in the flight 1 course. Luckily, they were quite long. Pulled on the brakes while looking up to see when it started moving the tail. Its a good 6 -7 inches. Pulling on the fronts while looking up, there is no tail deflection. I'm actually getting my brakes lines shortened a bit b/c the sweet spot in the flare is lower than I was used to.
  15. cbassmnm

    riser pressure

    I cant pull the risers down faster or further with the 150. Its harder to pull them even from 1/4 brakes and cant hold them as long. Since it is higher wingload, I guess that is why. It was the opposite on my previous downsize though. I've got about 150 double front approaches on the 170. Half of those are landing or planing out on rears, then transitioning to brakes. On the upside harness turns are easier, which makes sense.