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  1. Just to add, in the latest parachutist, April 2021, in the incidents section, a tandem master disconnected and pulled the skyhook rsl shackle apparently to activate the reserve, but the Colin’s lanyard disconnected the other riser, and they spun in. Just to add to the complexity of the system.
  2. No, but there is a podcast about this story on Spotify, or other streaming service. It was called skyjacker I believe. Good story.
  3. Kenz is correct. My main rig is as 120 with 160 optimum. This is for wanna be wingsuit or secondary rig. Ill end up getting zp 150, which it is suited for.
  4. Thank you all for your insight and advice. Yes I was wanting to make my 2011 vector with closing loop on bottom into a wingsuiting rig. Smallest size it holds is a 150. It has the full fitting optimum 193 reserve. I was wanting to stay in the 150 size... smaller is cooler right? Anyway if I need to go Zp like a specter that’s what I’ll end up doing, but I do like the way the f111 material feels! Plus the bandwagon of the wingsuit specific canopies seems to be super crispy. I do jump a 120 regularly in my primary rig.
  5. On the second jump on your video, your are HD belly, then transition to HU belly by cartwheel right? Yea stability is much harder HU. Your form looked good to me, and not bent at the waist. Keep us updated on the progress!
  6. As the title says, I was wondering if anyone is done this? For example my rig holds a 150 as the smallest main. Zero porosity material. If I wanted say a horizon or other low pack material 150, is there a way it could pack larger? Say having a large logo on it? thanks for any input.
  7. Nice, sweet exit on the first jump! I was kind of surprised to see how you were flying with the guys on the first jump and seemed pegged out , while the leader had a lot of knees. So if the leader straightened all the way out with no knees, would it be possible to keep up on feet? Good flying and nice FOoTage!
  8. Out of all the tracking jumps i've done up to this point, this was the first getting out after the tandems. If this is the way of doing things now, that's what I'll do. in the past it has been first group out. Since getting out last means furthest from the DZ, "getting back" may be more tricky. Yes, all tracking jumps should be led perpendicular to jump run a safe distance before any more navigating.
  9. Thanks for the info. I’ll check into the latest sim
  10. Hello, just wondering if it is the norm or not uncommon for tracking groups to exit very last, after tandems? I had a 4 way track which I was leading, and the other 3 jumpers were all a little over 100 jumps. I have 900 jumps and almost 9 years in the sport, with 3-4 tracking /angle camps. Had a good flight plan for this jump. I was informed by the s&ta that tracking groups exit last after tandems. I had never heard this before but did follow directions. We were the only fun jumpers on the load, and then tandems. They were worried about the less experienced tracking up jump run, understandably. During the dive, I could see all the tandems open and flying in the distance, about 5-6 k feet. Seems they could track down jumprun into the higher opening tandems just as easily. Thoughts?
  11. You will notice a lot of swoopers and tandem masters will have ankle braces on and high top shoes.
  12. Very informative and interesting video. “The velocity is squarer than the Sabre 2”. Another valuable piece of mis information. there is a lot more to just the planform, those 5 other things, plus the magic stuff. I mainly wanted to put feelers out to help me make the decision for my next canopy. I’ve been on the Sabre 2 from 210 down to 120, so I will prolly just stick with PD, but I was open to the crossfire 3 as well.
  13. Anybody fly the Sabre 3, compared to the Sabre 2 at high loading, around 1.8? ive been at a Sabre 2 120 at 1.8 for a few years now. Thinking about next canopy being crossfire 3 or now Sabre 3 at 2.0. yes the sa 3 looks the same shape as the 2, but with the tail ribs. crossfire 3 has the more elliptical shape. Any input from anyone flying these at higher WL?