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  1. Push up and out on riser then kick out if needed. This technique is for line twist only.
  2. I am the 1armskydiver and I know I could teach you the canopy skills you would need. It will take some extensive training though. You need to learn how to PLF though, just in case. Just get in touch with me sometime. Blue Skies!
  3. I had a skydive accident a year ago where I lost the use of my left arm. In August of 2011 I asked if it could be amputated. The doctors agreed for I had no motor or feeling in this arm and since I was still so active and working they agreed for it could get infected or damaged and I would not know. And yes one of these activities is SKYDIVING. All the pain I had and still have is in my PHANTOM ARM. At first we would tape my bad arm to my side until the amputation and away I would go. First jump was 8 weeks after the accident. The accident intailed 8 broken bones three in my left foot, left rib, left wrist, left clavical, left corcoid process, left scapula, and I had cut above my right eye but worst of all a brachail plexus injury. That is a series of nerves tha control the shoulder, arm and hand. They had been avulsioned from my spinal cord from c5 to t1. Anyway since the accident I have had 24 successful jumps since then (had to keep my license current). You can see more about me on my web site at If you have any questions feel free to contact me. God Bless and Blue Skies!
  4. Thank you for explaining this so well. You are correct about the brachial plexus it has been pulled from my spinal cord roots and all from c5 to t1. I have no motor function nor feeling from shoulder on. The amputation was a must since I still work at my business and do actvities as much as possible. You have a great day and God Bless!
  5. Thanks for the reply,never hurts to try, but your probably right! See me on youtube- 1armskydiver
  6. Am looking for an SOS rig tht fits a 260, I have the main canopy. I ONLY HAVE ONE ARM! THANKS