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  1. LOOK!! As much as I hate beating a dead horse... As well as a dead post. Y'all took my ranting about boorish behavior and my (and other editors time) of taking it out, to another level. I've read y'all talk about everything from taking care of students to the ti's getting bored to USPA regs (past & present). That was not what I originally meant when I brought this up!!! My hope was that the type of people that read about this might get a little bit of insight about how to treat others. Treat your students with a little thing called respect. Save your editor by not having waste time/money sifting through your B.S. Have fun with not at your student. Above all, remember YOU started with jump number one. How would you feel if you were made to look like a fool in front of family and friends? I was and still am pissed off at IDIOTS acting inappropriately. This should pass on a very simple message...Be nice to your students. your actions pass on to future skydivers/instructors(regardless of regulations). Rude will always be rude...DON'T BE THAT GUY!!!
  2. Whooo Guy. you got my post completely wrong. First off, I carefully edited all offensive material out! Our customer was completely satisfied with the end product! My bitch is about the unprofessional behavior that I witnessed plus the time I had to take to edit it out! I totally agree with you that it is about the student, not the ti. If you ever seen any of my vids on youtube you'd know that. The student's safety & confidence always comes first! Hell, I always edit out when I get puked on by them! It don't look good for either of us! All I'm asking for is a little decorum. It doesn't hurt. "You are a professional in your field, act as though you have done this before!" quote from my dad(God rest his soul)
  3. Thanks Bob! I spent over a week at a foreign dz dealing with these "pro's" & I swear I now need rogain for all the hair I pulled out!
  4. Am I the only TI/Video editor out there that has noticed a very disturbing trend? By that statement, let me explain a bit. I take my job as an instructor quite serious, I still have a bit of fun with students, but not to the point of making the student appear as total friggin idiot. Especially when taking video. I've increasingly noticed a bunch of TI's acting in what I would call very poor taste. They take video of themselves licking brows, picking boogers & rubbing them off on the student's back, etc. In general, disrespecting potential skydivers. The worse part is they are sending the dvd home with the student with them acting "cute". Not even thinking about how that video may embarrass the student in front of their friends. Or even worse, other potential students that will take a look and not show because they don't want to be treated that way. Maybe I'm over reacting because I don't get the next generation of jumpers' way of seeing things. But the way I was brought up in this sport was very simple. You treat everyone with respect. Period! As an instructor, shouldn't you act as a professional? Well, it's a good thing I EDIT most of that crap out of their vids in the hope to save face. Whew...Glad I got that off my chest!
  5. Nicely put Cory. Rich had too many facets in his life to put in one post. All of us have pretty similar stories about him. He was/is one of the best friends I have. I feel privileged to have known such a dynamic man. It's a loss that hits hard. I'll never forget the look on his face when he made his first dock. I don't think I've ever had a student since that had that big of a smile. To Rich, You will always be in my memories and your positive attitude in times good and bad, I'll try to emulate. Blue Skies Buddy!!! To Cory, try to be safe over there in the sandbox. I want to have a beer with ya when you get home.
  6. You can use that camera! I use one myself. Thing is it's a hybrid (having both hdd & chip recording capability) & you have to record the video to a smartchip(sold separately) rather than the hdd.