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  1. Reported from Kansas Dropzone in Ottawa. Brad was found about a mile from the DZ. He hadn't deployed his main and his reserve was almost fully inflated on impact. The bag was 50-75 ft away. He had no AAD. This DZ is still under construction. This was Brads 2nd jump of the day...
  2. MissBuffDiver

    Eike Hohenadl passes at Eloy today 4-25-14

    Home > Local News > Riverside County > Lake Elsinore > Lake Elsinore Headlines LAKE ELSINORE: Local skydiver dies in Arizona /FILE PHOTO Eike Hohenadl parachutes to the ground at Margarita Middle School in Temecula in 2011 as the American flag waves behind him. The jump was part of the school's Veterans Day celebration. 1 of 2 Next Image 372 2 0 A Text Size BY SARAH BURGE April 25, 2014; 03:38 PM Eike Hohenadl, a well-known Lake Elsinore resident and leader in the local skydiving community, died Friday, April 25, in Arizona after his parachute malfunctioned. He was 72. According to a news release from Skydive Arizona, in Eloy, Arizona, an experienced skydiver’s main parachute was not released on the first jump of the day, about 7:40 a.m., and the skydiver did not open the reserve parachute. He died at the scene. The man’s name was not released but Carol Wakefield, a family friend, confirmed that the skydiver who died was Hohenadl. The release said he was participating in a large formation jump, described by the skydiving facility as an invitational 88-way record attempt, but that the incident was not related to the size of the group. No other skydivers were involved in the accident. There were no problems related to the aircraft, and weather conditions were good at the time of the jump, Skydive Arizona said. Hohenadl was an active skydiver and wingsuit instructor who enjoyed doing skydiving demonstrations at public events. In a 2009 interview with The Press-Enterprise, he described the thrill of wingsuit jumping – which involves suits that use fabric stretched between the limbs to create wing-like surfaces that allow a skydiver to glide and spend more time in the air. “Wingsuiters like to live life a little more than the average Kmart shopper,” he said. “It’s the closest thing to human flight.” He was not jumping in a wingsuit on Friday, according to Jocelyn Bernatchez, a spokeswoman for the skydiving facility. Hohenadl had thousands of jumps under his belt and held numerous U.S. Parachute Association licenses and ratings, including safety and training adviser. Hohenadl had escaped from East Germany as a boy and eventually made his way to the United States. He had described that experience as “way more nerve-wracking than jumping from a plane.” Hohenadl fought in the Vietnam War, stationed aboard a 173-foot minesweeper that patrolled the Mekong Delta and the Gulf of Tonkin. In the 90s, he served as manager of a major disposal project at the Fallbrook Naval Weapons Facility involving Vietnam-era napalm. He retired from the U.S. Navy with the rank of captain after more than 30 years of service.
  3. MissBuffDiver


  4. MissBuffDiver

    Sechler! and Bobby..... wow how time flies.....

    Mark and Bobby...2 of my buddy's from Perris. Mark was my boyfriend for about a yr. back in 79'. I miss his laugh. I can always hear it. I just close my eyes, picture his face and the laugh just happens....I'm sure I have a couple of photos to post...I'll look and post them tomorrow...RIP
  5. MissBuffDiver

    Me at 64

  6. MissBuffDiver

    Kevin Donnely

    Jan Meyer told me this on FaceBook last night. We are losing lots of the Old Timers Sparky. But then at our age that happens. I have many fond memories of Kevin. Mostly from Elsinore. He was always so nice and had something great to say at all times. He taught me a few things in the early 70's when I first started jumping. I remember many things and loved all the things he had accomplished in the sport. There must be one hell of a party going on UP there, cus lots of our friends have passed.. Blue Skies to Kevin and Thanks for the memories...
  7. MissBuffDiver

    I'm "In" . . .

    CONGRATULATIONS Nick! I saw your picture on the AT website.
  8. MissBuffDiver

    Ever jump with your canopy in backwards???

    I did. It was my last jump too. It was a demo into the US Festival at Glen Helen Regional Park in Devore, CA. What a shock to look up and see yourself going in the wrong direction. It was the 70's when the gas wars were on. I finally got the hang of steering about 200 ft off the deck. I was going for the parking lot. All I could hear was the voice of Bob Celaya [ground crew] laughing hysterically and yelling over here, Sandy over here. I couldn't get to the target so I was looking for a spot to land. Gee should I slam into the side of this window van or should I hook a turn to avoid it? I found myself approaching the trunk of a car and did the hardest PLF on record. My legs slammed into the trunk and I did a &*^%$#@) this is gonna hurt roll over onto my feet landing. I was OK but very sore muscles soon after. Within an hr we heard a fire truck and went to check out the commotion....The car that I had landed on, had caught fire. It seems that the cars owner had 5=5 gal cans of gas stored in the trunk I landed on. They say the force of my landing, plus a very hot day, coupled with combustion made the trunk explode. DAMN The owner of the car was looking for me. Why to sue for damages to his car of course. Instead he was met by the Fire Dept. and given a pretty heavy fine for carrying full gas cans in his trunk. Jump #997 THE END Quote WHEN YOU'RE HOT...YOU'RE HOT SANDY
  9. MissBuffDiver

    Skydiver and Pilot, too?

    No, I'm not a pilot. But I know a few that are both. They love the planes more though I think. WHY??? Cuz they fly alot more than they jump!! These guys are jump pilots that I know from my home DZ.
  10. MissBuffDiver


    That's pretty AMAZING. I had the privelage of meeting Tiny Broadwick and had my picture taken with her too. She came to Perris DZ on her 80th b-day. How excited I was to meet the 1st female jumper.
  11. MissBuffDiver

    First Jump from Ultralight?

    HELLO Don't know about ultralight....but back in the 70's....Rich Piccirrilli and Sylvia Lindgren were jumping from a hanglider. Took place in Elsinore. Then I stopped jumping just when the ultralights were coming on the scene. A lot has gone on since I stopped. I don't even know the language anymore. It's all good though, I'm sure
  12. MissBuffDiver

    Jimmy Crawford

    I knew Jimmy too. A whole lot on the crazy side. Lots of fun though. He was Silly Tit # 16.