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  1. Best are Classic Reebok High tops. Flat on the bottom so you can ski on the grass. Some ankle support and a velcro strap to keep those shoe laces from coming undone and flapping in the wind!
  2. What are your thoughts on the "Great Reset" And "Agenda 2030"? Do you think tis will affect your personal freedom and affect your lifestyle? Is the aim really usher in a global communist utopia without borders as some conspiracy theorist claim? Will paying carbon taxes to the technocrats who profess in order to save the planet we need restrictions to population production of food fuel and industry be effective? As a scuba diver I acknowledge that bleaching of coral reefs is happening. As a skydiver how much will it affect the ability of the average drop zone owner to stay in business? Hopefully the technology of electric or hybrid powered aircraft will continue to evolve. However strip mining for lithium and producing batteries has environmental issues also.
  3. Looks like the Russians planted some videos on pornhub that match videos on Hunter's laptop. Now Gatewaypundant is running with the story.
  4. When I was growing up I had a great collection of tee shirts from Perris Valley! I wore them all most everyday! I need to post up some pictures when I can find them. I know Rob Thundercloud did some that said "Party Til you Puke Boogie Til You Bounce" and one that was a bit morbid "skydivers eat their dead". But I also had some great ones with such detail! One had a 12 way in and out formation looking down at Perris with the runway the DC-3 and even the swimming pool below. I sure would like another one! Also a really cool one of a night jump out of a Cessna with full moon and clouds. Post up pictures if you have any please!
  5. I loved it when he got schooled by Alex Jones!
  6. timber

    Skydiving Ex

    "As the prop turns and so are the days of our dives"!
  7. Sadly it appears that we will add Emerald Coast Skydiving to this list! Open as various names as Grandview Parachute Center and Panhandle Parachute Center and Emerald Coast Skydiving. It has been in operation since the mid 1960's when the "Colonel" an his special forces buddies would get together and jump for fun. With the loss of his beloved son Jimmy Horak earlier this month. He does not have the will to continue and is worried about liability concerns. I believe Emerald Coast still has the Alabama state record of 45 set in the late 1990's. "Damn has it been that long already"? Jumps to the world famous Flora-Bama and Pensacola Beach were the big attraction! we enjoyed hosting the Memorial Day weekend beach boogies until the last couple of years. I believe some beach jumps will continue from time to time if we can keep a jump plane close by. Some alternatives are being looked into but no details yet. Most of us will likely migrate to Gold Coast Skydiving in Lumberton or Skydive Panama City in Altha, Florida or Skydive Live in Paxton Florida. Still not the beautiful view we enjoyed at E.C.S.C.! Many great memories and friendships and even marriages and children resulted from there! (Not mine that I know of);)!
  8. Services for Jimmy Horak will be held Thursday August 8th.At the Holy Spirit Catholic Church at 10650 Gulf Beach Highway in Pensacola, Florida. Visitation will be from 10am to 11am. Mass will follow at 11am. Burial will be at Prince of Peace Cemetery Highway 98 and County Road 95 in Elberta, Alabama. All who had the privilege of knowing Jimmy are invited to attend. Jimmy had such a deep passion for skydiving and aviation! He treasured fellow skydivers and was always looking to make the sport as safe as possible. Jimmy would want us to learn as much as possible from this incident apply it and carry on with the sport we love! Blue Skies Friends!
  9. Emerald Coast Skydiving has a Cessna 182 with a Continental IO-550 300 hp " Air Plains" conversion. Climbing to 12,000 feet in 17 minutes. It has a Hartzell 78 inch 3 bladed prop. It would actually climb faster to altitude if I didn't climb at an airspeed faster than Vy due to the high Cylinder Head Tempature. That and not having speed brakes slows our turn around time a bit. A $ 60,000 prop and motor in a $20,000 air frame. You could get Cessna 206 for that.
  10. I am really sad to hear this! Freddy was a great guy and aside from the WFFC he would come hang out with us jumpers at the Blue Angel Airshow every year! Blue Skies Freddy!
  11. Sounds like a typical day hauling meat to me! I am fairly small for a tandem master 5"6 and 155 pounds. The people especially in Alabama seem to be getting bigger by the week! Climbing out of a C-182 with someone 230 LBS and 6'2" plus is a challenge. Then you get the girls that are built wide as they are tall and large "mammalian protuberances" No matter how you adjust the harness they seem to "OOZE" through it and end up sick! I am learning to just say "NO"! Hope you have a better weekend ahead! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. A single engine turbine aircraft with a tail gate like this!
  13. Any News on Bob Sinclair Lately? I know he is living in the Deland area! I know he is also in poor health and would like any updates. I would like to have a "roast" to him before he departs.
  14. R.I.P. Mongo! Thank you for taking me under your wing and putting me on some great loads in the early 90's. Blue Skies!