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  1. riddler

    Stalling For Success

    A good reminder for people like me that have gotten lax on canopy practice.
  2. riddler

    Skydiver Suffers Seizure During AFF Jump

    Get to him the first time, get him on belly and deploy immediately. Back-to-earth deployments have a very high chance of malfunction. Don't rely on the AAD to save your student, it will also deploy back-to-earth. Still got the save, so that's good.
  3. The first AS-15 I bought, I spent a lot of hours mounting it to the side of my Bonehead. Fist jump, my risers slapped it off, and it spun down to the desert floor in Moab. I bought another one right away. I still have it. Because I never put it on my skydiving helmet.
  4. riddler

    Coaching in the World of Skydiving

    One reason that USPA members do not take the "coach" rating seriously: the annual fee for a coach is the same as for TIs and AFFIs. This appears as nothing more than a money-grab from USPA. In scuba diving, the equivalent "coach" rating costs less than half, annually, of what the equivalent advanced rating holders pay.
  5. riddler

    Daniel (Dan-o) Braafhart

    Dan-O loved to jump. He put passion into teaching, and I think he was one of the better AFF ground-school teachers (better than myself, at least) at Mile Hi. I don't think you'll find anyone who has anything negative to say about his enthusiasm and optimism. He always had a friendly smile and kind words for other jumpers. I'll always remember doing coaching with him, and teaching ground school with him. He was looking forward to getting his AFFI rating. I'm not happy about what happened, but he died doing what he loved the most. Blue skies, brother
  6. riddler

    Cookie Composites

    You may be waiting no matter who you order from. I just got a side mount for my video camera from Paragear, and it took three weeks. Some of them have 4 week wait times. I've heard the Boeing 787 is making it difficult to get carbon fibre, but I don't know if that's still true.
  7. Still really hoping this one happens, but have my doubts that it will. Too many aborted attempts already. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. Kudos to Fournier for not giving up!
  8. riddler

    Flyaway LV on VH1

    They have a little batman suit for the kids that is pretty cool, too
  9. riddler

    Kirk Verner @ SkyVenture Colorado

    Hey all, just spoke with flyangel2, and the dates have changed. Kirk is here now! He will be in town until Wednesday, March 8th, and coaching is still free, so book your time.
  10. riddler

    About time...

    Great news Katee! Coaching is fun work, and I'm sure you'll have a great time. Plus you'll get the added advantage of starting to work with pre-A license students.
  11. riddler

    The Purpose of DZ.com's Incidents Forum

    Edit - forget my post - I'm not reading well tonight.
  12. riddler

    ? on Germain's riser mounted slider blocks

    Might want to post this to Gear & Rigging.
  13. riddler

    Skydive Monterey Bay

    Super Otter takes you fast to 15,000 feet AGL standard altitude. The view of the bay is incredible. Cool people. Was a little windy when I was there, but they said it was unusal. Don't land off - too many McNastys.