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  1. riddler

    Stalling For Success

    A good reminder for people like me that have gotten lax on canopy practice.
  2. riddler

    Skydiver Suffers Seizure During AFF Jump

    Get to him the first time, get him on belly and deploy immediately. Back-to-earth deployments have a very high chance of malfunction. Don't rely on the AAD to save your student, it will also deploy back-to-earth. Still got the save, so that's good.
  3. One of the people involved with the video has posted that he believes it to be a rock in the jumper's canopy: http://norskmeteornettverk.no/wordpress/?p=1497 Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  4. I'm going with "real", not that I'm an expert Really amazing, yes, but when looking at Anders' body language, he shows no sign of deception. That doesn't mean he's lying, just that he believes what he's saying (could be well rehearsed). As far as the physics, I think it's believable. Again, I'm not an expert. Really unlikely, yes, but still believable. Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  5. If it is a hoax, it is a very elaborate one: http://norskmeteornettverk.no/wordpress/?p=1399 Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  6. Real physicist, really studying it, at least according to the intrawebs: https://twitter.com/pbrekke Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  7. riddler

    Sony A7 skydiving ad

    A nice bit of photography, and some behind-the-scenes information on how it was made: http://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/epic-sony-ad-shows-skydivers-changing-lens-of-alpha-a7r-in-midair/ Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  8. The first AS-15 I bought, I spent a lot of hours mounting it to the side of my Bonehead. Fist jump, my risers slapped it off, and it spun down to the desert floor in Moab. I bought another one right away. I still have it. Because I never put it on my skydiving helmet.
  9. riddler

    Coaching in the World of Skydiving

    One reason that USPA members do not take the "coach" rating seriously: the annual fee for a coach is the same as for TIs and AFFIs. This appears as nothing more than a money-grab from USPA. In scuba diving, the equivalent "coach" rating costs less than half, annually, of what the equivalent advanced rating holders pay.
  10. riddler

    Jim Dishroon

    I was informed by his pastor that he passed away about a few weeks ago, on June 7th, 2012. He was 86, and survived by his wife, three children and one grand-daughter. http://www.newcomerdenver.com/obituary.aspx?src=value&obitid=58290 Old-time Colorado jumpers will remember him being at the DZ, and I certainly sat with him for a few hours and talked about the way skydiving used to be. I recall he did a jump for his 80th birthday, and didn't jump much after that. I believe he had a few thousand skydives. Real nice guy. I was glad to know him and glad that he lived a long life. Edit to add picture. Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  11. riddler

    Brady Kane

    Today, the successful launch of the Space-X Falcon 9 rocket took Brady's ashes to outer space, along with James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) and 300+ additional people. Fly high, Brady! http://www.bigthink.com/think-tank/human-ashes-pay-pal-and-space-travel Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  12. I live in Colorado because I grew up here. Most of the people that I know who moved here did so because they or their parents got a job here. A handful of people I know moved here for the natural beauty. All of those people moved to the mountains for the peace and quiet. I live in the city of Denver. It's noisy, polluted and dirty. I don't expect open space and natural settings here in the city. I'm not going on a rampage trying to get all the hospitals to move away from me. Or the fire departments. Or the traffic. I bought my house with understanding of what it entailed. You are free to move to the mountains (if you can afford it. I can't). There is a lot of peace and quiet there. That's probably part of the reason why it's so expensive. Asking everyone you don't like to move away from you, after you moved there, is the height of narcissism. Especially if they were there before you came. Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  13. riddler

    Model's Propeller Accident

    http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/46870427/ns/today-today_news/#.T3I5aktAbcY Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  14. riddler

    stupidest student ever?

    I posted to this thread a long time ago, and have had a few "interesting" students since then. The ones I remember most are the ones that say funny things during the ground-school. Like one young woman (about 19 y/o), who prattled out something like this: "What do we do when our 'chute doesn't open? Oh, I think we're supposed to cut it off, fly to the other guy and clip ourselves to that guy. Is that right?" I swear that Hollywood puts these ideas in people's minds. Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD
  15. riddler

    Model's Propeller Accident

    What type of plane was it? Trapped on the surface of a sphere. XKCD