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  1. I need to ring a phone that activates a loud ass horn. Phone has no audio ports. I'd be tapping into the 2 wires that connect from phone circuit board to the phone ring speaker. Inside the handset, the 2 wires show .035-.045 VAC (probed with multimeter while the phone "rings") and connect to an 8 Ohm 2W speaker inside the phone. This 8 Ohm 2W speaker needs to be replaced with a very loud horn or buzzer. -I purchased a generic 12VDC piezo horn. Need to feed it 12VDC when phone rings. That's all. I'm stumped. Low signal relay? Some type of inline amp? I can solder a bit, and have only a very basic understanding of this stuff. Do I look for a low signal relay? like .03VAC to 12VDC? Thank you
  2. I've got an IBR650 near the TX/MX border and having issues with the device wanting to "roam" we requested the carrier turn off "roaming" option but I haven't seen a change in behavior. The device only connects to 1xRTT using an external 9DB Omni. I tried a wideband yagi but there is an impedance mismatch 50 vs 75 using that antenna. Has there been any success passing traffic with an AP or eNodeB that is out of range? edit enode not inode
  3. 32yrs ohio >> 5yrs texas, and counting 2 things I miss from nohio: -greasy pizza joints on every corner -spring, summer, fall, winter
  4. Thank you all for the overwhelming support on my thrilling and heart-stopping question.. got it figured out, and In case anyone is absolutely burning to know: there's general liability, production liability, and workers comp.
  5. We build then sell our product online and wholesale to 10-12 small regional stores. Last week contact was finally made with one of the "bigs". I dug into their vendor complaince guide and our product requires $5 million policy. The guide mentions GLI and PLI together. My understanding of general liability insurance is that your shop/store is covered. So I think they are referencing a Product Liability insurance that obviously would be in place to offer some protection against litigation once our product is in the home? Is this type of insurance "added-on" to a general liability policy? Or are General Liability and Product Liability two completely different animals? If anyone is interested in pulling my head out of the dirt, [URL "https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjGu7Dir8HOAhVG3WMKHXPwAckQFggcMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fvendorconnect.toysrus.com%2Fvendorextranet%2Fcommon%2Fact_download_pdf.cfm%3Fstr_filename%3DVENDOR%2520GUIDE.doc&usg=AFQjCNHxgJXSMC0gVliGThsCsYmz0PUU4Q&sig2=bpQK1jU21z2ELTlucai4Gw&bvm=bv.129422649,d.eWE"]here[/URL] is the vendor guide link. (I had to rename to .doc). Section 1.7 is insurance requirements. I'll continue to read, and will post if I figure it out. Thank you!
  6. I watched it again. Whatever was happening was badass, except I wasn't sure what was happening.
  7. Wife away on work today, so I trudged through this thing while watching my 18mo old. Almost went for the cutaway handle several times, as my beavis/butthead dvd is within arms reach. Awesome film, but I have absolutely no idea what happened. I may watch again, uninterrupted.
  8. Any opinions or conjecture on how social media info might be handled differently, if at all, by French authorities following this incident? thanks lou
  9. was scratching my back with a screwdriver then totally did something wrong to my shoulder and tricept. No worries of course, but thought it would be interesting to ask on dz..
  10. pulling a kubota through a chunk of cow pasture 4.5mi south of SDSM.. boobs? pin? bullseye?
  11. got it, thanks for the help guys. I did completely forget about the distributive property. And that x= 1x
  12. I'm more lost than db cooper's underwear.. why did we add 1 to the tax percentage? (1+0.0825)x = 1500 ? by the way, thank you all for the help
  13. I slept through too many classes.. how does x+.0825x translate to 1.0825x ?
  14. Stumped on my kid's math problem. "Tom" quoted a price of $1500 including tax (8.25%) The client then asked that tax be visibly itemized. Tom will need to figure out his pre-tax price.. So now I'm stumped.. Price (including 8.25% tax) = $1500 I'm trying to remember the algebra on determining original amount /? .0825(X)=Y X+Y=1500 /?