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  1. Those demo rigs were purchased before the new company even opened it's doors. They are not I'll gotten gains. They were purchased with start up capital. Again, you continue to speculate. You also don't know what agreements I have with manufacturers over those demo rigs an what percentage they own of them. Please stop speculating. The rest you say 'may' be right, but stop with the speculation as all you are doing is making a situation worse for me. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  2. Ignas thanks for the email you sent my way. I appreciate it and will get your canopy back in the mail tomorrow via a courier. You seem to be a good guy and it seems we have both bent over backwards for each other. Andree, check your email. Let's get this sorted. I have no intentions to leave you out of pocket. I'm just having a shitty time and take things personally as it kills me that I'm letting people down. Trust me on one thing, I would live in a cardboard box if I have to to make sure my customers all get what they have paid for. Sorry. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  3. Dave really don't know what else to say except I'm doing everything I can to make right by people. It is a huge lesson learned and I'm trying to do the right thing. I can not post here anymore as it will drive me to giving up and I really don't want to do that. I need to put my head down and resolve the situation, not sit here and explain myself. I'm gettin death threats and my partner is scared and I'm nit going to take much more of this. Those who have threatened to kill my partner and children that I don't have while hiding behind a keyboard are the lowest form of this community. You can be certain it has been reported to Interpol .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  4. It's a business, money goes in an out of it everyday. Different manufacturers have different payment terms and different customers have different payment terms. It's called cash-flow. It's not stealing at all, you don't just receive money from a customer for one product and then pay it to the manufacturer, as they don't want payment until they invoice you. Some invoice you straight away, some invoice in seven months, some in three months. We also have customers on payment plans. I'm no mr bigshot. Imnsomeone who tried a new thing and I messed up. If you're calling me a thief then your ignorant. Nobody has lost anything and nothing has been stolen. You have half a story and you make these stupid accusations. Why would I send someonea reserve when we already sent it and it was lost in the post and can not be claimed on insurance cause they demanded it to be under valued and the day they got taxed for half their gear they demand we pay it? Seriously, why? Anyway, I'm done with this thread, far too much speculation, I never should of said anything to begin with. If I was to sell my demo containers and canopies I would be done for theft due to my agreements with manufacturers. Another point you have speculated on with no understanding. Discuss all your speculations all you like in these forums, all you are doing is speculating and I don't have time to waste sitting here arguing over your accusations. Business's go bankrupt all the time and it is not called stealing. I suggest you stop getting people worked up with that sort of crap as I'm doing what I can not to go bankrupt and to make sure everyone gets what they want. It's bullshit like what you are writing that makes me think going bankrupt wouldnt be such a bad so I don't have to listen to this crap. As for selling my inventory and all this crap, again, ou have mo idea what I'm doing to save this business, I've said I'm doing everything I can, so quit it with your pedastool. As for sympathy, I don't expect anything from anyone in here but I would think as a community that would help each other, not tear me apart and call me a thief trying to make sure nobody trusts me as then the only option I do have is to wrap te business up and call it a day....legally and ethically. It is business. If that's what you'd rather me do, just let me know as I could handle going and getting a job that will pay my household bills. Anymore death threats on myself and my family through emails phone calls of private message on this website will be reported to the police. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  5. I am not an authorized PD dealer and have never claimed to be. I purchase my PD canopies through a supplier, not the manufacturer. Never have I claimed that. Everything else we sell is purchased through the manufacturers directly. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  6. Set the shop up, then had problems. Things can escalate very quickly. However we are investable. I may have a terrible reputation at the moment but it's nothing a couple of hard years work and service won't fix. I am sorry for the situation, but I haven't run away or declared bankruptcy. Surely that shows my intentions. I'm proud of what I've done in this industry, I never for a second thought I would end up in this position and it happened very quickly due to personal and financial situations. If anyone cares to know about my year, I have two mothers as I'm adopted and was close to both as lived with both. Both died, one after about four strokes in a period of a few months. I have two fathers obviously as above an one died, My other father who adopted me had a heart operation and then was diagnosed with parkinsons disease and then diabetes. My nana died as well as my partners nan and my partner and her mother have both just gone through cancer, and I have had my own health issue. That's the past twelve months and that's not including all the friends we all lost. I'm not asking for your hearts to bleed by saying that but maybe if any of you guys experienced that just after you opened your first shop and spent the money you sold half your company for on demo rigs, you may understand how hard those 12 months could be. Hard enough to not be able to be on email all day everyday and concentrating on work as much as I needed to. It's been hard and cash-flow caught up to me. Shit happens. Now I've got to get it all back on track. Although if you would all like my business to fold and just give up, feel free to keep moaning and turning future customers away. Otherwise watch this space cause I will at least walk away from this with everyone gettin their gear, if I have to walk away. Right now, I would suggest those who don't need a demo rig in Australia to buy from mile in chutingstar or Bonnie at gravity gear while we get through this. We are currently goin over three different investors offers and working out what works best for the company and the vision in the long run. Those people who get late orders will be offered free downsizes with demo canopies that have 50-100 jumps on them. We will make this right. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  7. Yes you are ll talking about me. However mark my words, I will not leave anyone in the lurch. I wouldn't be able to live with myself doin that. I currently have three potential people trying to help me with my problems and I will prevail. Sure, the easy option is to just declare bankruptcy and everyone lose out, these sort of threads kind of force that option upon me really, but I would die before I did that to a skydiver. Sangi, you only tell half your story a every other post where you moan about people. Don't forget how you 'needed' me to ship your canopy undervalued to get out if taxes, only for your canopy to be returned to me twice now and then you even asked me to delay shipping it for a further two months ao you could save to pay the taxes. Your canopy is sittin her right next to me and you know that, yet you still tell people you don't get replies from me. I just don't know if I want to spend another $200 sendingit toyou for the third time. I have told you to organize your own shipping after you cost me fortune. Andree, you have every right to moan, I'm having trouble payin you for the reserve...and for the German Vat you had to pay because when I shipped it under valued to you you got caught and had to pay the taxes,,,,oh, my mistake,,,, I mean when the manufacturer shipped you your four rigs and you got stung with taxes. Not only did you get the gear at dealer pricing but now I have to pay your countries VAT. Now you moan when I was honest to you and told you I'm having financially difficulties. Anyway, everyone will get their gear, I'm not here to rip people off, I have been one of the largest distributors for four years and then had a year of very bad luck and cash-flow issues building a new store....and it doesn't help when everyone seems to think I'm this big cocaine addict!! Where the fuck did that come from anyway?? Everyone is writing me emails tellin me they hear I'm a drugie. Unbelivable. Andree take me to court and sue me for not paying German vat and duty. Sangi, take me to court for not getting your canopy into the country under valued so you declined to accept it. The rest of my will get your gear. Some might be late, but it will come and those who know me know damn well I will make sure you end up with a good result, even if it means a free trade in for the downsize once you are ready. Just like we loan you brand new rigs while you wait for your rigs that take 24 weeks to be made, so you get value for money. I'm sorry for my situation but those who want to hurt my business will force bankruptcy and everyone losses out. How about given me a chance to make things right, get things back on track and save all your gear. I will die trying to before I let a jumper lose a cent. I will not reply anymore to this thread, I won't even look at it again. I could feel it was here and have ignred it until now. But who fuck it, I ain't hiding from anyone and I'm working hard on saving everything. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  8. Hey Don. Got an email from you with your phone number on it a few days ago. I cant get through on it. Will PM you my number .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  9. As of ten minutes ago, Sydney Skydivers just got alot cheaper, we now have the mean 250 Jump package, and this is how it will work...... 250 Jumps paid upfront, will work out to $28 per slot. Jumps will be from either the Super Caravan (900HP), which climbs at 1700ft per minute ( I timed that-Owners say 9 minutes to 14K), this is one sexy ass machine. or The Australian famous Skyvan, or the PAC XL. You can purchase one package and can split it between one other person. You can not split a single package with more than one other name. So this works for those husband wife jumpers, trying to pull that hot chick jumpers, or just traveling or team mates. Split a package and it means that your jumps are going from $42 down to $28 and you are ONLY buying 125 jumps. crazy, but damn Australia needs some good jump deals and they just came in. there is NO time limit and camping, showers etc are FREE for all package holders. I tell you what, buy your package before the Xmas boogie gets here because these will sell out fast. Right now it is 32 degrees and we have constant loads going all day on a Monday. We have large groups of Military AFF here for the next couple of months meaning operation hours are going well. Teams are welcome,WIFI is here, Cafe is here, teams rooms are here and the super badass caravan is now here. I dont work for Sydney Skydivers, its just the owner was telling me about this and thought I should post it as it is huge in my opinion. There will be a few conditions I imagine but contact Phil Onis on 0411864676. Teams in Australia should get in to this! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  10. So ashamed of myself to be honest, Just too proud to delete or edit my comments. Anyway, im going back to the dropzone, finally got back in the sky after a long time off. four jumps in a day, best feeling ever and hopefully it only enhances my business in this sport. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  11. Fair enough. You are correct. I will sort this out next week as it is close of business on Friday here already. For what it is worth, I am not for a minute proud of how I have handled this guy. All those PM's rooting me on and everything, thanks for the support but I'm not proud of my actions and I'm not proud I have a customer out there going on about me. I take this business very seriously and it scares the shut out of me that I have fucked up. I have other customers out there persevering with me at the moment over international shipping and demo rigs and I'm not proud of that. I am grateful they are not rude and arrogant and demanding people, and they will be looked after. However this guy Justin is the worst person I have ever dealt with and I wish I handled it better but once the ball got rolling it just got out of control. I hate people who bitch in public forums and when he started threatening me, that was that. I started a thread for him to moan in and told the manufacturers and moderators to expect this to happen sooner or later. Some manufacturers will be annoyed about my handling of the situation but they all know what KKrew means to me, just by looking at the amount of gear we sell for them and our proactive ways of doing things. It's no secret we are having a hard time at the moment with health and business issues but we are getting through it and will continue on. Thi is our bad year. Four years of awesome customer service and compliments, one year of bad service. It just got too big and too much for one person and I'm learning alot from it. We are good for the sport of skydiving and great for thestudent retention rate and we are slowly learning business systems from a single idea we had five years ago. We will get through this and back to the awesome service we use to give, but for the time being we are only taking Australian orders so we can get back on top of service and delivery times. I apologize to everyone out there who has taken offense or is concerned but bear with us and we will be back on top of it. Lately we have been sending new rig enquireies to other dealers who we work close with and are spending our time making sure we are ready to start pumping orders out. The demo rigs and the international shipping has been hard, so has the needing to have everythig assembled outside of Florida to avoid state taxes to those who don't even live in Florida. Anyway, I'm am NOT proud the way things are at the moment, but we will announce it once we are. I hope we have you guys being a bit understanding and know that we do give a shit, it's just I'm not one to sit down and let someone get tough on me from behind a keyboard, I use to be 'that guy', and have grown up after meeting so many of you, I can only hope justin one day realizes how well we looked after him an how many thousands we saved him. As for him shipping goods for me, I sent a second cypres to him by mistake and aske him to forward it on for me inside the USA. A cost of $15. After all he did have a demo rig of mine so is that really a issue? Then I aske him to ship my demo rig back, before I shipped him his rig. That's also fair enough. He will get his refund of $313 or whatever it is and moss out on the $600 suit. I just hope he has not destroyed KKrew too much as there are so many customers out there counting on us and if he continues to try destroying our business and making websites about us, all he is doing is hurting all those others who have invested in thir gear with us. His mother must be so proud of his manipulative ways. Personally, I HATE the bloke and hope to a higher power that I never cross his path. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  12. I care Justin. Just not about you. If I lose potential customers because of that, then so be it. I don't want to profit from Skydivers, only ever tried to help them out and put my time in the sport. I made a $800 mark up on your gear, then I loaned you a demo rig to take around south east Asia and get filthy. If anything, I saved you thousands. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  13. Every single email was arrogant, rude, demanding and down right stubborn. All my replies to him were rude and horrible in return. Treat those as you want to be treated. Yea, I owe the guy a suit. It's sitting here waiting for him. I just ain't doing him any favors. The guy is tryin to ruin my life, I don't just bend over. He got everything on time, despite his threats etc. He isshort a deepseed suit, it's here. As for my spellings, the letter 'S' does not work well on my keyboard and the iPhone likes to change words. Also, when you are fuming replying to this guy you miss keys while typing. Part of life. Whoever reads all these emails, please enjoy them and I really hope you like how I reply to him. I ain't Justin's bitch, for some reason he spoke to me like he thought I was. I didn't bend over for him, I told him where to go. The guy is ungrateful and after talking to his mother, she can't believe the way he is behaving, I'm thinking he lives in Vietnam because Americans don't bend over to him. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  14. As for not answering is emails, I answered every single email instantly or as fast as I possibly could. I have my replied to his emails he sent on Wednesday saying he ha a paypal account because I have not been on email for two days while I was at the dropzone getting a friend into the sport. The wifi was down. I answer all emails. Anyway, yes I have a business an yes I must do right by my customers, but I'm also a human beig and part of the skydive community who does not respond well to threats. He got his demo rig, he got his rig on time, he got his helmet and alti on time, he got it all. We had a suit here ready to send but he preferred a different colour so we purchased him a different colour one more in his size too, he then demands his usual crap and I jut gave up on him. Blokes a rude dude with no manners and no appreciation for the lengths we went for him. I hope none of you ever deal with him. I may be wrong in many situations an make mistakes or cock ups, and I will always apologize and make it right. But with this dude, I hate the fact he is part of the sport I love so much. I really hate it. Keep an eye out for all the canopies he is trying to build in Vietnam , he has been attempting this since before he even did level one. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  15. Mate, he purchased a $8000 package deal. A single package. My company records have a single invoice for him. After the bullshit he has done, I will send him the invoice that we always have sent him. We don't make a second invoice up for him as that would be fraud. You may think I'm being a child, but thats you making an opinion on me writing a few words. This is my business and I am not interested in discussing how we run it in an open forum. All there is speculation. Months of emails, rude phone calls, horrible lies to people around him and constant childish demands and threats from day one of going public, the guys a pain in my arse an I'm not doing him any favors. Full stop. This guy lied to me about being a skydiver and he needed a 150 canopy. After taking his money and getting ready to send him a demo rig, for him to carry around vietnam and Thailand which I was not keen on, he later said something that made me realize he wasn't a skydiver and I told him I wante to refund him and have nothing to do with him. He then threatened to take everything public into the forums. So I shut up and just got on with the order. Then when he got his AFF done I spoke to his instructor and sent him a demo rig which took three days to get to him, rather than the two days I suggested it wouldtake. Then I hear he is botching about us again. I then receive demands every single day for status updates. And I mean demands. I then spoke to the manufacturers letting them know I Wa having trouble with this guy and his constant threats of rubbishing me in the forums. While the whole time all his emails are demanding I do frafulant shipping invoices for him. That's just part of it. If I'm being a dick or I'm being a child, well, that's a pity, as far as I'm concerned I'm not letting some little weed walk all over me. If I lose a dealership cause of this guy, so be it. The guy has been a demanding tool who lied about being a skydiver to buy a rig an then went on to constantly threaten me with posting crap in the forums. His jump suit is being sent with the invoice that he originally asked for. He asked for an invoice showin the package deal an the price he paid. Thats his invoice. Writing up a second dodgy invoice to help this guy out, whatever, I'm not breaking any laws for him. Neither would you. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .