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  1. bigway

    Are these cheap goggles any good?

    The best are called 'flexivision'. in my opinion. They last the longest.
  2. bigway

    Karnage Krew does it again....

    Just to elaborate on that... It was not Aerodyne who lost the orders. They had a server issue. This was the time I had placed three of my customers orders. I am so use to placing orders with Aerodyne that they just get made. However when I ordered my few canopies, Aerodyne send out a confirmation. Which I did not receive. So the orders were never placed. This was my responsibility to make sure i received these confirmations, not aerodynes. I dindt really do my job properly in that sense, and I messed things up for three customers, yourself included. it just so happens, I have a customers container about ready and I am doing damage control right now as I realise I also missed their order. A total of three people I have screwed up here. Yourself, another poster who has given me a good review and now another customer who I am hoping will accept one of my solutions. I feel like shit that I messed this up. I just wanted to point out that your story about the service you received from us, is in fact 100% my fault as officaly the order was not placed in the first time. Sometimes I am going to screw up, I just hope my customers see that I do everything I can to make things right by them. I willl do whatever it takes to make the customer happy if I have done something to cause distress. Anyway, thanks for the review. No offence or anything, but to be honest, It would be really cool just to keep thanks to distributors and all that to a single thread so it is not in everyones face all the time. I am glad I help my customers and they are happy to talk about us, but i just feel a bit strange having it thrown in everyones face when half the people here dont really give a toss. All distributors look after their customers, thats why we do what we do. I am yet to meet a distributor who offers any less of a service than I like to think I offer. Anyway, cheers mate, Just a touchy subject at the moment as i only realised five minutes ago there was one last customer involved in my stuff up. Armando, You were a pleasure to deal with. I have to say that I do not think I have had a transaction run so smooth. You said you wanted a cnopy, the next day you woke me on the phone telling me you were at the bank and had deposited the full payment and I never heard from you again until the due date. I would reccomend anyone to deal with you in any transaction without the slightest bit of hassle. (not to discount my other customers).
  3. bigway


    Sure thing. I sell rigs to customers and when they are waiting for their rig to be made I will loan them a rig. Right now I have a spare new Vector 3 with Pilot zpx 188, smart 190, cypres 2, all brand new. I also have a spare Vector 3, Safire 129, Icarus reserve 129, Cypres 2. I could put a Vector 3, Pilot zpx 150 and PD 143, cypres 2 together for you if you like. If you take one of the already built ones, you can use it for free if you jump at my dz, or you can use it for free if you leave passport with me until you return in. My dropzone is in the Hunter Valley, You can catch our PAC from the bankstown airport to the dropzone sat morning and stay and return on plane sunday evening. Or if you are going to Picton, you can collect the rig from my house in Sydney and return it when you are finished. You are responsible for the rig. I dont mind you using it free, but you damage it you pay for repairs at my cost price. Hope this helps. If you want to travel the country using the rig then we can work out a long term rental if you like. Cheers
  4. bigway ?

    Sometime over weekend the website can have problems. Stu is at the dropzone over weekends and i unable to fix any issue. The site will be back up shortly, I can promise you that.
  5. bigway

    GO Pro for tandems?

    Thia would make the lens about perfect for the entire body. Epecially when a single pair come with a case on each side. Improvement have been made so the camera never needs to come out of the case as there are hole for the inputs. This has got to do the job....seriously. Cheapest handycam on the market. a gopro set up.
  6. bigway

    JVX line sets

    I can sort you out and will be shipped to your doorstep before next weekend. Send me a email and I will get you price in morning.
  7. bigway

    How to distinguish between Crossfire 1 and 2

    Ask the person selling it ;)
  8. bigway

    Looking for a freefly suit

    I have 15 stock deepseed suits. Let m know if you want to borrow one and try it out and then go to deepseed and buy one or make an offer on my stock ones that are really for demos. Here is a picture of some of them, not sure if you can make the photos out on the rack, but on the dummy you can. He is wearing a Multispeed suit where the arms and legs zip up to make it tight. HAve about three of these in different sizing if you wanted to try one out before you buy. Disclaimer: I do not sell Deepseed suits directly, I only send customers directly to them, just like to let people have shit to try out.
  9. bigway

    GoPro Hero HD vs Sony CX100

    They dont really fall in the same category. The GoPro is a camera to be played around with and mved around and creative with, bordering on a novelty camera. Awesome cameras, but not a Sony.
  10. bigway

    Icarus reserve

    HEy Goran, were we not just speaking by email? The Icarus reserve is only made in Spain. When you say The PD reserve generally packs bigger, it is the smart reserve that generally packs biger than the PD reserve. The Icarus is not so much a low volume pack, but it does pack smaller than the PD reserve. I 'think' by rule of thumb it packs about the equivalent to 10sq ft smaller than a PD reserve size. Send Attila@NZAerosports a email as he will be happy to quickly answer any email you send and does sell the Icarus reserve. He gives people all the time in the world.
  11. bigway

    V3 Micron sizing

    I fail to see how a Cross fire 129 with 150 jumps will fit in it if a mamba 111 is classed as a FULL (Tight) fitting Even though the mamba is measured differently. Surely it would not be safe if you did get it in. V309 (for the bigger reserve) or V308 would be ideal.
  12. bigway

    Best deals on a custom Sabre2?

    Same price everywhere. Distributors are not allowed to sell them below the Retail price.
  13. bigway

    ZPX Pilot owners

    Pilot 168zpx should pack like a pilot 168.
  14. bigway

    buying a javelin

    Seriously mate. I am going to buy this car for $5000. It is green and has four wheels. Is this a fair price?
  15. bigway

    New L&B Products

    Better accuracy for a start so you can get lower beep settings for swoops etc.