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  1. Normally shops and stuff close somewhat early on Christmas Eve (afternoonish). 8 hours would be enough time to go from the airport to the city center, have a few drinks, see a bit of Frankfurt and go back to the airport (the metro takes about 10 or 15 minutes). Living in Frankfurt, I would take you guys around but I will be on my way to northern Germany by then. In my opinion, there are no big attractions as such but some nice quarters you might wanna visit. E.g. the historic market place ("Römer"), the old cathedral ("Dom"), Sachsenhausen ("historic"/tourist pubs), a walk at the river Main (e.g. across an old bridge, the "Eiserner Steg") or a shopping tour down a comparatively large shopping street (the "Zeil"). ....or what piisfish said.
  2. For Germany: Yes, it's standard. To the OP: Apart from that I find it very very disturbing that you don't know this basic but very important piece of information at 150 jumps according to your profile, you cannot brief every section of the handbook prior to jumping at any given drop zone. This would be comparable to going through every road rule before driving somewhere. You just have to rely on basic skills of your fellow jumpers.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I might give it a try with a demo canopy. I was in contact with Maria from Icarus. Rigger approval will be asked for before jumping it though. @ badabing: Ich drück dem kleinen ein Stück Brot von dir in die Hand ;-)
  4. Actually UPT says that a Xfire 119 fits in (as standard fitting ). Hence my question.
  5. Nope.... That's why I ask.
  6. ...because UPT gives recommendations (at least I take them as such). E.g. they recommend standard fitting main canopies which does not mean that a size smaller or bigger does not fit. It might just not be too convenient to pack (in reasonable limits, of course).
  7. Hi Everyone! Does anyone have experiences with the packing volume of a Neos 109? I jump a Micron V306 with an Optimum 126 reserve. Currently there's a XFire 109 in there. UPT's sizing chart says a Neos doesn't fit into this combination. Can someone either confirm or deny this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Google is your friend:
  9. Happened to me a few times. Not a very nice feeling having your chin attached to your riser in a track short before pull time I put on some tape as a not very optimal work around.
  10. Wayveydavey: Thanks for that. It must be hard to see one's dream go south in such a way. Especially in such a small community! BlueS
  11. Could the moderators please tidy up this mess. Up until now this thread was (more or less) on the point.
  12. Well, well done! Love the "tunnel-headdown-scratches" on the helmets
  13. It just looks so much better! If I was the DZO I would have a word with that guy. Preferably, I would have had that word before he bought that reserve.
  14. I don't even know where to begin. Luckily Dave already wrote some very good stuff. I asked you for a quote, you stated a price, I payed. It can't be my problem, if it was under priced, sorry! I'm not moaning and you haven't been honest with me. As a last resort I went to a public forum (without naming names BTW) to ask for opinions and advice. You lied to me when you said that the money was on its way....three times! I understand that it is hard to be honest and tell a customer that you don't have his money anymore but hey you gotta have balls, don't you? That's not really the issue here, is it? The responsibility for paying VAT and duty is on the side of the customer (and we payed VAT and duties for the rig). You offered to take over these costs! I wish you luck with saving your business and I wish your customers luck with getting their gear/money.
  15. No, I haven't done that yet and yes he says that he is an authorized dealer.