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  1. Excellent suggestion Link now added "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  2. hi all, i could have sworn i already put this post up already! I would really appreciate feedback on the latest vid - which incorporates tracking, tracing, vertical sequentials, spaceball jumps and all sorts of other freefly goodness. This was shot over 2011, and incorporates the Vector Festival in Prostejov, Funshine Boogie in Seville and the UK headdown record as well as a few other fun jumps thrown in to spice up the mix. Enjoy, and as ever, constructive criticism and feedback always appreciated!
  3. Hi gals and guys (and small chimpanzes) the world over! Made a short little vid of boogies and jumps from 2010 to hopefully get y'all hyped, psyched and bag piped for the 2011 season. As ever, whether you love or hate it, feedback is always appreciated Adios muchachos, have a fun, safe 2011 all! "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  4. I love Andrew Kramer, he is my god. On a serious note, i try and go through his tut's and then add a small twist in some way. That way it feels like im not stealing ALL of his genius and creative brilliance. "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  5. "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  6. thanks for the tip DSE. What do you think to some of the new tech in cameras like the Casion EX-F1 that shoots at 300/600 fps Example footage: I'm sure you pay in res, but some of these guys are uploading pretty good footage shot in high fps on youtube. "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  7. I posted up a test vid of 1 jump some months back highligting the Opteka 0.3x lens for some peeps on here who wanted to see what it was all about. Here is some more of the same, hope this helps you guys out when making a decision about possible HD lenses. Enjoy "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  8. Some test footage from my CX105 with the Opteka. I exported this straight out of Sony's PMB software as MPEG2 and couldn't play with any settings, so the actual quality of the upload to Youtube isn't great (you can see it's not a particularly smooth video) and my camera is still a little shaky (still playing with the mount/set up) but this gives you a fair idea of the quality of the lens for shooting HD Youtube footage atleast. Hope this helps you guys make a buying decision. In all honesty i think this lens is amazing given the price. The actual quality output is higher than what you see here. Yes there is some aberration around the edges, but its not as significant as what i have seen when people are using SD lenses on the CX105 (which is to be expected i guess). All in all, not bad for $100!
  9. Thanks bdrake - woulod be VERY interested to see some test footage with the opteka too if you manage it!
  10. Thanks Bill, very useful. I'm probably looking to get the Opteka 0.3 now - seen some footage on youtube, looks decent and a full 0.3 wide angle. Cheers! "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  11. Bill is that right? i.e. the Raynox 3032 on a CX100/105 is actually more like a 0.5 wide angle view? Thanks "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  12. Hi all After 6 years of my faithful PC9, i'm going tapeless and have taken the plunge and bought a CX105. I have a couple of Royal Lenses which i use, but from what i gather, they are not best suited to capturing HD footage because the resolution is lower than some of the HD specific lenses being talked about in the forum. My question is, to what degree of degradation/image quality will i use if i just continue to use my Royal Lenses? To be honest, i don't really want to have to sell them, and i really like them, but if it's not going to cut the mustard and give me the full HD res, then i'm motivated to look at other lenses that are being discussed here. Is anyone using the Royal on their CX100/105? Any links to footage? Thanks to anyone who can provide some steer here. "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  13. I noticed there was a Vector festival boogie in Spain later this year - what are these festivals all about? Is it something sponsored by UPT? Are they any good? I know there is some Youtube footage of a wingsuit-focussed Vector festival from 2006 or something, but what are they like in general terms? Thanks to anyone able to provide some info "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts
  14. If, like me, you enjoy evenings of cheese and wine, while watching the odd air trapeze show and discussing it's virtues as an artform, perhaps you might like to enjoy the smells of the new "our plaYground productions" video, which i have creatively entitled "2008" which symbolises the inspiration, drive, and energy of the year in which the footage was shot. This film was edited lovingly to inspire fire in your groin/Ladies Bits, and i would love to hear from those of you who have the prerequisite 2-5 mins it takes to download and watch this what you thought, and if you liked/disliked what i have tried to create (which is essentially a visual loin-stirring experience of wind assisted tomfoolery set to a musical piece akin to Beethovens 2nd). GRACIAS AND I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE THE CHILDREN I THANKFULLY DO NOT YET HAVE!! PS I am proposing to run my competition which is linked in the comments section in the United States of Amerikey - please come up to me at a dropzone if you see me (i will be wearing the Sasquatch suit and smoking a blunt in the corner) and let me know if you prefer Hersheys or Reeses Pieces and i will shower you in x1 bar of either one or the other but certainly not both, what do you think i am, made of money, now get out there and shake your rump like your momma did show you how etc etc. "Skydiving is a door" Happythoughts