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  1. Only reason I'm even considering something other than the raynox is because I was reviewing 5050 vs 3032 comparisons on and the 3032 doesn't seem dramatically wider. I have the century .55 and I want something drastically wider than that.
  2. Thats kinda what I was thinking myself. Be awesome to risk the 100 and find out its basically the same but would suck to get stuck with a 100$ piece of crap. Does anyone have any experience with this brand?
  3. also forgot to ask about the inability to put a uv filter on the raynox to protect it from scratching. Anyone have issues with this?
  4. Thanks dude, Im probably going to go qith the raynox in the end but I thought I would at least ask about these optekas as well. Do you have any pics of your setup that you can post? Thanks
  5. Hey all, just wanted to get some quick input before I purchase yet another lens. Im looking at getting the raynox 3032 but have some slight hesitations due to it sticking out so much. I dont really want to drop $300 buck on the century 0.3 baby death either. Has anyone tried these lenses (opteka)? Im assuming that they are probably just crap or at least no better than waycool or royal lenses. I have an HC5 top mounted and I need some thing very wide for close flying head down 2-3 ways.
  6. Please don't flame cause I have done a crap load of searching and I am so confused. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best options for an HC5 lens for shooting in highest quality. I got this camera for personal use and I plan to shoot everything in the highest quality and don't want to limit myself by using a sub par wide angle lens. I have read alot of comments on here and a lot of the discussions are geared towards sd quality video.
  7. Gear was found. Someone kindly relocated it to safer area at the DZ and I eventually was able to find it stashed away. Thanks all for reading this post.
  8. Hey all,just hoping to get lucky here. I belive I forgot my helmet (silver aviator with dings) alti track altimeter, optima audible and a pair of clear goggles. I did not realize until today which was 2 weeks later and when I went back I wasnt able to locate any of my stuff. If in the very slim chance any one who reads this happens to have passed through cross keys in the past couple of weeks and happened to see any of this sitting around please let me know. Thanks
  9. looks good petri. I like the setup. I will probably do something similar. Looks like I'm waiting till next season to get a camera but I will most definitely be picking up a factory diver soon, and now I feel comfortable that I will be able to turn it into a camera helmet if I still desire to do so. thanks all for the info.
  10. All, I need to know what the final verdict was on the CX7. I have done the searches and I have read all posted forums on the camera here at dropzone and I still don't feel like I have a clear cut answer on the reliability of the CX7 for sit fly and head down. I have found the camera at a major retailer for $600 and I could probably talk them down 20-40 or so which I feel is a ridiculous deal (camera discontinued). So I need to know if I will be very unhappy with the camera. I actually wont be using this camera until late this season or next season due to my current low jump numbers but this deal is rather sweet. I also based off of some ebay research feel that I will not find a similar type of deal on an equivalent camera at this price in a year when I will start camera jumping. Am I being completely ridiculous buying this camera now for primary use (skydiving) coming in a yearish (will use other wise until then)?
  11. I am thinking that I would like to get a full face but I would also like to some day use what ever new helmet I get for camera as well. I really like the idea of full face in general and I like the fit of the factory diver. I might just get one and just hope that mounting an HC series to it works ok when I try this winter or next season.
  12. All Am I insane to start jumping with a camcorder soon? I'm currently around 130 jumps and I am looking into getting a HC 5 and top mount it to a smooth contoured helmet. I would be closer to 160 by the time I have every thing purchased and ready to go. I don't plan to use a sight. I just want something to record my jumps for now and I don't really care whats in frame at any given moment.
  13. Im thinking more along the lines of mounting a HC3/5/7/9 to the factory diver.
  14. Has any one tried mounting a camcorder to their factory diver? I would love to have a full face but I also want a camera helmet.