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  1. The Qcumbers seem pretty sure that Harris is going to the SC so Hillary can slide into the VP slot and Biden can resign. Also, something about satan, but I lack the long term cognitive dissonance to finish reading the plan.
  2. I got it, and for what it's worth I thought it was a good one.
  3. The statistics of vaccinated versus unvaccinated hospitalizations and deaths seems to indicate that while not perfect or without risk the shots are working. I work in health care and have yet to have to help roll a vaccinated person while guarding their ventilator circuit and drips in the hopes that being prone stops them from dying. While we may end up with herd immunity or something close to it (wishful thinking) there may be a variant or strain for which vaccinations are ineffective. The truth is we won't know for some time, but comparing a different pathogenic structures mutation in fowl with a totally different vaccine and delivery systems to the one with humans likely won't get us any closer.
  4. theplummeter


    The joke's on him though....I won't be ready for anything except work.
  5. theplummeter


    Its been moved to March 20th according to the delusional wacko I work with that tracks this stuff. He also let me know that I should "be ready to hold the line" whatever that means.
  6. Maybe he is done tomorrow, but eventually we will have to deal with the sycophantic reality challenged electorate that are willing to kill or die for the waste of skin and oxygen that we've called a president for the last four years.
  7. I jumped with a Shock Doctor 875 for a season while waiting to have ACL reconstruction a couple years back. It worked great and I had no issues jumping with it. After surgery my Orthopedist and physical therapist advised me when I could jump again and that I should not use a brace anymore.
  8. I've always carried mine on because I'm afraid of what could happen if TSA has unsupervised access to my handles. I have a rig sleeve, usually remove my hook knife but forgot last time I flew (about a month ago) and made it through both Denver and San Diego without any issues. About 6 years ago at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway a TSA agent attempted to lift my old rig by the metal reserve ripcord as it came out of the scanner. The reserve pilot chute hit the floor but the free bag didnt move and I was able to carry it on in a trash bag. Thankfully i was heading home from Eloy or that really could have been a trip spoiler. The agent apologized and the supervisor had me fill out a form that got me a check to pay for a repack. I have a Curv now with pillows and the rig sleeve has velcro stretch covers that wrap around the cutaway and reserve handles.
  9. It’s fine. Once we turn America into the Jesus Taliban everything will be magically fixed. It’s what the founders intended, as long as you don’t read anything or study history.
  10. I ended up at Skydive San Diego and Oceanside twice each. Neither were fun jumper meccas but I never had to jump alone and was able to make multiple loads at both places each day. Both are awesome dropzones with perfect weather and plenty of room for landing and packing. I dont know that I would take a trip to San Diego exclusively for jumping, but while here they are scenic and fun places to get 3-7 jumps a day and good enough that I didnt feel the need to hang out on highways for several hours to jump in Perris/Elsinore.
  11. If we're going to have a discussion on the softest opening canopy we should probably start with the Crossfire2 and then just end the discussion.
  12. Do San Diego and Oceanside get consistent winds?
  13. I’m thinking I’ll try to hit San Diego and Oceanside at least once and hit up Perris and Elsinore for longer days. We’ll see how nice work is to me.
  14. I’ll be working in the San Diego area in mid September but I’ll be doing night shifts so I should be free every day from about 10am to 10pm (minus commute to Kearney Mesa). I was wondering if anyone had current dropzone recommendations or would be interested in jumping together. I’ll have a car and my rig, feel free to reply or send me a message.