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  1. theplummeter

    Trading a rig

    I have a Curv with a Nano 160, Safire3 149, and Vigil 2. I was on a Crossfire2 129 but am just starting to jump again after getting 2 new ligaments in my knee and am wondering if I would be happier with something larger. Eventually I may want to work my way down to something smaller and faster again but have been jumping a 210 and 190 rental since I came back last week and am wondering if a 170 would be a good canopy for the season, but 150 is the biggest that my Curv will hold.
  2. theplummeter

    Trading a rig

    Does anyone here have experience on trading rigs? I want to upsize but already have the largest canopy I can fit in my current container. I'm wondering if I should sell or if it's worth trying to trade with someone downsizing.
  3. theplummeter

    Velocity i43 with a pulse 190 ?

    I used to pack a Pulse 190 into an I34, I can't imaging bagging it one size down.
  4. theplummeter

    Denver block coached time

    Does anyone have a recommendation who to track down for a block of coached tunnel time? Should I just call the tunnel directly or is it like Ogden where you can get a much better deal dealing with coaches?
  5. theplummeter

    Denver block coached time

    Does anyone have a recommendation who to track down for a block of coached tunnel time? Should I just call the tunnel directly or is it like Ogden where you can get a much better deal dealing with coaches?
  6. theplummeter

    Cookie G4

  7. theplummeter

    Microraven 150 @ 1.25 WL

    Having landed two Micro Raven 150s at loadings between 1.3 and 1.4 (one in Longmont, CO at 90+ degrees and 5000’) I can verify that stayhigh is correct. They are still the only reserve that I have landed, and both could have been stood up, but neither could be taken past my stomach without starting to accordion and stall. I have since lost weight and now have a larger Nano in my container. I don’t know how that lands and hope never to find out.
  8. theplummeter

    Anyone jumping an S-Fire

    There are a large number of factors that go into making a canopy perform correctly. The length of a jumpers arms, their risers, how they sit in the harness in relation to the risers and several other things determine a good length for brake lines. As a manufacturer, shipping a canopy with too much is better as shortening a line is easier than replacing one. My rigger/instructor worked with me to get my brake lines as short as possible without deforming the canopy when I use front risers. I feel like that is a good starting point.
  9. theplummeter

    Anyone jumping an S-Fire

    I've found that Safires (2s and 3s) and Pilots are susceptible to too-long brake lines. If your brake lines are even an inch too long, you'll miss out on about 30% of the flare on the bottom end. Where as a Sabre 2 or Crossfire has more power evenly throughout, so if the brake lines are too long it doesn't affect the bottom end as much. At least that's what I've found. I'll second this, and add that once dialed in my old Safire2 had as strong a flare as the Sabre2 (same size) that I was jumping before. The Safire3 is rumored to have a stronger flare than the 2.
  10. theplummeter

    Speed reserve in Vector

    A couple of years ago I was in Eloy checking stuff out at Rigging Innovations during a wind hold. The entire staff there was raving about the Speed 2000, both how much you could get into a container and the overall quality of the materials and build. It made me wish I hadn't already purchased a reserve.
  11. theplummeter

    Finished AFF in Feb., now what?

    Check out the A license in a week program at Skydive Spaceland Houston. I would call them and see what discounts they can give for previous jumps. That is an excellent drop zone and there will be no shortage of people to put you together with people to jump who are at or near your skill level.
  12. theplummeter


    A Sabre2 in that size would probably be a better choice than the Navigator; more fun to fly, softer openings, and better value when you want to sell it later. I owned a Safire2 right off student status and absolutely loved that canopy.
  13. theplummeter

    Slider vs canopy size

    Katana has open nose cells, Crossfire are partially closed so that makes sense.
  14. theplummeter

    Mamba vs Crossfire2 vs Katana

    Never been near a Mamba, but demoed a Katana and a Crossfire2 a couple years ago and bought a Crossfire2. Both were nice but my experience is that the Katana is considerably more aggressive than the Crossfire in flight and opens much worse, but if you're into high performance landings the Katana will dive much harder, has lighter front riser pressure and a little more flare at the very end. I now have 250+ jumps on the Crossfire. Thus far no line twists, very occasional off heading openings, mostly soft on-heading deployments and plenty of flare power. Overall I have no regrets about the canopy. I also do wingsuit jumps but I don't use the Crossfire for those.
  15. If you're sure about wanting to get your license this is a great dropzone with excellent instruction that could get you licensed in that time frame: Tunnel can't hurt either, if you have the money. Start slowly (maybe 15 minutes a week, every week) and work with a single instructor. That's my advice, probably worth what you paid for it.