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  1. I'm wondering if Covid deaths may end up playing a role in some swing states. The University of Minnesota published the following study: 15% higher excess deaths among Republicans In general, there was a 20.5 percentage-point (95% prediction interval [PI], 15.6 to 25.6 percentage points) increase in weekly death counts in Florida and Ohio between March 2020 and December 2021. Excess death rates were 2.8 percentage points (15%) higher for Republican voters compared with Democratic voters (95% PI, 1.6 to 3.7 percentage points). After May of 2021, roughly 1 month after COVID-19 vaccines became widely available, the gap between Republicans and Democrats further widened, to 7.7 percentage points (95% PI, 6.0 to 9.3 percentage points) in the adjusted analysis, or a 43% difference, the authors said. The difference was seen in Florida, but was most pronounced in Ohio.
  2. I haven't kept up much with this technology but am wondering if a reliable means of controlling prop blade angle exists absent oil pressure. I've always thought that electric airplanes with a changeable battery pack would work well for skydiving given a single base of operations and the short flights.
  3. Maybe covering the climate doesn't sell things as well as pandering fear moves reverse mortgages and catheters.
  4. Having studied the Bible a fair amount I can't seem to put the puzzle pieces together to flesh out any specific prophecy. Most of the claims seem to be mundane (war, and rumors of war), dead wrong (Paul telling everyone not to bother breeding because god was coming back in that generation), or so vague that I can't see the prophecy at all. Maybe god formed me with such flawed credulity that my purpose is to be eternal human incense after I'm dead.
  5. What about formerly religious people who carefully consider their beliefs and can't continue to honestly hold their faith?
  6. The compelled testimony that will result from this indictment is going to provide years of amazing entertainment. Rudy Giuliani under oath is going to be hilarious.
  7. Someone did some forensic accounting and I believe it's the family that owns Hobby Lobby who are footing most of the bill for He Gets Us.
  8. theplummeter


    Well, it's been five years. That's a slow moving storm. 7400a9pvoxca1.webp
  9. I travel extensively for work and have recently been listening to the Knowledge Fight podcast. The Formulaic Objections episodes are breakdowns of the depositions given by everyone in Free Speech Systems including the audio recordings involved and are eye opening as to what passes for journalistic integrity. I'd say "If it bleeds, it leads" but "If it sells to substandard vitamin supplements to substandard thinkers" feels like a better line.
  10. It's funny that these got brought up. The husband of Candace Owens is currently unloading Parler onto a mentally ill formerly talented rapper. On the other side is Truth Social where thousands of morons have poured their life savings into DWAC hoping that SEC approval for the SPAC would yield results. If Trump gets the Twitter green light and abandons those platforms would that tank them both leaving everyone else holding the bag? What happens to Mike Lindell's pillow fortune and all the "patriots" who cashed in their retirements to bring free speech back to the internet?
  11. The Qcumbers seem pretty sure that Harris is going to the SC so Hillary can slide into the VP slot and Biden can resign. Also, something about satan, but I lack the long term cognitive dissonance to finish reading the plan.
  12. I got it, and for what it's worth I thought it was a good one.
  13. The statistics of vaccinated versus unvaccinated hospitalizations and deaths seems to indicate that while not perfect or without risk the shots are working. I work in health care and have yet to have to help roll a vaccinated person while guarding their ventilator circuit and drips in the hopes that being prone stops them from dying. While we may end up with herd immunity or something close to it (wishful thinking) there may be a variant or strain for which vaccinations are ineffective. The truth is we won't know for some time, but comparing a different pathogenic structures mutation in fowl with a totally different vaccine and delivery systems to the one with humans likely won't get us any closer.