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  1. I jumped with a Shock Doctor 875 for a season while waiting to have ACL reconstruction a couple years back. It worked great and I had no issues jumping with it. After surgery my Orthopedist and physical therapist advised me when I could jump again and that I should not use a brace anymore.
  2. I've always carried mine on because I'm afraid of what could happen if TSA has unsupervised access to my handles. I have a rig sleeve, usually remove my hook knife but forgot last time I flew (about a month ago) and made it through both Denver and San Diego without any issues. About 6 years ago at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway a TSA agent attempted to lift my old rig by the metal reserve ripcord as it came out of the scanner. The reserve pilot chute hit the floor but the free bag didnt move and I was able to carry it on in a trash bag. Thankfully i was heading home from Eloy or that really could have been a trip spoiler. The agent apologized and the supervisor had me fill out a form that got me a check to pay for a repack. I have a Curv now with pillows and the rig sleeve has velcro stretch covers that wrap around the cutaway and reserve handles.
  3. It’s fine. Once we turn America into the Jesus Taliban everything will be magically fixed. It’s what the founders intended, as long as you don’t read anything or study history.
  4. I ended up at Skydive San Diego and Oceanside twice each. Neither were fun jumper meccas but I never had to jump alone and was able to make multiple loads at both places each day. Both are awesome dropzones with perfect weather and plenty of room for landing and packing. I dont know that I would take a trip to San Diego exclusively for jumping, but while here they are scenic and fun places to get 3-7 jumps a day and good enough that I didnt feel the need to hang out on highways for several hours to jump in Perris/Elsinore.
  5. If we're going to have a discussion on the softest opening canopy we should probably start with the Crossfire2 and then just end the discussion.
  6. Do San Diego and Oceanside get consistent winds?
  7. I’m thinking I’ll try to hit San Diego and Oceanside at least once and hit up Perris and Elsinore for longer days. We’ll see how nice work is to me.
  8. I’ll be working in the San Diego area in mid September but I’ll be doing night shifts so I should be free every day from about 10am to 10pm (minus commute to Kearney Mesa). I was wondering if anyone had current dropzone recommendations or would be interested in jumping together. I’ll have a car and my rig, feel free to reply or send me a message.
  9. A friend who is in the military and currently detailed to the White House press corp says that GOP and White House leadership refers to Steve Bannon as the “Evangelical Whip” in casual conversation, and that his use in the campaign and later disposal were predetermined. I guess he’s the guy that you can pay to buy evangelical votes regardless of the candidate.
  10. I’ve been jumping Safires and Crossfires for a long time, but spent my last four jumps on rented Sabre2 canopies. I hate the openings (harder and more off heading than what I’m used to) but once open they fly great and have an amazing flare.
  11. Wendy beat me to the historical aspect (I immediately pictured the Natives vs. Irish from Gangs of New York when I saw the Tweet), but I think I’m even more bothered by the percentage of the electorate that respond to this stuff. The fact that this calculated political strategy gets results says as much about many of us as it does about the president.
  12. I agree with some of what he says, but can’t stand when he tries to pigeonhole every non religious person into a Tolstoy character. He has the same problem that so many pundits do, claiming to put facts before feelings until his underlying irrational base is exposed and then backpedaling into vagueness before the subject gets changed. You can find a video on YouTube where he has a discussion with Matt Dillahunty. Pay attention to the black and white facts he pushes about curing smoking and atheism. He makes broad claims and then backs away from talking about his personal beliefs and carries his conclusions too far without backing up the arguments.
  13. I just tell them I want the $850/hour coached special.
  14. Some of the new developments off I-10 are pretty nice, Jimmie Kerr Boulevard, on the other hand, is the boulevard of broken dreams. I've been thinking of moving there so I could live like a king and jump at Eloy while avoiding the cold of the upper midwest.