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  1. A $10 part for a car costs $100 for a boat and $1000 for a plane. Converting a plane to electric will be expensive and getting it certified will be really expensive. With a car, the research and development is spread across several million units, with a plane, a few thousand maybe. A Jet-A powered Cessna 182 had a base price of $515,000 in 2012. Now lets talk about a new design, what do you think a new 4 skydiver electric jump plane would cost to build and certify in 2020. You can buy a 575 HP Corvette engine for $9000. A used, overhauled Continental O-470-L engine costs $28,000. It it is for an airplane, it is expensive.
  2. As of Monday, Oct 26 the 2020 Presidential Election Odds are, Joe Biden favorite at -200 and Donald Trump at +170.
  3. It is tough to unseat an incumbent but it has happened. The last 2 Presidential candidates that had a women as a running mate lost. Trump is behind in the polls but he was behind in 2016. Trump has a lot of supporters but has lost some since 2016. I wouldn't want to take bets on the outcome of the election. If Biden wins the election, who knows what kind of stunt Trump will pull as a lame duck President.
  4. Bigfalls


    I listened to the podcast, thanks for posting it.
  5. Bigfalls


    I posted this earlier this year and thought I would post it again. If you didn't read it earlier, you may be interested. I was wondering what happened to the virus that caused the Spanish flu in 1918 and found an interesting article. In the article, they dug up two bodies at different times in Alaska that had been buried and frozen in permafrost and took samples of lung tissue. It is a long article but worth reading.
  6. How many said they would leave the country if Trump was elected? How many actually did?
  7. I had a chance to meet her at one of the PIA Syposiums. Very nice women, sad to hear the news.
  8. The Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is coming in a few days, Tuesday. I think Trump will pretty much be a replay of the debate with Hillary. I am afraid that Biden will embarrass himself. The worse part is, he may not realize it.
  9. Betty should be nominated for the Skydiving Museum Hall of Fame for all she has done for the sport.
  10. Sometimes you have to pick someone other than the two evils.
  11. Maybe good was the wrong choice of words. I am not too thrilled with the current candidates nor the ones in 2016. Maybe in 2024 there is someone I feel I can actually vote for.
  12. Just a little over 50 months until the 2024 election. Let's hope there are a couple of good candidates to vote for.
  13. "Meanwhile there is a new factor: One DZ that is not a USPA Group Member has announced that it will take minors as young as seven on tandems. (Can a 7-year-old even comprehend the risks of skydiving?) Going for the under-age market is short-sighted. While state regulators and legislators may not feel the need to act if a 16-year-old is injured (or worse), you can be sure of governmental reaction if a 7- or 10- or 12-year-old is involved. And since governmental action is almost always overreaction, you can be sure new state laws will encroach on other areas of skydiving, too." Back in the 1960"s a New York State Senator's niece was hurt making a parachute jump. With the Senators influence, New York State instituted regulations for parachute jumping / skydiving. DZ's had to be licensed by the state, you had to get a state demo permit and had to follow the regulations. As skydiving technology and methods advanced, these regulations became more and more out of date but were still on the books as written in the 1960's. I found out they were planning on rewriting and updating the regulations and organized a letter writing campaign to New York Department of Transportation. A lot of letters were sent and in 1985 New York State dropped all the regulations. Believe me, you don't want your state to come up with skydiving regulations.
  14. You are right and we should be growing less corn and more of other grains.
  15. You are right, I should have added pissing upstream and down stream.