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  1. Bigfalls


    I agree and have been saying this for some time.
  2. Bigfalls


    Thanks for putting that marker in there, I was curious to see what effect the protests would have.
  3. I agree. There are some people who should never be police officers.
  4. This came to me the other day. Soldiers go through basic training and one of the things they learn is to kill people. Not many have chance to do that this day and age. The leave the military and become police officers and are itching to shoot someone because that is what they were trained to do and didn't have a chance.
  5. Pretty impressive career and she sounds like a down to earth person.
  6. I should clarify my statement, There are a number of rigs that I won't pack even if they are airworthy. I just don't use age as a determining factor on the ones that I will.
  7. After inspection, If I determined that a rig is airworthy, I will pack it. I don't have a cut off age. Some people take good care of their rigs and some don't. Skydivers don't seem to have any problem getting in a 30, 40, 50, 60+ year old airplane (Mr Douglas 85 years old, I look forward to jumping it again). What if your mechanic refused to annual your 60 year old Cessna 182. Maybe we shouldn't let anyone over 50 years old skydive.
  8. Bigfalls


    It will be interesting to see what the effect the large gathering of protesters in a number of cities has on the spread of the corona virus. Not everyone is wearing masks or practicing social (physical) distancing. Will the result be a spike in number of cases or not much effect. If the latter is the case, maybe the situation can ease up a little. About 2 weeks time will tell.
  9. Researchers are testing wastewater at sewage treatment facilities for covid-19 virus to estimate the level of infections in a community. See link to article.
  10. Bigfalls


    I was wondering what happened to the virus that caused the Spanish flu in 1918 and found an interesting article. In the article, they dug up two bodies at different times in Alaska that had been buried and frozen in permafrost and took samples of lung tissue. It is a long article but worth reading.
  11. Bigfalls


    If you moon the sun, will that work?
  12. Bigfalls


    Just a few thoughts on what is going on. What would Rod Serling be thinking if he were alive today. I drove through town and didn't have to slow down for the school zone. Speaking of school, why isn't Alice Cooper's song "School's Out" making a come back. People are starting to sound like Kenny from South Park. I am sure I am not the only one tired of wearing a mask in public but will continue to do so as long as it is necessary. Now back to the serious discussion.
  13. I am sure there are a number of smart, well qualified people who would make a good president. They are probably smart enough not to want to be president. If Trump is elected, he will be gone after 4 more years. If Biden is elected, he will probably not last more than 4 years if that due to his age. Let's hope we have good choices in 2024.
  14. I am not sure crazy is the right word but he sure is one wacky dude. I said this before the 2016 election and I will say it again, we need a third choice on the ballot, None Of The Above.