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  1. I heard of an incident a few years ago. On a nude jump, jumper biffed the landing. Ambulance showed up and EMT's had questions and were puzzled. Jumper carted away to the hospital as a precaution. No serious injures except embarrassment. Made a great story.
  2. I heard that full time skydiving will return to the Ovid Airport in May 2024. This is a completely new operation with new owners, equipment and aircraft. The only similarity is the location. They will be operating a Cessna TU206 and Cessna 182. I have also heard previous operators of Skydive Finger Lakes have moved out of the area. I don't know if they are still in the skydiving business.
  3. If todays political climate existed in the past, how many past presidents would have been impeached.
  4. Population of Chicago, 2.7 million, 5% is 135,000, that's a lot of bad people.
  5. I saw a youtube video of a college professor about electric motors. He built and demonstrated an electric motor that ran on the earths magnetic field, no other source of electricity. It was small and barely ran but it did run.
  6. A few thoughts on this subject. On Nov. 20, 1967, as the United States Census Bureau's Population Clock ticked past 200 million, the Union's editorial board looked ahead to the challenges facing Americans. The U.S. population officially reached 300 million in 2006 and topped 333 million this year. How many is enough, how many is too many. At the start of 2022, corn production was down 9 percent from 2021. How much of that corn goes to making ethanol to add to gasoline rather than for food. The carrying capacity of an environment is the maximum population size of a biological species that can be sustained by that specific environment, given the food, habitat, water, and other resources available. What is the carrying capacity of the earth? I think we may have exceeded that number already. I used to joke with my wife that what this world needs is a good plague. I guess it is not much of a joke any more. In the future, the human species may not experience a complete extinction but certainly a massive reduction in number.
  7. I wouldn't vote for Biden or Trump but maybe Buffalo Bob with Alfred E. Neuman as VP. on the independent ticket.
  8. Bigfalls


    Maybe if we trapped, neutered and released people, there wouldn't be so many screwing up the earth.
  9. If the earth is flat, what is on the other side, Australia? If people think the earth is flat, maybe their head is up Uranus.
  10. A wife asks her husband, "If I died would you get remarried" The husband says, "Well I guess possibly" The wife asks, "Would you let her drive my new car" The husband responds, "It is new and nice and would hate to let it go to waste" The wife asks, "Would you let her cook in my new kitchen" The husband replies, "We just remodeled it and would be a shame not to use it" The wife asks, " Would you let her use my new golf clubs" The husband replies, " Absolutely not, she's left handed"
  11. I noticed that Skydive Finger Lakes is not listed in the July Parachutist. I checked their web site and it is no longer accessible. I also heard that the owners sold their house. I wonder if anyone had gift certificates or jump credit.
  12. 30 second ads during the Super Bowl were reportedly selling for 6 to 7 million dollars. I saw 2 commercials for Jesus, that's 12 to 14 million dollars. I guess what they say is true, Jesus saves. Compound interest for 2000 years, probably some investing not to mention his side gig of turning water into wine.
  13. Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona. United States vs Russia in Ukraine