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  1. This is a long video of an interview about Russia, Ukraine and Putin with Julia Ioffe, an American journalist who was born in Russia. It is very interesting and worth watching.
  2. 30 second ads during the Super Bowl were reportedly selling for 6 to 7 million dollars. I saw 2 commercials for Jesus, that's 12 to 14 million dollars. I guess what they say is true, Jesus saves. Compound interest for 2000 years, probably some investing not to mention his side gig of turning water into wine.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona. United States vs Russia in Ukraine
  4. I was at an Inspection Authorization seminar for aircraft mechanics and I remember one of the presenters said he owned the hatchet that George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree. He said the handle had been replaced 3 times and the head twice. On an aircraft, you can basically keep replacing parts until none of the original parts remain and still have the "same aircraft". On a parachute rig, you could replace the harness then later replace the containers and still have the "same rig". When I do an annual inspection on an aircraft, If I find that it is not airworthy, I give the owner a list of items that need to be addressed. The owner can take the aircraft to another mechanic and have those items taken care of and that mechanic can sign off the aircraft as airworthy. Usually what happens is I or other mechanics will tell the owner what needs to be done and the owner will have the mechanic take care of everything then sign the aircraft off as airworthy. On an aircraft or parachute rig, some things are objective and some are subjective. It is sometimes up to the rigger or mechanic to use his judgement. If a rigger feels that a rig or parachute is not airworthy, he doesn't have to pack it. It would be a good idea to inform the owner why he thinks it is unairworthy and what, if anything can be done to make it airworthy.
  5. Better check Mount Vernon for classified documents.
  6. "Time to reinvent the SC" I don't see anything wrong with South Carolina.
  7. If you drink enough, you can forget you are miserable or happy.
  8. To the best of my knowledge, if you send an aircraft part to be overhauled and the facility finds the part non airworthy, they can mark the part not airworthy and return it to you but they are not allowed to destroy the part. I don't know if it is the same with parachute equipment. The manufacturer has determined your rig not airworthy. They don't want the liability if the rig is jumped. If they feel it is not airworthy, you don't want to jump it. You may be able to look up FAA regulations and find something or call your FAA, FSDO office and ask them.
  9. Is this change being driven by M&M Mars or their advertising agency to be politically / culturally correct. What about LBGT...and you are forgetting about Drag Queen M&M's. Are they wearing Nike or Addis sneakers, maybe Air Jordans. None of them are wearing pants. Does a piece of candy have to represent something. Just rip open the package, throw it away and eat a handful of the things.