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  1. frontloop33

    Do I need a reline?

    Hi, I've been jumping my PD Sabre2 170 sqft (loaded at 1,2) for about 400 jumps now. I'm doing 50 - 70 jumps per year. Last year, my rigger suggested a new lineset for this year. Based on the 350 jumps I've done so far. I'm not really sure, if I really need new lines. The current ones (micro) look quite nice, I've not noticed any change in openings, flight / flare. And also PD says, that there is no "magic number" when lines should be replaced. What do you think?
  2. frontloop33

    Electric Aircraft - The Thread

    I think there is way to go until electric aircraft will be usable. On they say, that the range of the electric caravan is about 105 miles. If I compare that to our Pilatus Porter, we need about 27 - 30 miles to get us on height. So lets say 40 miles per load (the plane has to get back on the ground). Therefore every 2 - 3 loads a recharge is needed. I doubt that this is done in a couple of minutes like on conventional planes...
  3. frontloop33

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    How about using two audibles (Solo II or something like that) and no visual altimeter at all during freefall? So just a wrist-mounted altimeter for canopy ride?
  4. frontloop33

    Size of a packing mat?

    Hi, I want to buy a packing mat for my Sabre2 170sqft. Can anyone tell me the size, this mat should have, so I can put my whole gear on it while packing? (I could measure, but maybe anyone knows this heart). I would say, it should be about 6 meters (20 feet long) [124 inch / 3 meters length of the lines, 1 meter (3 feet) container + risers, 2 meters (6 feet) canopy itself] and about 2 meters (6 feet) wide. Can this be correct?
  5. frontloop33

    Smartphone GPS?

    Hi, has anyone used (successfully :-) ) an smartphone as a gps-logger/tracker? (like the fliysight-gps?) Does it work (is the gps-sensor inside a smartphone good enough)? Which APP can/should be used?
  6. frontloop33

    Wingsuit flightplanning

    Hi, I'm fairly new to wingsuit flying. My flights so far have been at several "large" dropzones, where there is a lot of open space available. Next weekend I'm planning to visit a smaller dropzone, and I'm a bit concerned about my flightplan: On my FFC I've learned, that I have to keep out of the "red zone" (the zone, where other skydivers (ff, rw, and such) are flying). To stay out of that zone, I have either to cross a river or to cross some power lines, a small strip of trees and an train line. So, what do you suggest? Cross the river, cross the other stuff (trees, power lines, train line) or skip wingsuiting at this place? Edit: On my FFC I also learned, that wingsuiter 1 goes "right", wingsuiter 2 goes "left" and so on (or vice versa), to get some separation between the individual wingsuiters. On that dropzone, there are almost no "outs" across the river, whereas there are plenty "outs" across the train-line. So, I would prefer to cross the train line, but how do I coordinate that with other wingsuiters on the same load?
  7. frontloop33

    All costs of owning gear vs. renting

    Speaking for myself: I've bought a new rig for about 6.000€ So far I've done 173 jumps, so it's about 35 € per jump at the moment. If I do 100 jumps per year and I can use the rig for 10 years (usually a lot more!) it is 1000 jumps and 6.000 € for the rig. I have to add about 150 Euro per year for maintenance. So it will be about 7,50 € per jump. If I can use it for 15 years (and 1500 jumps) it will be 5,50 € per jump.
  8. frontloop33

    Dropzones in BW und Bayern

    Skydive Nuggets in Leutkirch. Ca. 1h 30 min // 160 km zu fahren. Caravan und eine ganz nette Aussicht. Viele Tandems aber trotzdem angenehme Atmosphäre. UPCS in Hohenems (Österreich). Zwar etwas weiter weg (240 km / 2h 15 Minuten und Maut auf der Autobahn in Österreich. Dafür großartige Aussicht in den Bergen! Sonst kenn ich in der Gegend nichts persönlich.
  9. frontloop33

    Gloves or no Gloves?

    gloves in winter 'cause it's cold?! No gloves in summer 'cause it's warm?
  10. frontloop33

    Krankenversicherung & skydiving in Deutschland.

    Bei der privaten Krankenversicherung kann es sein, dass du das angeben musst. Bei der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung musst du das nicht angeben und bist versichert.