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  1. Fear will always be there, but you will get better at dealing with it.
  2. It has been a long time since I visit this website. I guess I got too busy perfecting the art of skydiving. I just had my first cutaway last week. Boy, the adrenaline was pumping like crazy! The initial training and repetitive drills before each jump work. While I am waiting to get my rig packed, I want to ask how you deal with your first cutaway emotionally and your first jump after the cutaway. Probably not a big deal, but I am curious.
  3. Just got my rig yesterday. So, I can tell you that you are looking at additional 8 weeks delay. You will get yours. Just be patient.
  4. You are definitely in a tough position. I can't exactly help you in this situation, but you should have told her about your passion for skydiving from the start and have plans on getting into this sport once everything is in order. if you are suppressing your passion for something because of someone else, then something is definitely wrong with you. That is the concept that I would never understand. At parties, I often heard that people wish that they can do certain things, but their love ones said no. I applaud them for compromising, but I could easily see the sadness in their eyes. If you are willing to live your life this way, then this is the price that you have to pay. If you really want to get back into the sport, tell her the truth.
  5. Did you notice what he did at very end of this short video? Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like a sign language for 'dad.
  6. Can anyone confirm that these Sky containers are certified by FAA TSO? http://skyblue.co.rs/
  7. I just learned this discipline few weeks ago. H is my favorite exit!
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. Since I couldn't hold my excitement in, I took advantage of nice, but rare weather yesterday to test out my Fusion. I have been flying F-111 canopies since the inception (with the exception of Sabre 2 (rental) at one point). It was a bit started for me to look up and watched Fusion taking sweet time before becoming fully inflated. In term of hunting for a heading, my canopy was all over the place on first jump. I read your post and took your "advice" before the second jump. With the harness pressure, I saw a huge improvement in hunting. The softness of the openings blew my mind away. I'm used to brisk openings. Even when comparing to Sabre 2, the Fusion opening are unquestionably and unmatched. Canopy control is incredibly fun for me, and I only begun to scratch the surface. It is probably more fun for me than rest of you guys because I have been flying F-111 canopies. And they are definitely dull in comparison. At this point, I went with Pro packing, but will try other types of packing to compare the result. I definitely look forward to countless jumps in Fusion. Blue Skies
  9. Thanks for providing facts about pitbulls. Just getting tired of hearing people bad-mouthing pitbulls. I have one pitbull and this dog is so friendly that he would beg a robber to be pet. Like other said, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. When I was younger, I unknowingly entered the dog-fighting event with former buddy of mine. Trust me, I am terrified of those "TRAINED" dogs. I also have seen a neighbour dog, which the owner claimed to be rehabilitated from the Michael Vick's infamous ring. This dog is not even a pitbull, but definitely a downright, terrifying dog. Those trained dogs look ready to destroy anything in sight if you provoke them. And you probably can't stop them after you provoke them. With that being said, please do research before you jump to conclusion about pitbull or the facts behind those dogs attacks.
  10. Haven't jump my Fusion yet, but probably will within the next few weeks. I did my research on this canopy and found conflicted answers. Thought that I would ask here and get straight answers. Reviews in "Gear" section indicate that Fusion is known for nasty off-heading openings. Comments in this forum indicate that they do not have this issue. Need to know where you stand on this. How do you pack your canopy? Pro? Psycho? Precision? Or flat? I also wanted to know if there is any dangerous gimmicks that I need to look out?
  11. Any PA Fusion owners out there? Just got couple questions. New Fusion owner (used) here.
  12. I wouldn't be asking here if all these DZs have another problem with my friend other than being deaf. Look at the other guy in other thread (listed in OP). He turned out to be a solid skydiver. Cross Keys told this person in question that they can't train him because of the radio communication. Lame excuse! Physically, he is normal just like everyone else. Evidenced by the other thread, this isn't the first time. In fact, many prospective deaf student gave up because they don't want to deal with those hassles. Only few with sheer determination was able to get through this barrier and went on to become solid skydivers just like this fellow in the other thread.
  13. A deaf friend of mine, who lives near Cross Keys, NJ, want to become a skydiver. He asked Skydive Cross Keys to train him. They seem evasive just like the other DZs in Virginia ( See this thread: http://tinyurl.com/q4nz5l9). Let's help this guy! PM if you are more comfortable. Blue Skies!
  14. :4:0 Met more cool people! Learned great deals on formation flying from an experienced skydiver (on several formation records.) Someone snapped a kick-azz picture of me flying! Awesome weekend!