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  1. In 1962 I started skydiving at the age of 15.. I called the old PCA the father of the USPA, to join... whoever I spoke with told me I couldn't join or jump till I turned 16... I already had over 100 jumps and they really pissed me off.... So I refused to join or apply for a license until I forced to... Think back now I wished I had joined... Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.. Quote
  2. I just aquired a Pegasus 223 that is in great condition and airworthy can you tell me anything about jumping it? I am about 235 out the door.. how does it land?
  3. Thanks for the advice DontPanic.. I wonder about a 288 Manta?
  4. Can you give me some examples of good Base canopies?Quote
  5. I am an amputee, my right arm is missing about 5" down from the elbow.. I am currently using a PD Navigator 240 have shortened the brakes where i have no slack but still in full flight. I have extended toggle on one side with a velcro lining.. I wear a elastic compression sleeve over my arm with a velcro strip.. The toggle is secure with no danger of dropping it. on days we have a little wind landing it's not a big problem if I slide in and I never try to run out a landing.. I am a senior, 70 years old.. I have a D license but most of my jumps were rounds or PC's.. I have been back in the sport 2 1/2 years after a 42 year lay off .. I can crash land all the time within 20 m's.. My quest is to find a canopy I can consistently slow up and make soft stand up landings in no wind conditions... I have seen this done with demo canopies but I am not sure what they were.. I have only made about a hundred + jumps since starting back.. due to the landings being a little hard on my old body .. I want to stay active as long as I safely can.. and really nice soft slow standups would really help me do that...
  6. What would you consider the best canopy for soft landings in a tight area.. I am about 205 in my jumpsuit no gear.. I have a limited range for brakes.. only can get about 3/4 brakes? [r
  7. Does anyone have a line trim chart for an ONYX 85? Was Atair Aerospace bought by another company? I tried to contact them but their number was not connected?
  8. I have a Challenger 259... Never jumped it because it says on the data tag recommended for jumpers 140 to 170 and an max exit weight of 207 lbs... Can anyone tell me if this is correct I would be 25 lbs over max weight..
  9. If anyone is looking for a harness sewing machine I am buying 3 singer class 7 (7-34 & 7-33) sewing machines .. just let me know..
  10. I am in your same situation and would like to talk with you... send me a pm if you would like to talk..
  11. I would be glad to talk with you.. Although I have never thought of myself as having a disability.. I know others do... till they get to know me.. send me a PM and ill get in touch with you.
  12. Can anyone give me contact information on the members of the original Pieces Of Eight skydiving team??
  13. Thanks Ill check with him..
  14. I am looking for technical on the SOS system does anyone have any drawings or an old container with an SOS on it they might want to get rid of..