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    Byron, California aka Bay Area Skydiving
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  1. Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-26, Byron. ( Bay Area Skydiving) Inviting all current Muff Brothers/Sisters and Newbies to come and play. All-Muff Loads, Muff Stars, fun. No Registration, just show up No Sky too High, ...
  2. jdobleman

    Ernie Butler

    Damn!! madjohn
  3. jdobleman

    US DZ operating Skyvan or Sherpa

    BAS has a caravan, not a sky van.
  4. jdobleman

    Tall Paul Gilbert

    From NorCal, a frequent sight at Rich Grimm's boogies. Life of the party and really nice guy overall. A solo car accident last Friday morning. RIP Tall Paul madjohn
  5. jdobleman

    SOSFest 2018

    Skydive Elsinore on April 23rd and 24th. A fun gathering of SOSers before the record begins and it's in honor of Bud LaPointe so any friends/admirers of Bud are welcome to join us. Monday: 4 way scrambles and PC untangling contest Tuesday: Speed scrambles and Hit-and-Crutch accuracy. FFI : Mad John. here or jdobleman@sbcglobal.net
  6. jdobleman

    West Coast Muff Brother Gather

    Along with the Re-Opening of Byron, we're inviting all Muff Brothers in the area and those who'd like to join us to come out on Memorial Day Weekend. We'll have Muffs and decals and maybe appearances by MB 1 & 2. Muff,muff,muff madjohn MB#166
  7. jdobleman

    The passing of Peter Kaltof

    Knew it was coming, still so sorry to lose him. blue skies Peter. madjohn
  8. jdobleman


    Yeah, so much for "free stowing" your lines after that. The Altitude Shop had a highspeed video/movie of free stowed lines coming out of the container that was one of the scariest things I'd ever seen. madjohn
  9. jdobleman


    No one does it better. Thanks Pat, refreshers like this help maintain the energy that keeps me jumping. madjohn
  10. Blue skies, Geno. Didn't know you were gone. Is this young mr ballard posting? madjohn
  11. jdobleman

    The 'Elevator' has stopped

    Had heard mention of this, before my time at LP. Great story. RIP Gary, wish I had met you. madjohn
  12. jdobleman

    Bob "RW" Richardson

    Blue skies forever, Bob. madjohn
  13. As expected, a very insightful article. And very timely as 2 weeks ago we had a tracing dive turn up jump run, resulting in the following RW jumpers falling between canopies. Fortunately there were no collisions, only due to the fact, as Bryan has stated in the past "it's a pretty big sky" but we can't keep pushing its limits. Hopefully DZ's will address this with their "leaders" as well as staff to try and keep future problems to a minimum. Equally hopeful as that the "leaders" will address this with their fellow jumpers on their own.
  14. jdobleman

    Santiago "Sandy" Rosell

    Damn, met Sandy at this year's SOS record. Great guy, he was docking across from me. Inspirational story on how he got started when Deland said he was too old. Looked forward to jumping with him in the future. Blue skies Sandy. madjohn
  15. jdobleman

    The late Late Jake Schwan

    BSBD Jake. Met him at Lost Prairie several years ago and jumped with him. He accidently dumped Chris Q out of a 4way reaching for his leg grip. madjohn