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  1. Thank you for quick reply ;) Any Sherpa's? ;)
  2. Hi, I'm looking for US Dropzone using Skyvan or Sherpa. Any known? ;)
  3. Unfortunately she haven't agreed to deliver it for inspection :( Maybe someone from Houston knows her and can act as an agent/trusted third party?
  4. Thank you for your advices. I will try to ask her to deliver it to Spaceland for inspection.
  5. Hi, I am going to buy this gear from Houston: Do you know someone who can have a look at it and make quick inspection if everything is ok? Maybe someone knows seller? Thank you.
  6. It is because of zkulls mount and gap between box and helmet. If you grab the helmet with one hand and the box with other hand and try move you can feel that it shakes. Put some tape on box or helmet it should "seal" the gap.
  7. On our DZ we pull the card after every jump to leave it for editing. So every one of us has 2 or 3 cards
  8. Thanks for all, especially who recommended Chris Irwin ;) He is an excellent instructor and taught me a lot and show me how much really I don't know about flying ;) 2.5 hour in the tunnel gave me more then 500 jumps. Thanks again for all ;)
  9. Thanks All for help and advices. I have chosen Christopher Irwin but I have problem - I have lost contact with him and he doesn't answering my emails :( Does anybody stay in touch with him?
  10. Hi, I'm going to visit Perris Valley or Eloy mid to late July and was wondering if there is anyone available to do some RW coaching in the tunnel. Thanks
  11. from Contrail (Cobalt) manual: Calculate the wing loading now for the Contrail canopy you intend to jump. If this figure is below 1.4 lbs/ft², the parachute will be relatively docile and easy to land. It will also have reduced penetration into the wind and reduced inflation pressure in the entire canopy. The profile will not be as rigid as it should be. A figure below 1.4 lbs/ft² is as dangerous as a figure above 2.3 lbs/ft²!
  12. try this:
  13. Quotehi there, i'm about to buy a second hand rig as follows: container Mirage G3 M4 (manufactured on 99 but dry-stored and only jumped 50 times, looks like new) cypress 2 new (july 2005) reserve smart 150 (july 2005) main: stiletto 170 (200 jumps) 3000€ -> 3655 USD reply] where did you find it? ;)
  14. funny, now it is my rig i bought it 2 months ago on ebay and I saw this rig listed for sale few times - it's nice and very popular