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  1. Anyone know of any beach boogies in the works between mid-Feb and mid-March? Trying to plan my vacation time early. I've been to PR Freefall fest, and I'm looking for something different, perhaps Pachanga if it makes a comeback. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I just messaged SkydiveMex via Facebook. They said they'll release the dates in late September.
  3. Since I'm flying into Montana, want to be immersed in all the shenanigans, I decided to cancel the cabin, but I'm staying at McGregor Lake the first two nights before things really start rolling. Look out for a 3-man grey and teal Coleman, I'll most definitely have a beer on hand for y'all.
  4. So I was recently made aware that the Pachanga boogie is returning in 2017, at Playa del Carmen. I've never been myself. Looking at the airport, it looks like the only nearby viable landing area is the beach itself. Does that mean you need a C license to attend the boogie? What have been license restrictions in the past? Thanks in advance
  5. I am actually torn between camping and having off-site lodging. The only issue I keep thinking of is that I have to fly into Kalispell, so I was wondering if I have the capacity to bring everything, if you have any tips, I would absolutely love to hear them. The cabin can be cancelled with a full refund, so that's essentially a backup plan, do you tent or RV at LP?
  6. Hello everyone, For those planning on going to Lost Prairie this year, I am looking for someone to share my lodging with me. I will be going to Lost Prairie solo, and for the first time. I have a cabin rented from 8/9-8/15 and it has a spare bedroom. It has nice amenities and is 25 minutes from Meadow Peak. The rate would be $50/night. Anyone who's interested, please PM me. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all the great info tikl! I'll definitely hit you up if I'm craving a SoCal tour with some local knowledge
  8. Hello all, I am planning on visiting Perris/Elsinore from 3/11-3/16 and Skydive San Diego from 3/16-3/20. This is my first time visiting each one of these DZs, and I'm traveling solo. If anyone who is local, or is also visiting, wants to jump with an A-license with around 100 jumps, just let me know! Also, does anyone have a preference between Perris and Elsinore? Which one would be better for a solo visitor? Thanks in advance for all the great advice!
  9. I live in NC, and I graduate in early May, so I was thinking about doing a southern route first (GA, FL, TX, AZ, CA) and then turning north up California to the Pacific Northwest, and then cutting West to Montana, Colorado, etc. Then onward to Skydive Chicago, and from there, wherever. I jump in the summer in SC, where it can easily get to high 80s/low 90s with major humidity, so I think I can take the dry heat of Eloy (hopefully
  10. I was just randomly thinking about things to do the summer after I graduate college and it came to me: An All-American DZ Tour Galore. I have little experience with other DZs (besides Triangle Skydiving and Skydive Carolina). If you had an entire summer to tour US DZs, where would you go?
  11. Thanks for all the great info and advice. Just a few more questions. I was also thinking Elsinore or Perris, since the airfare is surprisingly similar. What do you prefer (If you've been to both) Perris/Elsinore or Skydive City? And which of the Florida dropzones is your favorite?
  12. Hey guys, I am a recently licensed jumper and I am looking for a DZ to travel to during my upcoming Spring Break (3/7-3/14). Unfortunately, I am a college student with a college student's budget. Do you all have any ideas of a DZ that is easy to get to via air travel, has on-site lodging, a scenic setting, and good coaching/courses for licensed jumpers? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks