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  1. Just learned about this and looking for information on services and ash dive and the such. BSBD Tom Courbat Him Him.......well you know how it goes
  2. It's a sad day in skydiving we have lost one our for father's of the sky. Fly free my Peter Some mitta, Some titta,Some suck..Suck!!!
  3. I grew up on the Antioch dz my mom ran it for Perry Stevens for many yrs 73 thru 80 How are you jrbirdman Lile gene ballard
  4. Hi Jerry I wasn't saying it was a Perry Stevens design. just that I pulled it out of one of his Sheds. Meeting with about 20 Cal Club old school skydivers for dinner tonight. Blue Skies
  5. It's the last hope rope I was getting at straight out of Perry Steven shed. sorry about the pictures.
  6. Hi All been around this sport for year name this system. see attached
  7. In the words of Robin Williams "You see the problem is god gave us a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time!" Will miss you Robin
  8. Eric Anderson What a great person and skydiver he was the first square parachute jumper at Livermore he had a gold and black para plane late 1969. He did not drink so at bar/pizza place he would spend time explaining math problems to my. My son name is Eric in honor of this great man. The night we lost him was one of the worst days of my life. Blue skies my friend
  9. Over the many year of being on the drope zone I've seen and learned so much. I've lost a few close friends and have made so many new ones. Only if they had cell phone when I was a kid the things I could have recorded EFS If your not on the edge your taking up to much space!
  10. 377 My dad pass in Oct 2013 died in his sleep. My mom is doing great she hasn't jump sense early 90's. We will be at the old friend reunion in Oct up in Jackson ca. There will be a good group of old cal club an other northern cal skydiver there. Blur skies
  11. Could Fran be the lady lil ' David wrote the song "Francine Mcflithy the skydiver whore" about?