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  1. Who (beside me) remembers Ferd's last name? HW
  2. My signature has gotten worse, but I finally got a D a couple of years ago. HW
  3. I've known Ted for ~45 years, got my rigger's license at his loft in Quincy, MA. I saw him twice in the past month or so, first at the Pioneer's Reunion in Orange, MA, where he was jumping hard, then at the Skydiving Museum event in DC. Sad. HW
  4. I had a Unit and I knew both Chuck and Bill, so maybe I almost jumped one. HW
  5. The station wagon was -- as I remember it from Mohawk Valley-- a stretch limo. I think he was part of the group when they brought it to Jumptown a couple of years. I think I also saw him at Vermont Skydiving Adventures a few years ago. As noted, a great and funny guy. HW
  6. Bring it "home" to New England. I want to jump it. HW
  7. Second the recommendation for Jason Laurendau. His papers are available on line -- at a price-- but you may be able to get them through your school library. I recommend "The Cock Choir...", a study of skydiving songs at the Lost Prairie boogie. HW
  8. I was at the Skydiving Museum event Friday night. One of the sponsors was Pope Valley. It was, of course, Curt. HW
  9. You've got me by a little more than four years. It's still fun. HW
  10. I have a copy also; it's on the Jumptown Facebook page. I'm guessing it's 1960. It was the predecessor to "A Sport is Born." Some of the scenes in "Now it's" were filmed in California. HW
  11. I got there after it left Saturday because of bad weather. HW
  12. Err, jumping out of airplanes. A fun hybrid, nearly at sunset. HW
  13. Sign up for Jumptown Banter and the JT Facebook page and leave messages. There are plenty of rides available. HW
  14. They closed, for a variety of reasons. Sad-- nice people. HW
  15. The airplane will be a Turbo Caribou. Can you do a 43-way crew stack? HW