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  1. vpjr

    PT6-20 Cessna U206

    I looked into the MT. For starters, the PT6 conversion limits the HP to 325. That means that you dont need more blades. More ground clearance is always nice but the longest blade you can get away with is best for the power you have. I operated the 93 inch Hartzell off my DZs 1400 ft grass pasture with 1 inch clean gravel to fill the low spots. So far >500 hours no problems. Weight, That 5 blade puts you back to the same weight as the steel hub, AL 3 blade Hartzell. The 3 blade MT is much lighter. I have heard reports that the 3 blade MT vs. the Hartzell on the Soloy 206 was slower to altitude. Cost. I have bought complete low time 3 blade Hartzell props for $8500-10,500 vs the $50-60K for the 5 blade mt. Hartzell has just made a 3 blade, AL hub, Composite blade, for the 10 seat Rolls/Alison Airvan? I havent researched it fully yet.
  2. What kind of insurance were you looking for. There are all kinds from the aircraft hull, slip and fall for the customers, workmans compensation, unemployment?
  3. vpjr

    Skydive California City

    I was there this morning but didnt have my rig with me. I would have made a jump.
  4. vpjr


    Over 10 years ago I remember a Florida sales man trying to sell some for Skydiving. Great looking product. Upgraded to PT6-65s I think. To expensive for us.
  5. I think this is a great idea for a single tandem master operation with handycam. Just have the O-320 or an O-360 parallel valve tuned up at Lycon, graphic engine monitor with fuel flow, Seaplane fixed pitch prop, Sportsman and Wing-X STOl. After the initial investment this plane shouldn't ask for much labor or money and climb strong. Barron Aviation in Hannibal Mo has a 172 Jump ship. Dont know the details on it.
  6. vpjr

    206 jump door

    Fayard quoted me the lexan door with field approval, Others could build it but no STC or field approval paperwork. I contacted any real players and it was 7k or no paperwork.
  7. vpjr

    Skydive the Flying V Ranch

    You must call ahead for all student activity. Highly recommended to call ahead for experienced jumper activity. Larger aircraft available on demand.