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  1. I looked into the MT. For starters, the PT6 conversion limits the HP to 325. That means that you dont need more blades. More ground clearance is always nice but the longest blade you can get away with is best for the power you have. I operated the 93 inch Hartzell off my DZs 1400 ft grass pasture with 1 inch clean gravel to fill the low spots. So far >500 hours no problems. Weight, That 5 blade puts you back to the same weight as the steel hub, AL 3 blade Hartzell. The 3 blade MT is much lighter. I have heard reports that the 3 blade MT vs. the Hartzell on the Soloy 206 was slower to altitude. Cost. I have bought complete low time 3 blade Hartzell props for $8500-10,500 vs the $50-60K for the 5 blade mt. Hartzell has just made a 3 blade, AL hub, Composite blade, for the 10 seat Rolls/Alison Airvan? I havent researched it fully yet.
  2. If your flying 5-7k seats per year. It is cheaper per seat then 3 182s or 1 caravan. I x-country cruise at 31gph and get 167-175ktas depending on OAT.
  3. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved the Sportsman STOL kit STC and this is one of the hurdles out of the way to getting the PT6 U206 STC EASA approved.
  4. The answer from the feds is. After the limit of 5 min at 325hp pwr must be reduced =< 300hp. There is no time it must remain at 300 or Less. The power can be brought back up to 325hp and the 5 min clock starts again. I did almost all of the testing (nearly 100 hours) at 350 hp. The sportsman stol and with the power over the wing allowed me to demonstrate power on stalls with the aircraft IAS and CAS probe below a readable range. The Chicago ACO kicked back the report making me reduce the power to 325hp. " We cant publish unreadable" . At this power setting I demonstrated Power on Stalls GW aft CG 42kts. The -21 would make the plane 2-3 min faster turns. From 18 to 15min on the hottest day of the year. Nice but the engine cost is 60k+ more. On cooler days I make that power using 650C.
  5. Yes, To increase the HP we were going to be required to spin test. Spinning isnt that big of a deal. The engineering for the drogue chute in the tail cone was an added expense and time that I / we didnt want to go through. I have found that this setting works great for the operational needs of a dz that this was to cover.
  6. This is the STC that is on my airplane. It is a Long thread but if you read it you will see. The -21 is an approved engine. I had 3 -20s so thats the engine I choose. Im running the -20 at only 54% power. This equals the FAA 325hp for 5 min and 300 continuous while using 650c max ITT. The -21 is 130 more hp thermal. That means 45% power. probably < 88% GG. Not an efficient place to operate. I feel that the power setting I am using with the -20 is at the bottom of the power band. I can do 35 loads of 6 to 13K with that engine and setting. Did 32 on a 95f day with daylight to spare. Now if your operating out of high alt airports or real hot the -21 would be the engine. Also more expensive.
  7. It is required to have the Cessna Large gear fork. That airplane has it.
  8. My grass strip is in no way smooth. Look at my nose gear going through complete compression. Ground Idle is the worst for it on a rocky ramp. Same prop all season. https://youtu.be/1QYLyP71mIA
  9. The -20 has a 3500 hour tbo. MORE program is 8000 tbo, Pilgrim airlines had the -20 extended to 10,000 hours TBO. Ive heard stories of them as Ground Power Units on oil rigs running genset burning diesel going 60,000 hours. So TBO realy isnt the questions Part 91 US skydiving unless your Part 135 or 121. The -20 is a 579 Eshp at 750 degrees C. If you push it hard it doesnt last long. The Alison C250B is 420 Shp? 370 continious. I dont have exp with the Alison. I do have experience with the -20. We pushed the -20s to 680c in the heavy airplanes to get some performance. The hots would just last the 1250 and you had to put money in them. Each engine in the otter carried 6000lbs, King airs 5000lbs. This 206 is only 3600lbs. so it doenst have to be pushed as hard At 325 hp and 650C max it doesnt consume the hot section. A 300 hour a year is only 2400 hours in 8 years. Interestingly U206s are going up in price faster than I want and PT6A-20 engines are available with good times in TBO are getting cheaper. I now have too many -20s that I paid a lot of money for and 206s are more expensive than I want.
  10. Could be done. Not a straight bolt up. New fittings, mount, cowl, STC. Would be faster and cooler. 6 jumpers (3 Tan?) in a 185 even if its only 10 min? 6 with my benches in the 206 are more comfortabe than 4 in a 182. The price of a 185? Is it close to an old U206? More utility out of the U206 for the completed price in my opinion.
  11. Well it has been a good season with my PT6A-20 U206. I have put on the plane a little over 200 revenue hours flying jumpers. The 2-3 Cessna Drop Zones love the plane. The DZOs have found this 1 plane will do more than trying to run 3 and way smoother. We consistently finish all the work before sunset and the fun jumpers get to jump between Tandem loads. Cool days we do almost 4 loads a clock hour with fueling, Hot and heavy days its 3 loads a clock hour with fueling. 6 jumpers 500msl - 13.5sml. Derated inexpensive engine, 6 jumpers, fast times, Great dispatch reliability and lower cost per seat for the 7000 seat per year 182 DZ. It took a while but Im so glad that its working out. The company that I was working with seems to be doing the right thing now. They delivered my kits to me complete but Not on time. Since then they have delivered to others 3 kits complete and early. Email me at [email protected] if you want some more info.
  12. Aerial Transport is looking for a full time mechanic to work for us. The plan is to begin the conversion of our next 2 U206s to the PT6A-20 in March. The goal is to lease out a couple of the planes after the conversions. We plan on continuing converting more aircraft for other purchasers of the kits so this job can go on for a while. Great position for entry level mechanics to experienced A&P. The position is in https://www.google.com/maps/place/Skydive+Flying+V+Ranch/@38.890963,-91.7539513,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xd709c095684b9814 Williamsburg, Mo USA. Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested in the position. Thank you. Email [email protected] www.aerialtransport.com
  13. I only have a few of loads out if it. 60 degrees F, 6 jumpers, starting at 880ft msl and going to 14K msl, 14min chock to chock, 7.5 gals average. Front float did not notice the exhaust on exit. No hot fuel or turns yet but a good pilot knows how to use beta range to control the exhaust for fuelers or loading. if the last jumper to board is standing at the door adjusting their leg straps you put the exhaust on them and they get in.. Maybe your that last jumper.
  14. The wing extensions are not required. The Sportsman leading edge cuff is Required. You can add any other STC. Any mechanic can install with an IA. Kit includes Engine mount and mounting hardware, Cowl, Wiring, Instrumentation, engine controls.