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    Lew Sanborn Movie 1960's

    I have a copy also; it's on the Jumptown Facebook page. I'm guessing it's 1960. It was the predecessor to "A Sport is Born." Some of the scenes in "Now it's" were filmed in California. HW
  2. howardwhite

    Boston jumpers: ride share to jumptown?

    Sign up for Jumptown Banter and the JT Facebook page and leave messages. There are plenty of rides available. HW
  3. howardwhite

    Books about the history of parachuting

    Google Howard Gregory and Bud Sellick. And, I guess Mike Swain. HW
  4. howardwhite

    Brian Williams, SCR #8 laid up

    I am sorry to hear this. The ultimate cool guy. Did it yesterday. In the rain. HW
  5. howardwhite

    Arthritic hip anyone?

    The longer you wait, the more it will hurt. I've got about 500 jumps on a Titanium hip. HW
  6. howardwhite

    WFFC Helicopter Incident

    True HW
  7. howardwhite

    Tunnel coaching in Nashua NH?

    If you're on Facebook, you can sign up for this group:!/home.php?sk=group_161859267167701&ap=1 It's called New England Tunnel Coaching. They generally schedule most every week, though one of the principals is away for part of the winter. HW
  8. howardwhite

    An Unusual Data Panel

    Why don't you ask Bill Gargano? HW
  9. howardwhite

    Irvin Delta2 Parawing

    Nice. Most old farts here will know, but talk about the strap hanging off the bottom of the canopy. HW
  10. howardwhite

    jumping the UT-15 rig

    I have a UT-15 manual (packing and using), if you want to pay for a photocopy. Oh, yes, it's in Russian. HW
  11. howardwhite

    AFF courses

    And what "coast" might that be? HW
  12. howardwhite

    GoPro, anyoned disassembled it ?

    Not yet, but as mine is broken (knocked off someone else's helmet in Eloy last month), I probably will do so this week. HW
  13. howardwhite


    Brian Williams, one of the original "Arvin Goodguys," was at the reunion in Felicity, CA last month. He's got stories. Some of them are here. HW
  14. howardwhite

    Tom Sanders-- BASE photographer/jumper

    Err, have you tried the contact info on his web site? tel: 1.805.455.3142 Email: Just wondering. Google is your friend. HW
  15. howardwhite

    Happy Birthday Pat Works

    Yeah, I jumped with him last month. He's really old . HW
  16. howardwhite

    Teddy Mayfield in the news again

    Already noted in another thread here. HW
  17. howardwhite

    Sony Handycam - 2010 models released ....
  18. howardwhite


    +1 HW
  19. howardwhite

    Flying through three different states

    You can easily do two states under canopy (even without wingsuits) at Pepperell, MA (just south of the New Hampshire line) and Vermont Skydiving Adventures (separated from New York by Lake Champlain.) HW
  20. howardwhite


    What else can we possibly post? (Well, there is a new windblade in the 121PM colors). (And a new set of door/exit lights which blink like Christmas tree ornaments.) I've made several jumps out of it/her this week. HW
  21. howardwhite

    cx100 and mac's

    Current Final Cut Pro will import from the camera via USB using Log and Transfer (but not Log and Capture), and will convert from AVCHD on input (slowly). In my experience, it will not transfer files already on disk (but I could be wrong.) My current workflow (though not exactly real time) is to copy the files to an external drive, then use the Convert function of Toast 10 to convert to a format FCP can import. If I have a bunch of files, I just batch up the conversion. HW
  22. howardwhite

    Jack Jorens

    A thread about him here. I'm not sure whether it was him on the cover; I'll have to find my issue or ask Peter Lake or Dick Tomkins, both of whom were also on the expedition. Jack Joerns was well known for much more than this. HW
  23. But it's now "out of stock." HW
  24. howardwhite


    The Chute Shop was a major dealer and gear store which for many years published a big catalog (see attached) like Para-Gear or Square One do now. It was a division of North American Aerodynamics, which made rigs and other stuff, but the Chute Shop also sold gear from other manufacturers. I've seen Johnny Higgins, one of the owners, a couple of times in the past few years; he lives in NC now. HW (The cover shot, by Carl Boenish, shows Ted Webster, Max Kelly and Ron Bluff jumping over a glacier in Switzerland.)