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  1. Put your fist in your mouth and try to hit elbow first!
  2. ZigZagMarquis

    Reserve packing data card - what pen to use?

    Pen? It's called a pencil pack for a reason!
  3. ZigZagMarquis

    California City Stories

  4. ZigZagMarquis

    California City Stories

    ** Bump **
  5. ZigZagMarquis

    Am I being selfish

    Beware of SIDS... Skydiving Induced Divorce Syndrome!
  6. ZigZagMarquis

    Korean student language barrier

    Contact Yong at Skydive Elsinore. She runs the school there.
  7. ZigZagMarquis

    "Skydiving" Magazine Early Issues

    Mike once said that the early issues were actually pasted together on his girlfriend's kitchen table. I would guess they would not be unless someone took the time to scan them and upload them. Jerry Baumchen Sounds like one could do that in Councilman's basement! Could help pass the time between "... puts the lotion on the skin, else it gets the hose again".
  8. ZigZagMarquis

    Catastrophic experiment

    Yeah, that was a hoot... right up until the cops showed up. Anyway, I doubt Cary still has the tape. If not that, many things that went on at Cal City are best left to the ages... before everyone was running around with digital cameras cell phones capable of capturing digital video that to could blasted straight to Facebook and/or the Interwebs. ;)
  9. ZigZagMarquis

    Catastrophic experiment

    So would this be an example of one's dogma running over their karma!?? Anyway, a photo of that jump hung in the office at Cal City unit the day the place closed. I suppose maybe Junior & Emiko have it now.
  10. ZigZagMarquis

    Old Farts Boogie

    Who are you kidding Sparky! You were watching the young pretty ladies walk on by!!!
  11. ZigZagMarquis

    Catastrophic experiment

    I heard what could possibly be the same urban legend when I was a youngin' in the sport. Except it went more like, "Guy gets out of airplane at Elsinore, with a sack-full-of-cats and does a clear-and-pull. His plan was to drop the cats for accuracy. When opening the sack of cats, they all get loose and claw all over him. He's unable to get rid of any of them and eventually lands and the cats split leaving him a clawed up bloody mess." ETA: Moral of the story: If you're going to drop cats for accuracy, leave them in the sack!
  12. ZigZagMarquis

    Helmet on for take off?

    John, I was taught, "Seat belts on, so you survive the crash. Helmet on so you're awake for the fire. Nomex gloves so they can identify your body by the finger prints." Blue Skies!
  13. ZigZagMarquis

    Help identifying logo on freefly suit

    Thanks all!
  14. ZigZagMarquis

    Help identifying logo on freefly suit

    Does anyone recognize the logo (see photo) from an old freefly suit (pants and jacket, logo is on pants)? It's 10ish years old. I am trying to identify the manufacturer.
  15. ZigZagMarquis

    Skydive California City

    **bump** ... just for the heck of it. You never know.