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  1. N@ is 40!??! I feel really old now.
  2. Nah! Push it over the edge and let God's gravity take care of it. Pick up the pieces at the bottom of the hill and bill the dumbass owner!
  3. "Back in the day" we used to refer to a phenomena that would sometimes happen to folks in this sport, it was called SIDS... Skydiving Induced Divorce Syndrome.
  4. Nonsense fun type exits: 9-Way Tube. That's 2 interlocking 4-Way Tubes with a little girl stuffed in the middle.
  5. Lisa, although you and I didn't always get along... Blue Skies.
  6. It can hurt, but not as much as smacking the ground without a parachute out. ;-)
  7. Was about to agree that Skydiving has saved a lot of folks I've known too, but, Wow, this thread went sideways real fast.
  8. Pen? It's called a pencil pack for a reason!
  9. WAG... gust lock still in place?
  10. Now let the blame and finger pointing and who's going to pay for the rescue effort flail-x begin! ... if it hasn't already.