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  1. Honestly I don't give a fuck. Just - how do I delete this and get out of here?
  2. I did not realize that - I was seeking connections and dialogue. Also, this is a rather negative beginning to my first experience here and I'd like to leave. How do I delete this post?
  3. Hey guys, a friend suggested sharing my new book here on Dropzone. I wanted to write about the first 100 jumps especially because, when I first started skydiving last year, I somehow sense that a very personal and fundamental change was about to take place, and I should probably record those early experiences to look back on and talk about with other people along the journey. This sport - even in such a short period - has had such a profound effect in my life: it's basically what I keep going for now: everything from the sense of community and camaraderie to the psychological and emotional transformations to what unfolds at the edges that we seek. Also, I am a (kind of) lucid dreamer and dream about skydiving virtually every night. If any of this or anything in the book itself resonates, I would love to hear more. For me, writing - like skydiving - becomes real when we share the experience with others.