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    Reserve packing data card - what pen to use?

    Pen? It's called a pencil pack for a reason!
  2. ZigZagMarquis

    California City Stories

  3. ZigZagMarquis

    California City Stories

    ** Bump **
  4. ZigZagMarquis

    Am I being selfish

    Beware of SIDS... Skydiving Induced Divorce Syndrome!
  5. ZigZagMarquis

    Old Farts Boogie

    Who are you kidding Sparky! You were watching the young pretty ladies walk on by!!!
  6. ZigZagMarquis

    Skydive California City Gathering

  7. ZigZagMarquis

    School Closed!

    Holy end of an era BatMan! What will the skydiver formerly known as Paco do? I thought he was the heir-apparent? (Serious)
  8. ZigZagMarquis

    Diaper on Para-Innovators RS-1

    1) You could try sending a PM to mjosparky here on dropzone.com, he may have a manual. 2) Think hard on whether the gear is air-worthy before packing it; no offense. What kind of container is it in? Are you sure you don't mean an R2-1 canopy by Para-Innovators?
  9. ZigZagMarquis

    PEP Packing manual for Para Innovatiors Wedge Seat

    Try PM'ing MJOsparky. He might have a copy or know how to get ahold of Hank.
  10. ZigZagMarquis

    Naked Skydiving Society

    * yawn * Let us know when skymama joins...
  11. ZigZagMarquis

    FAA violation for packing a 20 year old rig?

    Bytch... I'm confused... are you asking... 1) What's people's opinion on the mfgr and/or FAA not getting the word out better that one shouldn't pack a Softie over 20 years old? 2) Your inference that one rigger / dealer dime'ed out another rigger to the FAA is f'ed up? Or are you just not so subtly trying to pass the word for folks to watch their ass when it comes to old gear they're not infinitely familiar with? [edit] Um, I'm sorry... or weren't you asking anything, just saying?
  12. ZigZagMarquis

    Para Gear Catalog #74 question

    Well, hopefully a real CRW Dog will happen by and really explain it or post some pictures, but most CRW rigs / set-ups use a retractable bridle & pilot chute set-up with a couple of additional rings on the top skin of the canopy. This is done so when they're building stacks and other CRW formations, their bridles and pilot chutes aren't steaming behind them with the risk then them getting entagled.
  13. ZigZagMarquis

    reserve risers

    Its very good to ask, but if you're using a soft bristle brush in a sensible fashion, I wouldn't worry too much. Your reserve risers are really tough, so, again, as long as you don't go nuts or use a wire brush or anything, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're uncomfortable doing it yourself, next time you're at the DZ, ask your local rigger for help. Also, if you did take a roll in the dirt last landing, I find it hard to believe you got mud just on your reserve risers. Use a brush to get the mud off the other parts of your rig that aren't the small portion of exposed reserve risers y'all see when the rig is packed before working in that area to get a feel for what you're doing. Also, also, the next time you jump your rig, opening shock will do wonders to knock dirt off from a previous landing where you may have had a bit of a "yard sale" on landing... assuming you don't have another on that jump. Strange things have happened / have been done by inexperienced jumpers trying to "fix" or "clean" something on their rig and they "know not what they do", so its good you're asking first. How much mud are we really talking here? Pictures?
  14. ZigZagMarquis


    Have you tried calling them? Skydive Arizona 4900 N Taylor Rd. Eloy, AZ 85231 USA Manifest: +1-520 466-3753 Fax: +1-520 466-4720
  15. ZigZagMarquis

    ...first balloon jump!!!...

    I took 15sec off a Balloon at 3K on my initial Balloon Jump.
  16. ZigZagMarquis

    Rodenator Drop Zone

    Wow! Hopefully that gear is kept under lock-an-key. I can only imagine what trouble a bunch of drunk, bored skydivers would get into with that thing.
  17. ZigZagMarquis

    Cal City Reunion, 6 - 7 Dec 08 at Taft

    Remember... ol' Cal City invades Taft this weekend! Some folks are showing up there TODAY (Friday, 5 Dec). Wear your old Cal City Skydive T-shirts.
  18. ZigZagMarquis

    Cessna 182 Mock Up??

    Most I've seen look like a bunch of skydivers started with a pile of lumber & plywood, hammers, saws, nails and a case or two of beer and finished when the beer ran out.
  19. ZigZagMarquis

    B-12 Snap goes bad

    Seen that happen before. One could drill the rivet out that holds the old gate in place. Get a new gate, spring and rivet a new one in place without having to repalce the whole thing, but I'm not sure if that's an approved repair. Why don't you call up Sunpath and talk to one of their riggers about it? Maybe send them the picture too and ask what they recommend as the mfgr?
  20. ZigZagMarquis

    Almost a year since Cal City Skydive shutdown

    This jump wasn't shitty, but its cool... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qqg9C4W0Vk ... miss the ol' Cal City Intro part all the students got on their videos.
  21. ZigZagMarquis

    is this what a Mae West looks like ?

    Nope, its more like this...
  22. ZigZagMarquis

    skydiving helmets....why so expensive?

    Well, in part, you've answered your own question. The materials (and process) as well as some of the unique design features to make a skydiving helmet drives the cost up. Also, consider for a bit that there a maybe 30,000 skydivers in the U.S. Even if every one of us bought a new full face helmet ever year, which isn't going to happen, that would stil lbe way less then the general populations purchases of bike or skateboard helmets. My point is, skydiving helmets are for a niche market with a limited quantities produced. If you're looking for an inexpensive open faced helmet. Get a ProTech. You can easily mount an audible in one too.