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  1. Nah! Push it over the edge and let God's gravity take care of it. Pick up the pieces at the bottom of the hill and bill the dumbass owner!
  2. "Back in the day" we used to refer to a phenomena that would sometimes happen to folks in this sport, it was called SIDS... Skydiving Induced Divorce Syndrome.
  3. Nonsense fun type exits: 9-Way Tube. That's 2 interlocking 4-Way Tubes with a little girl stuffed in the middle.
  4. Lisa, although you and I didn't always get along... Blue Skies.
  5. It can hurt, but not as much as smacking the ground without a parachute out. ;-)
  6. Was about to agree that Skydiving has saved a lot of folks I've known too, but, Wow, this thread went sideways real fast.
  7. Pen? It's called a pencil pack for a reason!
  8. WAG... gust lock still in place?
  9. Now let the blame and finger pointing and who's going to pay for the rescue effort flail-x begin! ... if it hasn't already.
  10. I wonder if or how many weed-wackers went in filming that commercial? Someone around Perris should know. Also, was the cockpit interior shot a Twin Otter and then the interior / exterior exit shots from a Sky Van?
  11. Beware of SIDS... Skydiving Induced Divorce Syndrome!
  12. Do you have a serious vampire problem at your college or what??
  13. Not counting things we intentionally left the aircraft with... spaceballs, cantaloupes, oranges, pumpkins, rafts and other inflatables ... or acts of mother nature... rain and ice... ... I've ran into bugs and come close to other aircraft while in freefall, once the plane we had exited and another time an interloper. Also, had a cameraman fall on the 4-way formation I was in once and take me out. Opened right next to a hawk once and followed him for a few seconds, him looking at me, me looking at him just a few yards away until he decided to split. Was diving on a formation when someone's pilot chute came out, quickly followed by bag, lines, body going right past me. Got hit too by ashes leaking from the ash bag while diving on the base during an ash dive. Another jumper I knew almost got hit by a skyboard in freefall that a skysurfer (remember them) had cut away shortly after exiting in front of them.
  14. When reading the thread title, I thought of this guy filming jumps...
  15. Contact Yong at Skydive Elsinore. She runs the school there.
  16. Mike once said that the early issues were actually pasted together on his girlfriend's kitchen table. I would guess they would not be unless someone took the time to scan them and upload them. Jerry Baumchen Sounds like one could do that in Councilman's basement! Could help pass the time between "... puts the lotion on the skin, else it gets the hose again".
  17. N50JJ has been a hard-luck aircraft. She visited Cal City once. Didn't go well.
  18. Yeah, that was a hoot... right up until the cops showed up. Anyway, I doubt Cary still has the tape. If not that, many things that went on at Cal City are best left to the ages... before everyone was running around with digital cameras cell phones capable of capturing digital video that to could blasted straight to Facebook and/or the Interwebs. ;)
  19. So would this be an example of one's dogma running over their karma!?? Anyway, a photo of that jump hung in the office at Cal City unit the day the place closed. I suppose maybe Junior & Emiko have it now.
  20. ZigZagMarquis

    30.7 lbs

    One does not have to out run the bear. One only has to out run the slowest person in the party... TURTLE!