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  1. Well, fuck. That dream is done. 2020 just keeps kicking me in the balls.
  2. Ya...unfortunately Blue Skies didn't happen. My investors were all in the oil and gas industry. The day we went to sign on the building all my investors went broke. I guess it was better than the day after.
  3. I'll be taking a class for the motorcycle and I grew up around guns but I'm taking a refresher course at the range. Thanks for the concern and suggestions.
  4. Next week the paper work will end an almost 18 year run. This is what I got so far for my divorcee starter kit. 1. New Ruger Security 9 on tomorrow. (I'm not debating guns just stating a fact, so this should be good for The Bonfire ) 2. New tattoo next week. 3. I'm slated to get current in September and finally grab my B Licence. 4. Motorcycle this spring. Okay gang, what else am I missing? What other ridiculous things should I be planning for the next year? Maybe a trip to Lodi?
  5. 24fps

    Broke my butt

    Would love to see those x-rays. Sucks that it take so long to heel. something funny and unique
  6. 24fps

    Broke my butt

    Thanks everyone for the info! It's good to know that others have tried to stop by slamming their asses in to the earth. :) I just got back from the Dr's. Fractured Coccyx! They gave me some nice narcotics so I can sleep and they said no Skydiving, running, heavy workouts for 4 weeks. :( something funny and unique
  7. 24fps

    Broke my butt

    Due to a series of poor choices on my part, I failed to stand up my landing on Saturday. Looks like a bruised, broken or dislocated tailbone. Anyone deal with this before? If so how long until you jumped again? I haven't gone to the doctor because I'm pretty sure all he would do is poke me in the pooper and give me some pain meds. I find it best to get medical advice from strangers on a forum. something funny and unique
  8. I haven't slept in 2 days because I've been putting the final touches on our show, Destination Beer. Take a look gang, its got beer, food and travel all wrapped up into 30 minutes of pure joy. I was the director of photography and finishing editor. Yee freakin haaaaaaa, so glad to have it done! Please watch it and share it if you like it. I'm going to bed then hitting the tunnel in the morning! Its not a picture and it hasn't been fun but here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xNCoZmXM4M something funny and unique
  9. Just brewed up a tasty Bourbon/Chocolate Stout! This dang brewery is taking all my time. Hopefully I'll get to jump next weekend. something funny and unique
  10. I've got a brewer buddy that actually has a recipe. Not for the public of course. Weed, alcohol and coffee. He calls it the triple threat. something funny and unique
  11. Thanks everyone for the input! I've taken all of your thoughts into consideration when I was talking to the design team. We are working on color schemes right now as well. Some have messaged me with a concern that the logos do not express speed, excitement or an overall extremeness. Rather than go the route of Go Fast or Monster Beverages we are looking at a more relaxed retro branding. Think, 1950's national park posters. Our beers are not things people enjoy when skydiving, rock climbing or mountain biking. They are for when the day is over and we are kicking it around the fire with our friends, talking about the day's adventures. Hope all that makes sense. Thanks again, Everyone! I can't wait to serve up tasty tasty beer this fall! Blue Skies -Mars something funny and unique
  12. We should have the recipes finalized in the next couple of month. I would love to share with ya! something funny and unique
  13. Like you said, my investor was concerned about losing the wider audience by losing the plane and adding a jumper. While our main theme is skydiving we will have some beers that pay tribute to rock climbing as well. The team is working on a couple of different color schemes right now. once the design is nailed down then we will start talking about color. Thanks again everyone for the input! I can't wait for you all to try some of our tasty brew! something funny and unique
  14. You're right. It could totally be a Beech. What do you think about the plane being replaced with a jumper, either in free fall or under canopy? Thanks everyone for the input. I just got an email from one of ya discussing the colors. These are just the designs, no color yet. That will be decided later. something funny and unique