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  1. > Ermmm... Not quite... I don't know how old 'yall think I am, but I was born in 1980!!! (November 14th, in case any of my stalkers want to wish me a happy birthday when it comes up!! Just to prove that your stalkers never forget... Happy 40th Birthday Nataly!
  2. Watched it live from the Channel 7 TV Studio in Perth, Western Australia. I was a school child at Mirrabooka Primary School a few hundred metres up the road. NTAGIF
  3. Have a look at Bloom. "Overall, Bloom is a splendid iPhone app for those who love ambient music. You will be fascinated..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBOk-gbC3Uc
  4. Mike Leigh's "Naked" "Not so much a stream-of-consciousness as a torrent of bile" and "Not for the faint of heart, Naked will test one's own philosophy, and leave you stripped bare." That last quote sums it up best for me. You know you've been through the wringer after watching "Naked".