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  1. I scored a 98% but the instructor demanded that 50% of our shots were from the hip at close range. His idea was that in a situation many times you have to react fast and the encounter will most likely be close. I either carry a snubby .357 or a Kimber 1911. My job often put me in some not so nice hoods at dark in Nashville working on HVAC equipment. That was the main reason for getting my permit.
  2. When I was skydiving and having a nice weekend at the DZ, I made it a point to leave politics at the house. I would never snub anyone for their views unless they were racist. I have friends from different sides of the political spectrum. These days it has been really nasty from both sides, meaning liberal and conservative, when I went to the DZ, all I wanted to do was have fun and a good weekend of dives, not to get pissed at anyone over a difference of political opinion.
  3. Anybody ever owned or jumped a Comet? A 228sq. ft. 7 cell made in the early or mid 80s. Nothing good has come from anything named Comet. The Jetliners crashed, the car was junk, and the Canopy, at least mine was scary. This pic was not all low turn, a turn I pulled off at the DZ many times, but this particular time the canopy really took a bad dive and never recovered. I finally recovered from a broken femur.
  4. Last I heard, without a CCW in TN you should have the handgun in plain sight unloaded with the ammunition out of reach. I wouldn't take it to California though. Get your TN CCW and there's many states with reciprocity TN. Here's a good website to check out. http://www.legallyarmed.com/
  5. My first rig was a Strato Star and a big Wonderhog with a belly band. I wore the knees out of my jumpsuit after 300+ jumps on it. When I bought the rig, with a trusty 24ft reserve, the Star already was coverted with a slider. Oh, and the pics posted, it seems that the common colors were gold w/black stabilizers. That was mine. I still have my star in a box in a closet. That whole rig set me back a whopping $250. Always had consistent openings, nice and easy, both end cells closed and the slider up two feet. I called it a pumper. Never once had the thought of a cutaway with it. Strato Star: aka Ditch Witch, Strato Plow, Strato Piano. And I had a bud who owned a Strato Flyer. He slowly removed his knee caps.
  6. It's a Ruger SP101. Snub nose .357. Couldn't skydive anymore so I spent my money on guns.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I did check out the history forum, reminds me of the days of old.
  8. I've met Chris a few times long ago, altho I didn't know him that well, from what I hear is that he was a great guy. My condolences to his family and friends.
  9. Hiya. Started skydiving in 82. 1st jumps were static line on Para Comanders, have 800+ 1 or 2 jumps. Had to quit all together in 97 because of back problems not related to skydiving. Started in Eagleville TN. Anyone know Orly King? Anyway just thought I would check out the forum and see whats new since i've been grounded. I really do miss it alot. Was mainly into fun jumps. Looking forward to posting from time to time, forgive me for not being current.