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  1. Jim Vallendar and I have been busy creating 3 new websites for old skydiving magazine like PARACHUTE, Sky Diver, DZ-USA, and upgrading the PARACHUTIST cover web site. If you want to check it out: Enjoy! Doc
  2. and now its on Netflix. Doc
  3. Could it be this? Doc
  4. Wanted to watch the video but you tube says its blocked any idea why? Doc
  5. Very sad news. Doc Doug jumped with us at Couch Freaks every year since the early 1990's. Great guy. Doc
  6. also something about Jay having a hard landing. Reports say's he'll be ok but the event is over. Sorry Jay Awesome effort! You and your team rock!! Doc
  7. Looks like its over. just short of 300 I think. Looks like bad weather Doc
  8. clipboard on stream just showed #223 @ 4:28 PM (central time) Doc
  9. I wish the video would show what jump # he is on. Doc
  10. Jay Stokes is attempting 700 jumps in 24 hours to break his own record. Its going on now (Sept 5th) Live stream here: Doc
  11. Cedar Falls, Iowa, December 31st, 1999. 4 of us exited a 182 about 10 seconds before midnight. Cold and windy but well worth it. With Don Briggs, Mike Hoy, and Jeff Eaton. Will never forget that one. Doc
  12. Netflix now has a documentary about Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos project. Look for "Mission to the edge of deep space" Doc
  13. Ok, here's the cheesy music version. (I warned you) Doc
  14. I found a 1 minute 16mm skydiving movie on eBay, just uploaded it to you tube Apparently it was made for the VA. Looks like late 1970's based on the hockey helmets, R2's, belly band pilot chute, and Strato Star. Anybody recognize any of these guys? (the movie has music but it was so cheesy that I edited it out) Doc
  15. Just found it on You Tube Enjoy! Doc