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  1. Jim Vallendar and I have been busy creating 3 new websites for old skydiving magazine like PARACHUTE, Sky Diver, DZ-USA, and upgrading the PARACHUTIST cover web site. If you want to check it out: Enjoy!
  2. docjohn

    Doc Doug (Dr. Douglas Pleatman)

    Very sad news. Doc Doug jumped with us at Couch Freaks every year since the early 1990's. Great guy.
  3. docjohn

    Felix Baumgartner Sets Skydiving Record

    Felix's jump should set the record for the longest freefall. Kittenger's fall was longer but was a droguefall, not a freefall.
  4. here:
  5. docjohn

    Skydiving is gay

    Welcome to skydiving! Kiss you old life goodbye!
  6. docjohn

    Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

    You cranked out 100 dives in your 1st 4 months! You rock buddy! Congrats! Keep it up!!
  7. docjohn

    Night Jump Photos

    Very nice photos. I just started jumping my Rebel XTI, haven't jumped it at night yet but I was wondering what settings to use when the time comes. Good job!
  8. Do you know if there will be anything for wingsuit wannabees? I'll be at Couch Freaks and would like to try a wing suit but would like some instruction. I hear that an Intro Suit would be the way to go but that Tony Suits won't be there. Any advice? I'll be there wednesday. Thanks!
  9. docjohn

    Premier help...

    There's many ways to do this. I have done it by creating a series of individual title files, each file adds one letter. Put them on the timeline sequentially. Or you can have just one title screen and use a series black video (assuming you have a black background) to sequentially unconver letters. (use the effects control to move the black video to each desired position). Its alot of work but its a cool effect especially if you add the typying audio effect. Don't give up.
  10. FYI, that cllip came from The Wally Stuff produced by Leo Dickenson and Pete Reynolds. Haven't seen that one in a long time. Thanks for sharing.
  11. docjohn


    There's lots of reasons to get a license but high on the list of reasons is: to attend a boogie .
  12. docjohn

    Premiere Pro Help

    Need more info. What's your OS? Windows? Windows XP? What's your connection? Firewire? USB? Does other software recognize your camera?
  13. docjohn


    I use Ulead Movie Factory 3 (version 4 is out but I'm still using version 3). It works very well and I think registration was like $19 (or maybe $39.... cheap enough). I use Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 to create a final AVI and Ulead to author the DVD. Works for me. . . . .