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  1. The website says they do all of the above. If not, go to Eloy, AZ.
  2. The city of Casa Grande !!!! Yes, yes and hell yes !!! They did get tired of it. Really tired.
  3. Jerry Belcher has passed away, if you recall him.
  4. My God ! How horrible, how tragic ! A senseless waste. Been there. :(
  5. Only good fortune saved these 2 people. Everything was against them.
  6. John Combs has sadly reported that David M. Pitts, Midwest City, OK, has passed at 72. Dave was an early D license holder in Oklahoma. He was an instructor, jumpmaster, jump pilot, ASO, I/E, master rigger, ATP airplane pilot and helicopters. In November 1974 he flew us to the collegiate Nationals in Deland in a Cessna 207 Skywagon ( Mike Mythen, Eddie Taylor and John ? were on that awesome trip ). He let us fly half of the time, too.
  8. "promise5"]I'll say it. Who really cares?? So what if someone was late to an event. I mean dang!!! Burn me alive, I thought it was funny myself. You care nothing for many people who are ill, are not well, and being trapped in a car for hours is not very GD funny, rat fink !!!
  9. Quag, Nice video in the COLD !!! Where was that ?
  10. Cessna 4734D, 1958 built, is now deregistered.
  11. This Sammy is from Lancaster, CA
  12. Quite interesting. Kind of like comparing a Mercury spacecraft to the Space Shuttle now.
  13. Dodge Power Wagons, Dodge 350 Pickup trucks, all that stuff. And women tell me that those guys always have a size problem. Always. Hey I am just reporting the info.