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  1. dks13827

    Skydive near El Paso TX - A license

    The website says they do all of the above. If not, go to Eloy, AZ.
  2. dks13827

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    The city of Casa Grande !!!! Yes, yes and hell yes !!! They did get tired of it. Really tired.
  3. dks13827

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Jerry Belcher has passed away, if you recall him.
  4. dks13827

    Jumping at Casa Grande
  5. dks13827

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Bob Schaffer's fatal crash
  6. I commend Nick on a tremendous effort, an unbelievable effort. ( He made 3 attempts and never got to jump from altitude ). For those who did not see the show, Nick got to 123,500 feet and then could not disconnect a frozen Oxygen connector to make his jump. It occurs to me, however, that since Nick had no high speed freefall nor even some oxygen mask jumps from 25,000 to 30,000 feet ( as far as I know ), the odds would have been really against him had he jumped. Just my thoughts on it, though.
  7. Go make a tandem soon, it's a blast ! Good luck with your training.
  8. dks13827

    Owning your own DZ

    Be sure to start with a lot of money................. and go from there !
  9. That's the video with the 2 birdbrains in the front seat. Does that left seat guy have his commercial ? Or is he getting instruction on a commercial flight ? That flight could be so illegal as to be beyond belief although I dont have enough info to really know.
  10. dks13827

    Spin anyone?

    Been there in training, never took hardly anytime at all to recover, though. Full left rudder should have fixed that, especially after most jumpers were out of there.
  11. Did not Brooke set her AAD at home and not at the DZ, according to the report ?
  12. dks13827

    Denise skydiving

  13. dks13827

    Melted tube stow residue on canopy

    Take it up to 14.5 ... dive out and stand on your head for 30 to 40 seconds or so.. then pull !!! Best way to test it that I can come up with !!!
  14. dks13827

    Recommendation for KS DZ

    check these folks out in MO !!
  15. dks13827

    Who, Where, When??

    geeeeeeez !! how many jumpers did you put on one load ???