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  1. They do not pull and clean every 30, they do not inspect mains every 25 jumps or even keep track of jump numbers for that matter, they rely on VERY INEXPERIENCED packers to be their eyes, the main packers at both local DZs having issues are either non jumpers or very new, none of them "really" know what they're looking at, just how to fold fabric. As a packer for many years at the DZ that had the issue, I wasn't perfect, but I caught far more than the new packers and had zero chops, cables were something I definitely kept an eye on and changed. That DZ has had a high number of tandem chops this year, another just last week, despite good intentions to be on top of things by the DZO, this area seems to be slipping away from him because of "green" staff. The mains at that DZ are on a rotation to get sent in for inspection, more of a "when one comes back, we pick the worst one and send it in" rather than going by jump numbers or time. The staff is given all the tools they need to be successful, they just dont know what tools to use...
  2. left rear line group wanted to stay together at the cascades, looked like a tension knot or something, but it cleared.... he's had 4 reserve rides on strong gear since the beginning of last season.... twisted 3 rings (not caught during gear check) caused a total, that is, until reserve inflated and pressure was off it... blew apart top skin possible tension knot, no vid / pics, says line group was together in a bunch. stripped the flex pin we have 8 rigs and 11 mains, the mains are on a constant rotation to strong for maintenance and lines... the main that possibly had the knot, has new lines (less than 50 jumps), the first gear check mal was at a boogie, he was working for someone else, wasn't our packers.... this guy has horrible luck it seams.... he's had more tandem cutaways than all of our other TIs combined in the past 6+ years
  3. Picture... We had a release cable on a duel hawk strip its sheath a few days ago and cause a total... the sheath was old/worn/cracked at the crimp by the loop, upon release, the cable pulled out, leaving the clear plastic sheath still threw the closing loop. Instructor was in the saddle at 2,400' after dumping a reserve into a drogue and dealing with a small issue with the reserve. Student went in for a back xray after they (ironically) had a slightly rougher than normal landing in the hospital parking lot. Gear was inspected by DZO/Rigger (historically very thorough) in march, those cables don't go bad overnight though. Packers are all fairly new and are not very heads up/aspiring riggers, meaning, they'll spot the obvious stuff, but likely never gave that cable much thought. Just wanted to let it be known, this happened... if you're jumping strong, check your cables, and make sure your packers know what to look for.. dumping reserves into drogues isn't exactly the safest thing you can do.
  4. my recent experiance with putting the wrong slider on a canopy...
  5. way too fast... sort of. Canopy control has never been an issue, combining the "nack" for flight with a need to be slightly nervous to get the satisfaction I was looking for lead to a rather quick trip through canopy lane. I'v hurt myself along the way, nothing major... heal got hurt from smashing it on the ground wrong when I tried to run out a spectre 120 loaded at 1.8 (took 6+ months to heal, slid in all landings during healing), ankle got twisted a little when I baseball slid in a velo 96 @ 2.3 and just caught a bad bump in the grass (wore a brace when jumping for the rest of the season). I fully expect to get tar and feathered if I said what jump numbers I was at when I was jumping those, or even if I said what I jumped now at the numbers I'm at. I keep telling myself I am going to stop and stay where I'm at for a while, but then a good deal comes along on something thats 6 sqft smaller and I think "that's not much more" Reading threw the previous comments, to see if people had done anything similar, I can tell you... 1 guy was close, but not too close, and he stopped before he hit 3/1. I think that having an advanced level of understanding for aerodynamic principals combined with my personality type and psych has kept me out of any real trouble so far, though many would argue it's ignorance and dumb luck... I don't encourage anyone to follow what i did, and as an instructor, I preach safety and being cautious, when a student asks how many jumps I have, I generally respond with "hundreds, but never enough" rather than giving them a number. canopy flight remains my passion, and unless it's an instructor jump, I'm deploying rite out the door, no matter what altitude I'm at...y'all can have your freeflying, I want barrel rolls and XRW.
  6. update... went and borrowed a rigger mortis a friend had sitting around.... I guess I'll know how this goes soon enough
  7. Thanks for starting the thread! my left arm is 45 degrees from being straight due to motorcycle wreak, I have been writing off wing suits and been working toward XRW as a result, a nice dress may be worth a second look after reading this...
  8. Yes, Mark Kissner is the new bridge day organizer / adviser that is accused of selling out the BASE community for personal gain. Mark runs the tandem BASE at bridge day ($1,000 per jump). The incident that caused Jason Bell to cut ties with Mark a few years ago involved a tandem base being done without a proper waiver from what I understand. Twin Falls is legal to jump year round, and loves jumpers 24/7, not just during a few hours one day a year. The landing area at Bridge Day is FAR sketchier than the LZ at TF. Twin Falls is laid back and friendly, with a hand full of jumpers always willing to help where WV is a circus full of thousands of wuffos and your the clown. Twin Falls has no background check or angry state cops harassing jumpers, and no registration fee. You can Jump / pack / repeat all week long without feeling rushed at Twin rather than having a line of jumpers waiting behind you.... literally NO good reason to go to bridge day in WV instead of going to TF and having a chill time, jumping safe(ish)ly from 486'.... If your one of the 50 jump wonders headed out to make a first jump, you seriously need to consult people at your DZ, the jumpers at your home DZ should know you better than anyone, if they aren't willing to loan you gear, they probably have a good reason. Quite honestly, the people at your home DZ that would tell you this is a good idea aren't your friends either, you should probably find a new DZ.