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    GLH Androgen, Atair OSP 245
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  1. Jon26

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    ^^^ This!
  2. I have had 9 skyhook cutaways on sub 100sqft canopies and had linetwists on reserve once. I think body position when cutting away has a lot to do with getting reserve twists. That video you linked to, the guy barely tried to get out of the twists. I didnt read what height he was at and if he had altitude to have a go. Maybe he just didnt want to try for long. Fair enough. But letting the canopy settle for a second makes it far easier to kick out regardless of whether it is diving or not. Anyone flying a high-performance canopy should have the ability to be relaxed during a mal and be altitude aware enough to know if you have time (and how much) to attempt to correct the main before going to your last chance canopy. A very fast spinning canopy cutaway will throw you straight out away from it, and provided you aren't flailing round like a muppet and are relaxed, there is no reason the reserve wont come out untwisted and on heading. I dont know where that cutting away quickly notion comes from but that seems to me to be the best way to try and get reserve twists. Far better i reckon (if you've commited you are definitely cutting away and you are not critically low) to let your body settle its orientation, whether that be skywards (spinning on your back) or facing the ground. One more thing: everyone you know with both a skyhook and a high-performance canopy gets reserve twists everytime? Maybe its not the skyhook they need to get rid of!
  3. Jon26

    GoPro mount

    umm, my gopro came with mounts. No drilling required. I thought they all did?
  4. Jon26

    S-Fly Profly - owners opinions wanted

    Have you bought a profly yet? I was wondering the same thing - how the profly compares to the expert. I have about 60 jumps on a classic and a few on skyflyers. I much prefer the flying position of the classic so am tempted by the expert. Wondering about the range of the profly though. Anyone know how they compare? Was there a profly at the 71-way? think i saw a few experts.
  5. Jon26

    Skydive Abel Tasman

    Completed my AFF here a few weeks ago. I cannot fault this place. Motueka comes highly recommended by everyone I have talked dropzones with and I was not disappointed when I chose to do my AFF here. The staff are awesome, they are always willing to help you out and encourage you and there is a real feeling that everyone is determined to have fun whilst maintaining a high standard of professionalism. I can't wait to get back to Mot for the boogie in August and see the guys and gals. I will always remember and be stoked about my decision to start off my skydiving career here. See you there!