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  1. I've seen quite a few people buy small containers that fit only "small" reserves simply because they think it looks cooler. What an idiotic thing to do. Or they will try and justify their stupid decision by saying their rig is now more comfortable. I call Bullshit. A modern rig that fits is comfortable regardless of compatible canopy size. Why would anyone think that wearing a rig that looks like an 8 year old's school bag looks cool anyway? I say, leave them to it and don't be an idiot too.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yea, the hardest part is matching the curve with my left arm. I guess the only thing to do is get up there and practice. I just fancied splashing out on a new toy and wondered if my arm ruled me out of any in particular.
  3. Hi, now that i have your attention, i'll explain. I smashed my arm pretty bad in a BASE accident a couple of years ago. Up until then i was a keen wingsuiter. Since then, i have been left with a permanent bend of around 20 degrees in my right elbow ie. i can't straighten my right arm fully. It has improved over the years but i'm now at the stage where it will probably not get much better. I've been regularly skydiving and have no strength problems or anything since then but it kind of took away my passion a bit. I used to fly S-fly suits that favoured straight arms rather than the rolled shoulder slightly bent elbow suits like the old Vampires etc. So, i was wondering, what's a good suit these days that doesn't really require dead-straight arms? Are there even any these days? Or are they all designed to be spread out flat like the older S-flys? Sorry it's a bit of an ignorant question, i guess i could watch a bunch of videos and see, just that i've been out of the loop for a while. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers in advance.
  4. just small... trees? It'll be in the trees. You should look in a fairly wide area but chances are it'll turn up right where you thought you looked 3 times already. There was something said elsewhere that someone used a drone to find lost gear. Do you know anyone with one? It's fucking depressing looking for chopped shit, knowing it must be there somewhere. But don't give up if it's as open as you say, it'll be there. Have you tried looking at night? Might sound daft but, If you have a good torch it might be much easier to spot the out-of-place colour/shape of a freebag in a tree without the glare of daylight. Good luck!
  5. Well done on pulling it off! I must admit, the practice pull made me question if there was a rig under there just-in-case. But anyone who watched the post-jump footage could clearly see you didn't have a rig on. When you hugged your misses is when i knew you definitely weren't wearing a rig and realised it was a nod and a wink to the skydivers who were paying attention. I was wondering also, was there much wind around that day? Was the timing of the jump planned around the presence/lack-of thermal activity? And, sorry, someon'es got to ask, would you do it again? (not that your misses will let you anyway!)
  6. I've done thousands of camera jumps through Winters and Summers and my original, plastic, 3M-sticky-stuff mount is as solid as it was when i first put it on my skydiving helmet. I can tell you from personal experience though, that the same mount will not hold during a cliff-strike, but i guess you're not planning one of those.
  7. I don't get to keep them if they sell. So I don't have any. ;)
  8. Sorry, I should have clarified that I was talking about filming tandems with the usual wide lenses. I can understand why people use them for narrower lenses. Just that I see so many people using them unnecessarily.
  9. Man, I hate the idea of ring-sights and little dots on goggles! I just cannot get my head around why they are necessary. Yes, you can look with your eyes without moving your head, BUT you can also choose not to! Just point your bloody head (and therefore your camera) at what you want to film. Its 100% that easy. Sorry, but I look at people with these weird unnecessary solutions to a nonexistent problem and I just feel sorry for them!
  10. That's an interesting idea too. Would make it a bit fiddly but not impossible to switch on without a helper. Woild prob be unsuitable if using earphones though (the arm strap makes it simple to thread the earphone cable up your sleeve from either inside wingsuit or under your T-shirt or whatever)
  11. Super-easy to sew together a little container and strap to put it on your upper arm. Works for wingsuiting and swooping. No need to drill more holes in your helmet and makes it easy to slip on and off for when you want to hook it up to your laptop or whatever. Any rigger can knock one up easy if you haven't learned to sew yet.
  12. I have had 9 skyhook cutaways on sub 100sqft canopies and had linetwists on reserve once. I think body position when cutting away has a lot to do with getting reserve twists. That video you linked to, the guy barely tried to get out of the twists. I didnt read what height he was at and if he had altitude to have a go. Maybe he just didnt want to try for long. Fair enough. But letting the canopy settle for a second makes it far easier to kick out regardless of whether it is diving or not. Anyone flying a high-performance canopy should have the ability to be relaxed during a mal and be altitude aware enough to know if you have time (and how much) to attempt to correct the main before going to your last chance canopy. A very fast spinning canopy cutaway will throw you straight out away from it, and provided you aren't flailing round like a muppet and are relaxed, there is no reason the reserve wont come out untwisted and on heading. I dont know where that cutting away quickly notion comes from but that seems to me to be the best way to try and get reserve twists. Far better i reckon (if you've commited you are definitely cutting away and you are not critically low) to let your body settle its orientation, whether that be skywards (spinning on your back) or facing the ground. One more thing: everyone you know with both a skyhook and a high-performance canopy gets reserve twists everytime? Maybe its not the skyhook they need to get rid of!
  13. I thought that might be the case. I saw someone had hit upon it somewhere on your project thread but hadn't seen that you'd asked the same about the Optimum. I guess i'll see what measurements i have to work with on the old lines and sit down with a pen and paper and put my thinking cap on.