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  1. shveddy

    Medical bill burden, SDAZ Chong
  2. shveddy

    Medical bill burden, SDAZ Chong

    I fucked up and had a pretty bad skydiving injury once. The medical expenses ruined me, and it didn't cover any ongoing care. I had insurance. It was in the USA. I left the country as soon as I could kinda/sorta walk again, and I doubt I'll ever go back except for short visits. Now I pay 110 dollars a month for a plan that covers everything, including numerous necessary procedures and benefits that were specifically excluded from my US based plan, and all I have to pay is a 200 dollar annual deductible. This guy gets a donation out of solidarity. But the USA needs to fix its bullshit system.
  3. shveddy

    gear bag

    I just got the Ogio 9800. It's built like it'll last a decade, the wheels are smooth as butter, it has good compartmentalization options, and I was able to cram a full sized paraglider and harness along with two helmets and a skydiving rig with relative ease. The only downside is the fact that it weighs around 14 pounds, and doesn't play well luggage weight allowances. You could comfortably lug around 100+ pounds of gear in it, but then you'd have to spend approximately the cost of the bag just to get the thing on an airplane.
  4. shveddy

    Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless

    At least take a look at the a6000 from Sony. Exit equipment makes a great tongue switch and if you're looking to focus on photography, the higher end zeiss primes that are available for E-mount bring the sharpness and color rendition to a whole different level (for a price) that I don't think canon offers for mirror less ecosystem. I have the 24mm zeiss and I can't wait to get in the air with it this spring if it's performance on land is any indication. Also, the FPS and autofocus are too fast, if anything. 11fps overwhelms the memory card at full rez, so I bump it down to 7fps to keep the quality at max.