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  1. If you want to do this,, i'd sure be up for sending it.. I will involve the local rigger since he will be packing it.. Please contact me via e-mail with credentials so i can initiate a plan.. Thanks SF75 ...
  2. Thanks Rob,, I'm thinking the rigger was being conservative.. Do you want to take this on?? There is supposed to be a new one on order,, but a spare makes good sense and i like to spread the work around.. If you're near by,, and up for a repack,, that would be a real blessing.. SF75 AZ ...
  3. Does anyone know a rigger who will do a repair on a Javelin Freebag? The short side edge of the line-stow pocket pulled loose,, after highspeed usage. I'd snag a used one if available,, but a repair seems reasonable on this 92 DOM system that has been babied and lightly used... Thanks SF75 ...
  4. Do you have any old gear stashed? How about a Freebag for a Javelin J3, DOM 1992? Seeking Replacement Javelin FreeBag and Repair to J-002 FB. Looking for a J-002 Freebag, size B or compatable to a 172 reserve. On mine, the pocket seam pulled from the edge on the short side, so a repair option is being explored through the manufacturer,,, but if a rigger wants to tackle this,, i'd run the option past the local who will be packing it.. Thanks SF75
  5. Thanks to all for the support and info. I am sure he will appreciate the interest and advice being expressed. As for the 1099 factor. The skydiving industry should support its front-line promoters/emissaries, the people who's dedication to getting the shots often aids in advertising and education. Skydiving has grown in direct proportion to utilization of videography,,, rooted in the innovative efforts of camera fliers, which are poached by corporate types with little regard/recognition for source efforts. Without you guys there would be far less advancement in nearly every discipline. Hats off to the creative spirits that helped make skydiving more visually valuable.
  6. In Early April at Skydive Arizona tandem videoguy and all around nice guy, Chong, crashed a landing and is encountering unanticipated medical bills with only a fund raiser to make them less painful after multiple surgeries. Here is the info and thanks in advance. Support for Michael Huff
  7. Here is one way to get your hangtime. Chopped at 7K on a cool October day and flew an Apco 24 for 10 minutes more, could have been longer had i not been trying to get down quick. 3dzp
  8. Thanks for the dive, your time and tips. Hope to see all the flock some day in many dimensions. 3dzp [email protected]
  9. I see there have been some interesting additions, great to see someone else with freefall deployable paraglider on the mind. How big was the slider you used? D-bag-development drops of mine have gone well and I'm about to involve a slider since the next level of air speed, 2-3 second from the balloon will exceed my comfort limits. Not quite ready for freefall but getting close. A tandem slider seems too large and there is another consideration, headings. Base people tell me the slider can affect headings. An additional consideration of mine is the wing tips being drawn in and going a-symmetrical. Got a possible solution but no trials yet. Openings have been great so far and the bag is letting the wing go with minimal stress or resistance, almost beating line snatch. You can see the drops on youtube,, username paraaz07 DZ's could really get a boost in the arm by attracting people from the paragliding community, since freefall deployed paragliders is the future of paragliding for flatlanders and the road weary who don't want to drive hours to gamble on conditions. Cross-coutry jumps will take on a new meaning. The bag i'm designing will make the wing package small but let the wing out with minimal stress. Managing fallrate is the plan so the slider is less critical with deployment speeds nearer to the wings' design norms. An off the shelf paraglider will do it. I'd sure be interested to hear how well the paraglider, used for that jump, held up and what wing was used. This great image of inflation was captured by Aussie Michael during the second drop. Thanks Mate dzp
  10. Thanks for the info. Got me right where is should have been months ago. It is good to see that people are working out the details. The more people show interest the more likely well get to the next level of para-play. Until then, i'll be working on an alternative through the use of canopy transfer, to deliver the paraglider, in a stress free manner. A d-bag will be in show-and- tell mode soon, it will work for both freefall and direct-bag drops from sub-terminal aircraft. A key feature is stress free removal of the lines and wing from the bag. You can find a link for para-swap at
  11. Have you made any progress on your d-bag idea? I'm on a similar track and you may find my design of interest. It is intended for multiple deployment environments, including free-fall (with adaptation). Contact me if you'ld like. [email protected] dzp
  12. Hi Steve, I've looked through this thread in the hope that your question has been answered, lots of suggestions but no answer that i could see which applied to the civilian market. I hope you found an answer and can now share it with me as i launch into a project along the same line of thinking. Let me know through here or by e-mail [email protected] Thanks. dzp
  13. . Yeah, Eloy right? that was only 10-12 years ago. You still there? Still am favoring this climate over what I grew up with. I miss the small DZ environment though. [email protected]
  14. Thanks for the clarification, and Jeff do chime in here and send me a link to your site. I would like to see what you're up to lately and if a current project might interest you. Likewise with you ted, it has been a while, since what the upsidedowners or has it been more recent, thought you were here is Az a while back? dzp
  15. If I heard correctly there was some question of whether or not launching a formation was permitted. Did my mentors win out on that and open a door of exit possibilities? I thought that was the story. They sure shaped my thinking about exits and skydiving in general. dzp