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  1. No pilot is ever taught to "dive to the right" (unless taught incorrectly). Give way to the right per FAR 91.113 right of way rules for approaching head-on - "When aircraft are approaching each other head-on, or nearly so, each pilot of each aircraft shall alter course to the right." If severe maneuvering was actually a "threat" then the policy for wearing seatbelt would be to take them off just before exit not at 1500ish AGL.
  2. How do you know when you are entering the gate? Visual altimeter or audible?
  3. any recommendations on a good gear bag that can handle a rig and at least two wingsuits? from another thread I got OGIO and Osprey.... Any one on here have an OGIO 9800?
  4. Any recommendations on a gear bag to carry a couple wingsuits and a rig and helmet? I have heard OGIO is good but don't know which model.....
  5. What DZs have the best trailer parks for extended stays (1 to 2 months)?
  6. Possibly some XRW and some performance flying but also for flying in flocks with other larger suits.
  7. Looking to buy a new wingsuit for skydiving only. Has anyone flown both the A2 and the C2? If so, what are the pros and cons of each one for skydiving?
  8. Recommend you remove the picture from your resume if you want to be taken seriously.