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  1. I heard that too until I saw this post from Inka. "Soon we are also ready to tell the story of what happened. A tragic accident but we have found out so much more than what we were thinking of what happened in the beginning. It was not an avalanche."
  2. Hi mate, they're built specifically to fit certain helmet designs
  3. Fly free to one of the most influential, dynamic and innovative tunnel flyers in the world... Unbelievable. "In 2007, after a tandem jump in Australia, Ty knew he wanted to be a skydiver. Ty spent his first year in San Diego, CA where he begin learning how to skydive, and then moved to Europe where over the next 5 years he sought every opportunity to learn and progress in the sport. Ty quickly made a name for himself as a talented and innovative flyer. Then, in 2012, Ty moved to Europe where he began working as a wind tunnel instructor in Prague. By 2014, in only two short years, Ty became the Chief Instructor at Flyspot in Warsaw Poland, and today is considered one of the best tunnel flyers in the world."
  4. Holla! I jump a full frame 5D Mark ii but I want to downgrade to a 70D or 7D.. they both have their pros and cons. 7D has a faster burst among other things. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts to help me decide!! Thanks
  5. Haven't seen this video before... Check it out & post back what you see. Despite the bad narrating & unlucky opening on his xbraced whatever... he's obviously had some heavy problems clearing the cutaway cable from the left riser & is having to use considerable force to clear it while his reserve handle is floating around as well as all sorts of cable housing! He clears his left cutaway cable & the main still hasn't released!? You can see frame by frame that the cable has been cleared from the loop that passes through the rings.. He disconnects his RSL (due to his violent spin I assume) which doesn't seem to play a part in the cause of the hang up as the main still doesn't release... It looks as though he has to take some weight off the 3 rings for them to release & deploy his reserve a little over 500ft! Is this clearly a gear malfunction? Looks cooked to me! Glad he dealt with it & walked away. Get back to me on this one... Would love to hear your thoughts Cheers
  6. I may add most of my photography is in Freefly. I break early and wash off speed as much as possible without losing too much altitude.
  7. Hi buddy. Thanks for your reply. Can I ask what helmet you're jumping and how tight if a fit it is? Its interesting that I'm getting responses advising to hold my head back. I originally thought this is what feels right. After talking with a few camera jumpers locally, they all advised to keep my chin tight on my chest, like I'm trying to hold a pen to my chest. What canopy do you jump? Most experienced full time camera guys I've seen switch from their JVX's to something like a Pilot 150 for SLR Jumps. Thanks
  8. This attachment should help you understand
  9. Hi all So, I jump a Canon 5d MKII and it seems to weigh a tonne compared to other jumpers camera helmets. I've had one neck jolt from a violent 180 opening which I could have prevented by packing properly and not lifting my head from my chest too soon, thinking this opening is going to be fine. I'm curious. Do you have experience in jumping heavy setups? Are you careful with your packs & the type of canopy you jump & come pull time, what do you do with your head... do you place your chin tight into your chest and hold it there? Do you support your helmet with your hands? Let me know. Sharing is caring Blue skies
  10. See attached. Looking for any advice on how I could improve my camera helmets snag hazard. I was thinking of creating or looking for a box that will fit around the stills camera, covering all parts of the camera except the lens of course. The problem with having a stills camera on a helmet that isn't a flat top is the giant snag spots you can see in the image and the visions of having a reserve wrap won't escape my mind. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Snag hazard issues have always been associated with Ringsights. So here's my question. Why use a Ringsight over a mark on your eyewear? Do you even need to use either? Where you look is where your camera will point and what you see is what you'll get in the frame or near enough? As a jumper and ground photographer that is moving over to professional skydiving photography I'm curious to know. Excuse my ignorance. Cheers.