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  1. I have a 45k92 and have sewn through 4 layers of type 7 with no problem, just make sure you use thread lube. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  2. I was also surprised to see this on something out if the late 80's, thought it would be more out of the "Boothwell" era. I have both a Northern Lite and a Northern Lite II, both are 3 ring. Started to think is was some unknown design that never made it on the commercial market. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  3. Check out the Northern Light container in this ebay add. Ive never seen this type of main cutaway system before. Does anyone have any info or insight as to what it is? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Paraphernalia-Northern-Lite-Parachute-Rig-w-Reserve-and-Record-Log-/391005450255?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5b09bdb00f Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  4. These guys sell black Technora and Vectran... they may be able to help. http://estore.twinline-usa.com/collections/technora-braided Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  5. Have you tried contacting him to see where your suit is? I have done business with him in the past, latest being last September when he told me he was going to start making his own suits. I never had any issues and he always kept in touch via email as to where my stuff was. I have never seen any of these suits in person but the suit I bought from him was an old school skyflyer 1 with a "replaced" wider leg wing. I had to fix several things so Im guessing he used the suit as a test run. It looks exactly like his Glide suit, grippers and all so I'd say its kinda like a Skyflyer 1.2. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  6. Hey Joey, The best thing to do would be to find a rigger in your area or at your DZ that would be willing to take you under their wing and show you the ropes. That of course is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. There are schools in the US where you can get it done in an excelerated fashion. There is one in Arizona, the US Academy of Rigging, Dave Dewolf puts on a great class up in the northeast and Parachute Labs puts on a course from time to time down in Deland Florida. You only need to pack a minimum of 20 reserves, pass a written FAA test, and then a practical test with your local DPRE (designated parachute rigger examiner) There is a sticky at the top of this forum with lots of information also. The very first step would be to pick up a copy of the FAA Parachute Rigger Manual written by Sandy Reid and read it.... it will answer all those questions. The manual is available online in PDF format. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  7. Hey.... great Idea! thanks for the input Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  8. Can anyone post pictures, a link to pictures or a product I can use to attach a gopro to my belly? I know PF has this as an option and have seen a magnetic version by valley base, but thats all I can find. Would be going on my Ghost 2 Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  9. I would not use Camp Dry on your wingsuit... Its basically a water repelant and not a "coating" therefore its only good at repelling drops of water. The stuff coming off the OP's wingsuit is Polyurethane, not silicone like zero P. Polyurethane usually comes off with abrasion or through repetitive washing in a machine. If you are going to spray anything on your suit I would just use standard Scotch Guard to keep it clean. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  10. J-Rock


    These canopies are FANTASTIC! I have jumped a 135, 120 and currently own a 108. I wasnt so impressed with the larger sizes but they would make a great first eliptical or even a better choice than a Sabre or Safire when lightly loaded. I was a little skeptical loading this thing heavier than recomended but it REALLY comes alive at a 1.6-1.9 wingloading. The Nitro beats my Crossfire in every area except swooping distance. The Crossfire has slightly more flair power and distance but the Nitro has a lot less seek on opening and I like the non cascaded lines for ease of replacement. Very well built, great design and no bad habbits what so ever, the perfect working mans canopy. This thing puts a smile of my face every time I deploy it, simply fantastic!
  11. Buy used...... I currently have 8 rigs and only one I bought brand spanking new.... it was a complete waste of money. I too had a 50% off coupon, but remember, that is most likely 40% off of the base price, it does not include any options. All of my other rigs are used and I never had any issues finding the right colors or size, and I usually found a complete rig for the cost of a new container. If you are just getting into the sport there is no reason to buy a brand new rig unless you make 20 jumps a year for the rest of your jumping carreer. That and with a used rig you dont have to worry about getting it dirty if you dont stick a landing for two. As for size, every manufacturer has different size charts.... but most are measured by the main lift web. If you like the wings I would call them with your measurement (the way the manufacturer wants you to measure) and ask them what size you should look for. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  12. I go to the hardware store and buy a piece of PVC pipe and a clothesline hook for about $3 and it makes a good rig hanger. All you have to Sonia drill a hole in the pipe for the hook. I also made the rail out of pre threaded pipe and some fittings, see pic Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  13. I own a Juki LU-562 which is a walking foot machine and like Stratostar, I too own a Singer 31-15. I rarely use the Juki and find that the Singer does just about everything I need from canopy repair all the way up to heavier fabrics and webbing. Ive used 138 thread in it before and it worked just as good as E thread. If you are looking for your "first" machine I would recomend a simple bottom feed like the 31-15 and then a good zig zag machine. I used my 31-15 literally 80% of the time, great little machine. I found the Juki for next to free from a friend thinking it would be great for canopy repairs only to find it was way overkill. Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  14. One of the reasons I said to get a used rig first is the fact you said in your first post that you have been renting a 190 and have had "a few stand up landings". Since we dont know your experience as a jumper or canopy pilot, I would listen to what your fellow jumpers have to say at your DZ. Ive seen several newer jumpers show up in the spring with brand new gear only to land off and slide into a muddy corn field. Then post on here wanting to know how to clean all their new gear I bought my first rig from a guy that did the same thing, bougt a new right, put 100 jumps on it and wanted something smaller. I took the almost $1700 I saved and paid for my first full season of jumping. I used the rig for two seasons, sold it for what I paid for it and bought a new rig which I still own. Just my experience, have fun, be safe Im gonna need a bigger hammer....
  15. The best advice I could give you is to NOT buy a new container. A reserve, yes, an AAD, yes but with 39 jumps I wouldnt sink all that money into a container that will not fit that canopy you will want in a season or two. I was (and still am) able to find great used rigs, some with little to no jumps on them that look great and fit me. There are so many people out there that get off of their student status and buy a brand new rig, put a few hundred jumps on it and realize they cant fit that little elliptical in it As for the smaller M2 container, if you are packing for yourself and still learning the M2 will make it a little more difficult for you to fit a 170 in there without much frustration. It may be a little easier to learn on a bigger container, especially if you are new to packing. The Optimum reserve is a great reserve and is a component along with the Cypres that can be moved to a new rig when you downsize (if you plan on it). Again, if you want a brand spaking new rig thats fine but give me ring in a year or so and Ill give you half of what you paid new for it. Use that money for jump tickets Im gonna need a bigger hammer....