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  1. J-Rock

    Riggers ticket?

    Hey Joey, The best thing to do would be to find a rigger in your area or at your DZ that would be willing to take you under their wing and show you the ropes. That of course is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. There are schools in the US where you can get it done in an excelerated fashion. There is one in Arizona, the US Academy of Rigging, Dave Dewolf puts on a great class up in the northeast and Parachute Labs puts on a course from time to time down in Deland Florida. You only need to pack a minimum of 20 reserves, pass a written FAA test, and then a practical test with your local DPRE (designated parachute rigger examiner) There is a sticky at the top of this forum with lots of information also. The very first step would be to pick up a copy of the FAA Parachute Rigger Manual written by Sandy Reid and read it.... it will answer all those questions. The manual is available online in PDF format.
  2. J-Rock


    These canopies are FANTASTIC! I have jumped a 135, 120 and currently own a 108. I wasnt so impressed with the larger sizes but they would make a great first eliptical or even a better choice than a Sabre or Safire when lightly loaded. I was a little skeptical loading this thing heavier than recomended but it REALLY comes alive at a 1.6-1.9 wingloading. The Nitro beats my Crossfire in every area except swooping distance. The Crossfire has slightly more flair power and distance but the Nitro has a lot less seek on opening and I like the non cascaded lines for ease of replacement. Very well built, great design and no bad habbits what so ever, the perfect working mans canopy. This thing puts a smile of my face every time I deploy it, simply fantastic!
  3. J-Rock

    Need Opinions on Gear Selections

    The best advice I could give you is to NOT buy a new container. A reserve, yes, an AAD, yes but with 39 jumps I wouldnt sink all that money into a container that will not fit that canopy you will want in a season or two. I was (and still am) able to find great used rigs, some with little to no jumps on them that look great and fit me. There are so many people out there that get off of their student status and buy a brand new rig, put a few hundred jumps on it and realize they cant fit that little elliptical in it As for the smaller M2 container, if you are packing for yourself and still learning the M2 will make it a little more difficult for you to fit a 170 in there without much frustration. It may be a little easier to learn on a bigger container, especially if you are new to packing. The Optimum reserve is a great reserve and is a component along with the Cypres that can be moved to a new rig when you downsize (if you plan on it). Again, if you want a brand spaking new rig thats fine but give me ring in a year or so and Ill give you half of what you paid new for it. Use that money for jump tickets
  4. J-Rock

    Raven III vs. PD218R?

    Yes the Raven 3 "should" fit but the PIA volume chart should only be used as a rough estimate because it never seems to be consistant. Have you tried calling the manufacturer? They would know best as they built the rig and would probably know what would safely fit. The PD reserve seem to pack a little bigger than the Ravens, but you also need to take line bulk into account, theres a big difference between dacron and spectra. And just because it will fit in the container doesnt mean it will be safe. Im not familiar with the teardrop but I know with any exposed pop top type of rig you want a somewhat "looser" pack job so the reserve PC seats well with the container formed around it. If the rig was made in 1991 and says it will fit a 220, I would look at canopys that were made and being used in 1991 as a reference, Raven 2 with dacron lines, Fury 220,Swift Plus 225, all are in the 450-500 cube range. If the chart is correct I wouldnt see why the PDR218 wouldnt fit, especially with microlines .
  5. J-Rock

    Trying to get my first Rig

    Congrats on getting your A. There are a lot of opinions on what to do when buying a first rig. You are doing the right thing by looking for used gear and if you are patient you should be able to find a rig for a good price, especially if you buy it bit by bit. I've found it rare to find a complete rig that fits you and has canopies in it that will be what you want. Start with a good reserve, and then a container and AAD if you want one. There are a lot of good reserves out there due to people downsizing and if it comes with a packing data card, you should know a little bit more about it than a main. The main should be the last thing you buy because if you have the rig you will be able to demo a main before you buy it if that's an option. I have been able to piece together rigs for $800-1200 without too much effort. Be patient and use the down time during the winter to find gear, it will pay off in the long run. Buying gear in other country's on the other hand can be tricky cause the shipping can be expensive so the inspect and send back process might not work as easily. I've never had any issues wit buying gear off this site so if someone is willing to send you lots of detailed pictures, info and maybe a reference from a DZO it might be worth it to take a chance.