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  1. There is actually a much easier way. Those who don't have visa's to work here can still own companies. For instance, if you open a business in several different countries etc... You can open a business in CA for $30 filing fee to have a DBA name. Open a bank account in that business name, have people pay the business and not the person. You have to pay taxes that way, but its nice and neat. The entity breaking the law by employing the individual is the individual themselves since they own the business. Now that doesn't work for staff positions where you have to fill out an I9 as an employee, but it works for freelance positions.
  2. Just wanted to suggest to anyone looking for a full face helmet... Check out the Aero. I just got one and can't believe how much time and attention they put into it. Lighter than my G3 by quite a bit, better visibility, fits my head better, integrated cutaway... love this thing!
  3. What everyone has said is correct. Both face tail, sit flyer closer to prop. Sit flyer gets high in door, HD lower in door and tilts head back to see sit flyer. Grab outside hand and go. HD flyer needs to have straight torso… Don't let the hips sag. Sit flyer hops up a tiny bit and kicks feet into relative wind. You can see this exit quite a bit in the MFS advanced and open from this years nationals. All the videos are on omniskore.com Look up 2014 nationals and MFS 2 way advanced and open.
  4. Generally people that are just learning to sit fly have a slower fall rate as well because they are usually flying heavily on their arms. Lots of ways to speed up sit flying… any of them know how to stand?
  5. I jumped an Xfire2 169 at 1.2, opened and flew great, almost always on heading no line twists in 300 jumps. Jumped a 149 at 1.4 Opened about the same, handling in turbulence about the same, but turned and landed faster which was to be expected. Love the XF2. If you want the best answer to your question though, and any question relating to canopies or gear, ask the manufacturer. They designed and build the canopy so they'll be able to best tell you pro's and con's.
  6. Had a chance to test out the new GOPro 3d housing up in the air this last weekend. If you want to see how it performed, check it out here. [/url]http://www.chrisburket.com/blog Pic's and video posted soon.
  7. Good idea to try to stick with the same coach. I like to stick with a couple different coaches as its nice to get different perspectives and teaching styles. As far as slow speed sit, there are a lot of techniques, but to be honest… try a faster tunnel. I am a big dude (215 lbs). and I couldn't sit fly at Perris when it first opened… It took a huge amount of effort. When I started learning head down I started in Eloy then went back home to LA and kept flying at iflyhollywood. I felt like I had gone backward.. couldn't fly for $%*)@#. Took a trip to Utah and progression went crazy fast. It is true that's its the flyer not the tunnel, but it does make a difference when your learning in regard to the smoothness of the air and the speed of the tunnel, especially if your a big dude. I can fly on my head and sit at slower speeds in a lot of tunnels, but I definitely progressed faster when I started flying in faster, smoother air. As far as sit flying goes… the core of your body, back shoulders, everything… gives you a huge amount of power and is so important. It all starts with the core, then moves out from there.
  8. If you have $800 to spend you can get a fully electronic single needle. I got an amazing brother fully electronic machine for $825.00, fully serviced, new knife and ready to go. Can probably get a single needle manual for about $350, serviced and new table. PM me and I'll get you my industrial machine contact. They are amazing.
  9. Has anyone flown in both a re-circulating iFly/Sky Venture tunnel and an ISG tunnel like VossVind? I'd be curious to hear from folks who've flown in both on how they compare in terms clean air flow and anything else that makes you favour one over the other. I've flown in an ISG tunnel as well as ifly utah, denver, hollywood, eloy, perris, and dallas. Each of the ifly tunnels feel different as they are all different generations. The ISG tunnel felt VERY similar to ifly Dallas. Both were very smooth, very fast air. The ISG might have been faster. It lifted me 8 feet off the net on my head and I had a lot of lift left in my arms and legs if I wanted to go higher. And that was at 85% and I weighed 220lbs…
  10. The Sony A7r is out now and A7s is coming in July. Both would be very cool to see in the air. A7s especially on night jumps, ISO up to 400,000 extended. And records 4k (with a separate recorder :(
  11. Make sure that everyone's group order and pull altitudes are taken into consideration before getting on the plane. I've seen some pretty scary stuff on night jumps where this didn't happen. Some people may do a tracking jump, pull high, then fly back to the DZ across the flight line… Or groups of trackers… Some may decide they want to change their pull altitude from 3k to 5k because its at night… which is fine, but that needs to be known before jump run… Communication and planning is key.
  12. I will say that throwing cards out of the back of a C-130 is about one of the most fun things I've done with a rig on…
  13. You just made my point for me. You've done what you set out to do. Why belabor the point? Just sayin' Best- Richard Also as to why I might want to "belabor the point"… Having someone steal from you… fair enough… report it to police and notify community of said thief… One post… job done. Then having the guy who stole from you decide to call you a shithead and deny doing anything wrong… Well if that's not a reason to belabor the point… I don't know what is.
  14. You just made my point for me. You've done what you set out to do. Why belabor the point? Just sayin' Best- Richard If you'll notice, my only posts to this thread beyond the first one were only in response to questions or comments. (including this one).
  15. True, $750 isn't a lot of money. Not really to me and not to you apparently, although an hour of tunnel would be pretty nice to buy with it… But for some $750 is a month of income… And for others its the tip they leave on a bill in Vegas. Why does it matter what the amount is? A related story… A friend of mine had someone walk into his bank with a fake ID and drain $6,000 out of it. He obviously panicked and went to the bank and they figured out what happened. Put the money back into his account right away at their loss… They said they had the guy on camera at the teller etc.. But weren't going to report it to police. To them $6,000 wasn't enough to bother. Surprised him and me when he told me about that. Criminals often know the thresholds for that sort of thing and don't cross it so they don't get pursued. That's sort of sad to me, like saying there are no consequences if you steal under a certain amount. Back to this… its not worth my time to actually track Robert down and try to have locals arrest him, nor would it be worth anyone else's. Not the point here. I do think its worthwhile to report him though, might save the next sucker $750 and they can fly that hour of tunnel... And congrats on owning a business!