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  1. Skydive AZ. Tent, or bunkhouse, or teamroom for on site cheap stays. Wind tunnel on site. Free RW and FF Load organizers everyday till May. Typically great weather in Feb. Block ticket prices. Restaurant, bar, pool, showers, packers, coaches. What else you want?
  2. Skydive Arizona, and Axis Flight school in particular, teach disabled people all the time. From slight issues, to people with complete leg or arm amputations. Call them and explain your situation and see what they say.
  3. They are both great DZs ran by great managers. Perris is busier, and bigger. What do you mean dirt?
  4. Your descent rate may be slowing, but you need to look at your overall airspeed. This is what the canopy is opening into.
  5. As a Load Organizer, I'll point out that what you get from a LO is pretty different from a coach. LO's will try and give feedback, provide tips, and help, for sure, but if you want to speed up your learning, a coach will focus on you and provide a lot more feedback geared towards your goals. When I'm LOing, I have 2 to 10 (sometimes 30) people jumping with me and my goal is not 1/1 coaching. But, show up early, when no one else is around, and you might get 1/1 or 1/2 LOing, for 1 or 2 jumps. Look for free events: SDAZ has 4way days where an experienced 4way team will split up and do 1/3 with the same group for the day or weekend for free. I think Perris has something similar. I cannot emphasize how much this will help you in ANY discipline in skydiving. Show up weekdays when DZ have weekdays LOs (and early helps too). We're often much slower and will be able to do smaller jumps with more feedback.
  6. Thanks for the update Mark... Thinking of you, Jimmy!
  7. Pick the best course you can. And then travel/stay/eat cheaply.
  8. What he said. Here's the School info for Skydive Arizona The Halloween Boogie at the end of Oct (oct 25-27) is a blast if you can make that time work.
  9. Great job saving your life! What a mess! As a general comment, I will tell you that you probably did not pull your reserve 1/10th of a second after you cutaway if you beat your skyhook. You pulled them together, or even probably the pin was pulled before you had actually cutaway at the risers. Practice practice practice having a clear 2 action process: Cutaway, then Pull. Not cutawaypull.
  10. Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you too! And fuck you too.... :-p I demand a recount!
  11. Casa Grande is better known because it sits near the junction of I-8 and I-10. Coolidge is about 10 miles NE, Eloy is about 10 miles SE. I believe a military only DZ is still in Coolidge, but I could be confusing it with another town. That's correct Remster
  12. And then wait 90 minutes to get our food... Remster
  13. No. Not when I ordered mine. Remster