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  1. mark

    ParaAvis Container

    Almost, but not exactly. The OP doesn't say if he is a US citizen. US citizens jumping in the US must jump FAA-approved equipment packed by an FAA-rigger, regardless of where they are resident.
  2. That's actually what he's doing: the "bottom" he's referring to is the bottom of the reserve container, not the bottom/BOC end of the main container.
  3. mark

    Youngest Swooper?

    That's so cool. Can I be on your ash dive?
  4. On-line translators are having trouble translating this into English. Can anyone help?
  5. mark

    DB Cooper

    Rigger-Examiner here. It's not dangerous for the person who asked for the ripcord to be moved. We do it all the time for people who have physical limitations, and we do it sometimes for people who just have different preferences.
  6. mark

    DB Cooper

    At the time, it was 120 days for "chair-type" parachutes, 60 days for all other types including the Pioneer back. 60 days seems like it would be quite inconvenient for sport jumpers, except that sport jumpers were using chest types that (a) didn't take long to inspect and pack, and (b) could be shared by several jumpers as long as they weren't on the same load.
  7. mark

    Is tandem still classed as experimental

    There was a rule change in 2001. Tandem parachuting is now covered in Part 105.3 (definitions) and 105.45 (use of tandem parachute systems). So not experimental anymore.
  8. Ma's Petti Pig Solution Spanish Fly (my favorite)
  9. Here's what the manual says: TSO-C23b was superseded by C23c in 1984. When was the Airforce Reserve tested and certified? --Mark
  10. For solo rigs, an AAD is optional. If installed, it must be maintained IAW manufacturer instructions. For tandem rigs, an AAD is required, it is required to be turned on, and it must be maintained IAW manufacturer instructions. --Mark
  11. Because if all you need done is to have one AAD taken out and a different one put in, you shouldn't have to pay for a full repack. --Mark
  12. Can you tell me the reasoning (besides fear of lawsuits) that led your rigger to his conclusion? --Mark
  13. Or bring it to me. As gowlerk wrote, when any rigger packs a rig, he is certifying only that it is airworthy at that time. He cannot guarantee airworthiness for the next 180 days. It is the user's responsibility to make sure his equipment is airworthy when it is jumped, and to bring it to a rigger whenever the next maintenance is due, whether that maintenance is a reserve repack, AAD service, or repair. --Mark
  14. Ok. It's not an irrelevant hypothetical scenario, though. It's just wrong. The relative wind experienced by the slider is exactly opposite the direction of fall or flight regardless of orientation to the earth or horizon. --Mark
  15. I don't understand this. Can you use different words to explain it? --Mark