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  1. The TSO'd free bag and reserve pilot are required to be marked with the manufacturer's address. With the factory closed, what address is he using?
  2. Airborne Systems Flip
  3. I can confirm that the Trap releases under circumstances similar to all the other non-Infinity MARDs, especially folding-bridle MARDS like Boost and Ace.
  4. The Trap can release under circumstances similar to all the other non-Infinity MARDs.
  5. They were going to die anyway. If you leave the rigs in the cockpit when you exit on the ground, you'll leave them in the cockpit when you exit in the air. It's just muscle memory and habit.
  6. You know what else is insane? Believing this is common.
  7. I can't think of a single DZO or instructor who is looking forward to a bonanza from recurrency jumps.
  8. in Ottawa IL is an Icarus repair station
  9. Walt/Jerry -- are you sure you're not thinking of the RI Aviator, which does have a 15-year service life?
  10. I agree -- except I think there will continue to be a possibility of new contamination once we start jumping again. We need to start thinking about what the protocols will be.
  11. We don't have a good way to protect or clean virus from textiles (attachment below from US Army). If you are cleaning around your parachute equipment, you should protect your equipment from aerosols, droplets, or other cleaning agent contamination that could damage the material. Many cleaning products are adverse to nylon. To see examples of what might work and what doesn't, you can start with the following page: . Finally, some cleaning agents are adverse to our metal hardware, particularly bleach and chlorinated cleaners like Clorox wipes (attachment below from Bourdon Forge; the important paragraph is near the end). MOR for Parachute Textiles During COVID19 Industry & Military 30 Mar 2020-signed.pdf COVID-19 Letter.pdf
  12. Precision declines to service reserves more than 20 years old.
  13. Could be used for packing toward a rating without worrying about the factory-advised (but not FAA-enforceable) service life. $900 is kinda steep for a training aid, though.