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  1. Hello, Have you gone through every single document on UKS document repository yet? Particularly the service bulletins. There is a lot of guidance available in the UK... but you have to approach things in the right order. If you have got your packing certificate done, then get yourself on an Advanced Packers course. Until you know equipment really well, repairs & alterations (i.e. sewing) will have to wait. You could also go over to the US on a FAA rigger course... there are several. But the focus is on packing rather than repairs/alterations. In the mean time... sew a lot... make some kites: the nasa parawing, and anything generated by the Surfplan software. Visit manufacturers and riggers, and ask specific questions. Andy
  2. Foam backed pp isn't available from paragear anymore, or any other reseller. besides which - the old style with yellow foam (that goes powdery) has been superseded with more modern material. Realistically, you have a couple of choices: 1. The cheap way, using packing foam or lino underlay. 2. Buy parapak bonded foam from a container manufacturer. I have used both methods - one is waaaaaay faster than the other, but you can get a good finished product with either method. Getting small runs of bonded pp from a mill / fabric manufacture works out really expensive (if even possible). There are some *really* helpful small container manufacturers in the US that will probably help you out. Give a couple a call.
  3. Re the applicable type rating - this kind of system doesn't really fall into either back, chest, seat or lap... so presumably isn't going to be field serviceable unless there is an additional type rating added?
  4. re your photo... so the RAX is like the attached diagram except that is anchored to the container?
  5. Having performed a few of these mods I can clear up a couple of this thread's questions: * There is no need to pop the reserve. * There is no need to use a long arm machine (my heavy twin needle binder coped fine).
  6. a couple of quick points. This is not new news. Initially raised about 18 months ago. There has been a lot of open discussion at the AGM and many minuted BPA meetings where this was discussed (that any BPA member can attend). Your statement about not allowing APs to touch kit is completely wrong. The model presented at the AGM discussed "countersigned" documents. The rigger is not required to do the work. There is no issue finding a rigger. There are just over 100 Advanced packers and there about 60 riggers. DZs without only APs on-site need to ship their well used "old" kit to a rigger for ongoing maintenance anyway. So shouldn't change the operating model much. if not having an on-site rigger is an issue then get some of your APs upgraded to rigger status :). Rome is not burning...
  7. There are also tonnes of Singer service manuals here: ... and tonnes of user Singer user manuals here:
  8. I have made and tested several designs.... I settled on the simplest/quickest, which is just one wrap of 1/2" squareweave with full a width turnbacks to cover the raw edge and add a little bulk. These work great on old-school brass #8s and also the SS #25s you get on pd (and other) sliders.
  9. bump... I'm still searching for this.... any leads?
  10. The rigging section is full back online now (after some extended maintenance)... and most of the items discussed above are in the doc section and included in the "safety notice index" at
  11. Thanks for the link. 1/4" foam is too much for what i'm after. I think Paragear used to do a thick and thin version, not sure what their dimensions were though... This is for container manufacture, need to know the specifics of the material. 200D oxford cloth is isn't really specific enough. I was hoping to find a mil/pia spec version...
  12. Parapak with foam bonded to the back... ... anyone know a supplier? (excluding the manufacturers) Paragear does not sell this any longer :(. Thanks very much in advance for any leads/contacts...
  13. Just a quick post to 'bump' this thread. I'm still actively trying to lay my hands on a copy (to scan and get online for everyone), but it hasn't happened yet... ...if anyone out there can help, please shoot me a pm or post. Thanks Andy
  14. Nice one - thanks for posting that. That is Bourdon hardware (it is a "B" with a tiny "F" and "I" like the logo on Why they try stamping letters that quite that small is beyond me ;p. Interesting to hear that it is all the same hardware... anyone else out there with a mirage handy?
  15. Just a quick update. Been using the stone pad for a week or so no, and it is working very well indeed. No drying out or going sticky, works like a dream. Thanks for the rubbing alcohol suggestions too!